By Florence Morales,2014-10-30 12:25
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    Efficiency can be a hot topic in the high pace of modern life. Then how can we achieve it? Is there still something special that lies behind it;

    What if we don’t have it?

    I have been a loyal fighter for efficiency in daily work. Having been fed up by the pursuit of speed and completely lack of enjoyment, I gradually expect more from it. Actually, we need not only efficiency but also pleasure. However, most of the time we desire for certain results and neglect the interesting procedure in work, which can lead to discontent with life.

    About efficiency, the Special Olympic Games display us another clue. When the single action is performed by the disabled athletes, we can feel they are great. No matter what the result is, all of us are deeply moved by their persistence and self-respect as well as self-reliance. It is not what they do that cheers us up. It is the high spirits that attract our attention and make them charming.

    As a healthy person, we can do better in efficiency. However, we still need the spiritual support that lies behind it more. If we can combine efficiency with love and zeal for life, our life can be less depressing and be more healthy and meaningful. It is not only what you have achieved but also the effort and zeal you have devoted to your work that makes a

difference. Sometimes, great work summons courage and perseverance as

well as a caring heart, so does efficiency.

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