Area Sales Manager Logitech 110209

By Suzanne Rodriguez,2014-06-21 19:15
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    Reports to:Sales Director

    (give position)


    (give positions and

    approx. nos. of staff)

    Responsibilities and Overview:

    authorities:;The ASM (Area Sales manager) is a senior sales (give key results areas)manager role in leading our territory sales team &

    trading marketing team to increase geographical

    coverage & channel coverage in China

    ;Lead FMM & TSM to work out territory business plan,

    channel map, channel branding plan, build a strong

    brand presence in both POS & channel Ads. for the

    future, improve brand awareness

    ;ASM will daily manage sales & trading marketing team to

    deliver monthly sell thru result

    ;ASM will lead territory sales team to build Territory

    channel map by exited channels & recruiting new

    authorized channels, manage channel as well

    ;ASM will be responsible of leading RSR/TSR team to

    execute the national marketing activities and plan local

    channel marketing activities in a designated area


    ;ASM will lead, conduct, coach RSR team to go deeply

    managing POS, increase sell out & branding presence

    ;Grow the number of authorize POS to better cover

    IT mall & more cities

    ;Enhance authorized dealer sales capacity

    ;Upsell and leverage channel to sell more rich

    product categories

    ;ASM will lead, conduct, coach TSR team to go widely

    increasing geographical coverage

    ;Improve channel map to meet business high


    ;ASM will lead, conduct, coach TMR team to build

    outstanding channel branding in POS & target sales




    1.Annual/ Quartely Area business planning

    2.Area sales team & trading marketing team management3.Channel marketing management

    4.Authorized Channels Management

    5.Channel Marketing Activities Execution

    6.Channel Branding



Key Measurement for ASM

    ;80% of designated area customers sell thru revenue or cluster

    sell thru revenue

    ;40% of named channel customers

    ;40% of non named customers

    ;20% of designated area LFR sell out revenue1.Annual/Quarterly area business planning

    Annual budget planning

    Exectue company business strtegy in designated area

    Product mapping by each city & dealers

    Revenue growth target planning by city

    Go deep channel development/ management plan

    Go wide channel development plan

    2.Area sales team & trading marketing team management

    ;Sell thru forecast management

    ;Supply chain manangement

    ;Channel mapping

    ;Channel product mapping

    ;Intergate sales & trading marketing team as one winning team

    ;Improve team working efficiency

    3.Area Channel marketing management

    ;Lead trading marketing team to support local sales

    ;Check Team working result by shop personal visit

    ;Local Sell out activities application, support & check TMR &

    RSR program execution result

    ;Lead area team to make sure authorized channel POS

    merchandising meet company stand

    ;Build a winning team between Logitech, local distributors,

    resellers, authorized dealers and final tier