Unit of Work Checklist

By Rose Riley,2014-12-08 10:56
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Unit of Work Checklist

    A quality unit of work checklist

    Are the categories in our program template complete?

    ; Strand Topic

    ; Syllabus Reference Content Page

    ; Outcome Code and statement

    ; Key ideas (from the syllabus)

    ; Prior outcome code and statement

    ; Post outcome code and statement

    ; Appropriate Working Mathematically outcomes

    ; Knowledge and Skills (from the syllabus)

    ; Working Mathematically (from the syllabus) + teacher added ; Technology

    ; Links

    ; Resources

    ; Language

    Learning Experiences and Assessment Opportunities

    This section should contain:

    ; assessment for learning activities connect with student prior knowledge a series of

    starting points for the unit they should tell us where our students are at ; a variety of student-centred activities eg a pair activity, a cooperative learning activity,

    a game, a communicative activity, a practical activity,…

    ; a clearly referenced variety of resources

    ; when necessary a reference to the key ideas of the prior outcome ; frequent opportunities for student consolidation of knowledge and skills

    ; a wide range of experiences from which to choose catering for teaching styles and

    student needs

    ; learning experiences which allow the teacher to make judgements about student

    performance ie working toward, working at, working beyond the outcome?

    ; strategies which promote talking /listening skills language and literacy skills

    ; opportunities for enrichment / extension rich learning tasks

    ; assessment of learning (apart from pen and paper test) eg an open-ended activity, a rich

    learning task, a cloze, a communicative activity, a concept map,….

    ; an opportunity for student reflection and student feedback

    ; activities that are in addition to those provided in the text

    Pendle Hill High School Quality unit of work checklist


; The unit of work follows the teaching and learning cycle.

Pendle Hill High School Quality unit of work checklist


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