Writing Target Sheet

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Writing Target Sheet

    Writing Target Sheet Levels 3 4 Name:

AF5 Use a AF3 Organise AF1 Write AF2 Text is AF7 select AF8 correct AF6 AF4

    variety of Grammar and and present Construct imaginative appropriate to appropriate spelling. sentences punctuation whole texts paragraphs and interesting task, reader and and effective

    used correctly effectively. and structure texts. purpose. vocabulary.

    them well

    In most of my In most of my In most of my In most of my In most of my In most of my writing: In most of my In most of my writing: writing: writing: writing: writing: - I try to establish a writing: writing: - I use mainly - I use full stops, - I am trying to - Some of my ideas - some of my ideas purpose in my writing. - My vocabulary - I spell most simple sentences. capital letters and organise my ideas are randomly are relevant to the - I can use some is simple and common - I use mainly and, question marks with time and organised. task. features of a particular generally grammatical words or, but as correctly (would, correctly. related points. - I sometimes jump - some of my form of writing appropriate.

    with…) connectives. - Sometimes I use - It is clear where from one topic to information is - I try to use an - I try to use

     a comma when I my openings and another. expanded appropriate style of some words for - I spell words

    should use a full closings are. (adjectives) writing effect. wrong in a

    stop or semi-colon. - I try to sequence - I try to adopt a phonetically

    - I can use some my ideas. viewpoint. plausible way

    speech punctuation

    - I don’t make any - I use punctuation - My ideas are - The main idea in - The ideas I - The main purpose of - I show that I - I spell words like

    because, although, mistakes in my correctly organised by each paragraph is choose are relevant my writing is clear am selecting

    you… correctly verb tenses. - I can use speech clustering related generally to the task (sometimes not all the some of my - I try to vary the marks correctly as points, or in time supported. - Some of my ideas way through) words - I spell words

    ending in ly length of my well as other sequence. - I am starting to are developed in - The frm of my writing deliberately for sentences. speech punctuation - My ideas are use some detail. is clear and effect. correctly. - I am starting to generally correctly. linked simply, with connectives. (descriptions) appropriate. - I try to expand - I make some use some - commas are used a fitting opening - I am starting to - I adopt a - the style of my my general mistakes where I subordinating correctly in lists and and closing. link paragraphs. straightforward writing is appropriate vocabulary to spell words connectives like if, to mark clauses, - I organise my viewpoint and stick though sometimes I match the topic. incorrectly with a when, because. there are still some ideas in a logical to it. am not aware of the phonetically - I am starting to mistakes. sequence. reader. plausible spelling. vary my verb - The direction of - I might mistakes tenses and don’t my writing might with words like

    irregular, get it wrong. not be entirely

    unnecessary… clear.

Writing Target Sheet Levels 5 6 Name:

AF5 Use a AF3 Organise and AF1 Write AF2 Text is AF7 select AF8 correct AF6 AF4

    variety of Grammapresent whole texts Construct imaginative appropriate to appropriate spelling. sentences r and effectively. paragraphs and task, reader and effective

    punctuatand structure interesting and purpose. vocabulary.

    ion used them well texts.


    In all my writing: In all my In all my writing: In all my writing: In all my writing: In all my writing: In all my writing: In all my writing: - I vary my sentence writing: - My writing I structured - My paragraphs - I choose - the main purpose - I choose my - Common structures to provide - I use a full clearly and organised into clearly structure the relevant ideas is clear and vocabulary for grammatical words clarity and emphasis in range of appropriate paragraphs. main ideas in my and imaginative consistently effect. are spelt correctly my writing. punctuation - My ideas are developed text. detail. maintained. - I show a - I spell words - I use connectives to in my and link together. (My - There is a clear - My ideas are - I adapt form to reasonably wide correctly that end

    in ion, -ize, - make connections sentences, closing refers back to my chronological or developed purpose. vocabulary

    al/ial, able, ible between ideas including opening for eg.) logical structure to appropriately - My style is although (although, on the other speech - My paragraphs link my writing. - I adopt a clear appropriate and I sometimes I make hand, meanwhile) punctuationtogether clearly. - My paragraphs viewpoint with use it to maintain mistakes.

    - I use different . - The direction of my writing link together. some the reader’s

    sentence structures to - They are is clear. elaboration interest.

    convey shades of used (characterisatio

    meaning to my writing. correctly in n)

    (I might use a different all cases

    word order for


    - I use a controlled - Full range - My writing is controlled - The construction - I treat the material with imagination - The vocabulary I - I use correct variety of simple and of and sequenced. of paragraphs and individuality. I can write in choose is generally spelling all the way complex sentences to punctuation - I take into account my clearly supports different forms and can adapt them to appropriate to through. create different effects is used, reader’s reactions. meaning and suit purpose and audience. purpose and - The mistakes I in my writing. including - I can use flashbacks in purpose. - I focus more on narration than plot. audience. make are on - I am a confident semi-narrative, my paragraphs - Paragraph topic - I have an individual voice or point of - The range of ambitious or writer and use colons. can be of different lengths, I signalled then view. vocabulary I particularly sentence features to - Ambitious can anticipate my reader’s developed. - I use convincing characterisation. choose is varied complex words. clarify meaning. structures questions. - I use techniques - I can use different tones and my and ambitious. -(for example: I use are - My opening paragraph for emphasis and writing is formal when appropriate.

    words like: reluctantly, attempted introduces my themes effect. (Adverbials - I can use different styles for effect.

    he… and clearly for sentence

    or generally - I use discourse markers starters

    Five days later he…) immediately, he…) accurate. and links between


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