A Thought on Life

By Cathy Perez,2014-10-30 12:23
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A Thought on Life

A Thought on Life

    My illness has allow me a long rest, which has rid all those familiar worries such as too much concern with others’ feelings and nervousness produced by excessive endeavor of mine. The endless treatment and disappointments can make leisure life intolerable

    In previous time, one and another goals to be realized take away some fundamental pleasure from a common person like me. The desire to be the master of my destiny is so powerful which instills in me so much energy and enthusiasm. However, everything can go in the opposite.

    A little bit emotional and sentimental, I can always be disturbed by so many unimportant things. Now, I have figured out that everything should stand the test of time. Only those who laughs the last, laughs the best. After so many twists and turns , it comes to throw light on me that life is only a process.

    In the world full of varieties, in order to realize our own value, many people choose to fight like soldiers. However, few of them can be the most outstand. The shadow life discarded on everyone is a part of their experience, which has caused even harder efforts or more complains. Collisions of the ideal and the reality cultivated different people into different groups and help them find the roles they should play.

    Whatever has happened, do not try to understand profound life in one day or one minute. we should learn to respect life as it is and try to find a

better way to create a more meaningful one. On the road to self

improvement and self-examination, let’s fight against selfishness,

bigotry, prejudice, arrogance and ignorance.

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