keys -Test on Unit six

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keys -Test on Unit six

    Test on Unit Six

    1. Word Dictation

    a. criminal______ n. a person who has committed a crime

    b. desperate______ adj. ready for any wild act because of loss of hope. c. gossip______ v. to talk about other peoples behavior and private lives or

    about other things that do not concern you.

    d. impression______ n. the opinion or feeling you have about sb. or sth. because

    of the way they seem.

    e. jerk______ v. to move suddenly.

    f. lighten______ v. to make more cheerful

    g. optimistic______ adj. hopeful about the future, believing that things will

    happen in the best way.

    h. persistently______ adv. Continuing to do or say sth. although other people

    warn you not to.

    i. portable______ adj. easily carried or moved

    j. persistently______ adv. exactly

    2. Cloze Text: fill in the blanks with the right words. 70. Steve: (quietly) Seems that the general impression __holds1___ that maybe the

    people in one family are ___not what2__ we think they are. Monsters from outer space ___or something3___. Different from us. You know anybody that might __4fit___ that description around here on Maple Street? 72. Goodman: Now that’s ___enough5___ to make me a criminal, huh? The car engine goes _6on___ and ___7_off_? (He looks at the faces of the people.) I just

    dont understand it, .. any __more8__ than any of you __9do__. (He wets his lips,

    looking from face to face.) Look, you all know me. Weve lived here five years. Right in this house. Were _10_no_ different from any of you.

    3. Complete the sentences, using words in parentheses. a. She showed great concern about you. (concern)

    b. We are all concerned for [about] her safety. (concern)

    c. Please don't let my illness concern you. (concern)

    d. I was not conscious of his presence in the house until I heard his voice.


    e. I saw a ship on the horizon.

    f. What I said made no impression on him. (impression)

    g. He plugged into their conversation. (plug)

    h. His essay needs polishing. (polish)

    i. People are being menaced by the war. (menace)

    j. You have to screw up your courage and fight your enemy. (screw) 4. Make sentences with the following phrases.

    a. To be under the impression that

    b. Have sth. done.

    c. Or something

    d. Straighten out

    e. Sth. gets done.

    5. Put the following sentences into Chinese.

    a. Why dont you go downtown and check with the police, though theyll probably

    think were crazy or something.

    b. We see a MAN screwing in a light bulb on a front porch, then getting down off the

    stool to turn on the switch and finding that nothing happens. c. The boy suddenly stops again, conscious of his parents staring at him and of the

    sudden quietness of the crowd.

    d. Theres laughter at this, but it’s a laughter that comes from a desperate attempt to

    lighten the atmosphere.

    e. The people pick this up, and their murmuring becomes a loud chant filling the air

    with demands for action.

    6. Put the following sentences into English.

    a. 直到她丈夫去世了?她才发现自己多么爱他。;强调句?

    It is not until her husband passed away that she found how much she loved him.

    b. 我们根本就不可能知道这件事会有什么后果。;telling

    There is no telling what this may result in.

c. 他在办公室里昏倒了?醒来时发现自己躺在医院里。;come

    He passed out in the office and found himself lying in the hospital when he

    came to.

    d. 怎么他会是个杀人犯呢,这件事真是没道理。;sense

    How could he be the murderer? That doesnt make sense.

    e. 我确信我们的努力方向是正确的。如果我们实施这项改革?问题就会迎刃


    Im sure we are moving in the right direction. If we carry on this reform, our

    problems will be solved.

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