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    Reports to:Sales Director

    (give position)


    (give positions and

    approx. nos. of staff)

    Responsibilities and Overview:

    authorities:;The ASM (Area Sales manager) is a senior sales (give key results areas)manager role in leading our territory sales team &

    trading marketing team to increase geographical

    coverage & channel coverage in China

    ;Lead FMM & TSM to work out territory business plan,

    channel map, channel branding plan, build a strong

    brand presence in both POS & channel Ads. for the

    future, improve brand awareness

    ;ASM will daily manage sales & trading marketing team to

    deliver monthly sell thru result

    ;ASM will lead territory sales team to build Territory

    channel map by exited channels & recruiting new

    authorized channels, manage channel as well

    ;ASM will be responsible of leading RSR/TSR team to

    execute the national marketing activities and plan local

    channel marketing activities in a designated area


    ;ASM will lead, conduct, coach RSR team to go deeply

    managing POS, increase sell out & branding presence

    ;Grow the number of authorize POS to better cover

    IT mall & more cities

    ;Enhance authorized dealer sales capacity

    ;Upsell and leverage channel to sell more rich

    product categories

    ;ASM will lead, conduct, coach TSR team to go widely

    increasing geographical coverage

    ;Improve channel map to meet business high


    ;ASM will lead, conduct, coach TMR team to build

    outstanding channel branding in POS & target sales




    1.Annual/ Quartely Area business planning

    2.Area sales team & trading marketing team management3.Channel marketing management

    4.Authorized Channels Management

    5.Channel Marketing Activities Execution

    6.Channel Branding



Key Measurement for ASM

    ;80% of designated area customers sell thru revenue or cluster

    sell thru revenue

    ;40% of named channel customers

    ;40% of non named customers

    ;20% of designated area LFR sell out revenue1.Annual/Quarterly area business planning

    Annual budget planning

    Exectue company business strtegy in designated area

    Product mapping by each city & dealers

    Revenue growth target planning by city

    Go deep channel development/ management plan

    Go wide channel development plan

    2.Area sales team & trading marketing team management

    ;Sell thru forecast management

    ;Supply chain manangement

    ;Channel mapping

    ;Channel product mapping

    ;Intergate sales & trading marketing team as one winning team

    ;Improve team working efficiency

    3.Area Channel marketing management

    ;Lead trading marketing team to support local sales

    ;Check Team working result by shop personal visit

    ;Local Sell out activities application, support & check TMR &

    RSR program execution result

    ;Lead area team to make sure authorized channel POS

    merchandising meet company stand

    ;Build a winning team between Logitech, local distributors,

    resellers, authorized dealers and final tier


4.Authorized Channel Management

    ;Lead sales team to build territory’s channel map align with

    company channel strategy

    ;Lead sales team to develop new POS in target IT channel & new

    dealers in target city

    ;Channel Price & SRP management

    ;Selling territory management

    ;Cooperate with relative distributor sales team to deliver monthly

    area sell thru result

    ;Keep good relationship with channel, motivate them to reach


    ;Quarterly business review by city & authorized channel5. Channel Marketing Activities Execution

    Manage area trading marketing & sales funding budgetSupport or execute company’s/Local promotions in given


    Propose target channel segment list

    Support or execute company’s/Local road-shows in given

    territory. Includes venue selection and negotiation, training RSR,

    POS/promoters, on site supervision and executionSupport or execute company’s product channel launch

    Propose target channel segment list

    6. Channel Branding

    Work with FMM for annual/ quarterly territory channel branding

    building plan

    A, B, C shops development/decoration plan by cityOutdoor & indoor advertising plan by city

    Align resource investment with sales result & projection7. Training

    ;Annual internal team training plan

    ;Daily coach team member

    ;Train territory TSR,TMR, RSR and authorized channels about

    company, products and programs

    ;Train TMRTSR/RSR on selling skill & other business Skills8. Reporting

    Area management report

    Monthly area management report

    6 Months area rolling forecast

    Weekly sales meeting/report


    Sell thru update

    Weekly authorized channel PSI management

    Channel development update

    Channel issue

    Monthly review & approve the area Authorized channel POS list Requirements:1.Bachelor Degree or above from recognized national university (Working Experience2.More than 10 years sales experiences, at least 5 years senior /Qualificationregional sales manager experiences or other senior sales manager /Special Skills)position which lead large numbers of sales, trading marketing team

    on channel management, retail management, trading marketing

    management, Demonstrate the market network and market

    intelligence in CE / IT industries in China

    3.Proven track record in IT channel or LFR business in target area ,

    driving and executing successful business strategy

    4.solid channel management/development experiences in non-

    province capital cities

    5.Remote management team experience

    6.Independent worker, has leadership, ownership to inspire others to

    reach higher

    7.Think ahead to clarify priorities and plan course of action

    8.Generate new ideas to extend and boost channel sale

    9.Good Business planning skills, channel management skills,

    communication skills, people management skills

    10.Good relationship with local IT channel partners or LFR customers

    11.Ability to Demonstrate high energy and the ability to energize


    12.Willing to take challenge and work under pressure

    13.Self-motivated, business results orientated align with company

    business strategy

    14.Good MS office skills

    15.Chinese as native language, fluent in English both written and


    16.Good team work, will be aggressive, has ownership, leadershipDate:Nov 2010

    Company supportLogitech provides relevant training

    Compensation is dependent on cities

    Business related expenses, include mobile phone and transportationQR-HR-01/0

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