amend L C

By Ruth Hamilton,2014-06-12 22:43
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amend L C

    L/C Examination and Amendment Dear sir or madam:

    Thank you for your L/C No.AC5678, but we regret to say that

    we have found some discrepancies.

    Please amend the covering L/C as followed: (1) The amount of your L/C is insufficient, please increase the

    amount to USD $100,000.

    (2) The port of loading and destination should be SHANG

    HAI, CHINA and NEW YORK separately, not inversely. (3) Please cancel the clause on your L/C partial shipment and

    transshipment are prohibited.

    (4) Please amend the marked B/L Freight Prepaid instead of

    Freight Collect.

    (5) Please insert the word about before the quantity clause. Yours sincerely,


    BCD. Co.,Ltd.

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