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    The advice given in this Newsletter is intended to act as an aide to every member of the Public and can equally apply whether in Business or at Home through using this information.

    PHONE SCAMS Call offering free holiday then details extra’s which could result in attendance at a Timeshare presentation at the resort.

    Call offering to save you money with instruction to press a nominated key on your phone which then traps you in a lengthy call (15 minutes) at about a ?1 per minute.

    Another possible scam is a phone call saying that your computer is running slow and this can be cured by switching on then following the telephone instructions. This could result in you allowing the caller to take over your computer with access to what ever illegal use they want. Don’t be fooled by the caller indicating they work for a well known software provider. The phone number on 1471 says “the number is withheld”

    POST Prize Cards offering a prize (unspecified) including money, TV, etc with an 09 series phone number again at some

     ?1-50 a minute with a call duration of 6 minutes may be worthwhile but often there is a postal address also given.

    E-MAIL Offer from abroad that an investment of expenses needed would allow the sender to gain a large sum of money to be shared with you so send a sum of money with your Bank details. Do not be tempted as a Xmas present does not exist but your funds will be for their use.

SHARES Phone call received offering a quick return for “cheap Penny” shares with a promise of profit known as Boiler

    Room dealers seemingly in this Country but could be anywhere in the World and not registered with Financial Service Authority in the UK so no redress in this Country possible! Advice is to deal through recognised sources accredited with the FSA in the UK.

    SHOP LIFTING No high value or small valuable items near exits (including Push bar Fire Exits), such items should be under the watchful eye of staff. Make sure that CCTV is fully operational and material is retained if crime suspected. Off Licence type stock of Spirits kept near staff positions as also Tobacco products.

CLONED CREDIT CARDS Keep your card safe and in view if handed to a premises staff member, the Pin number

    unknown to others and not with the card itself. Avoid others seeing the Pin number when using the card reader

ATM(cash machines) Do not allow anyone nearby to see you press the keys and if there are any wiring on

    view or the key pad seems loose DO NOT CONTINUE and advise staff of your suspicions. It is best to use ATM’s located

    inside the premises. If it looks as though the machine has been tampered with Do not use!

    MOBILE PHONES Now available at ?600 so keep it with you at all times, do not use in quiet or dark places. Be aware of pick pocketing in crowded locations and remember Ear phones tell thieves you have something to steal plus they are a distraction to you in traffic areas.

WATER DAMAGE AND ARSON With premises closed over the extended Xmas period and Houses unoccupied do not

    forget to maintain a minimum temperature 24 hours of the day to avoid burst pipes, ensure adequate lagging, taps turned fully off. Do not leave combustibles such as cardboard boxes, paper, foam fillings externally near any structure but securely locked away to avoid ARSON attempts.

ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Whilst recently successful operations have reduced such the Xmas period by

    its very nature will lead to this occurring along with drunken behaviour. Extra patrols will be operating during anticipated hot

    spot times and places. Shop windows with expensive items could encourage “smash and grab” incidents or just a breakage. These are remote but possible.

    CYCLE CODING If buying new as a present ask for the bike to be coded on purchase or use a UV pen to mark it with the Post Code plus House number and call in the Police Station for a Sticker advising it is marked from our Front Office. Purchase

    and use a good quality lock and chain with storage when not in use in a locked shed or garage

    HOUSES Don’t leave presents in boxes available to be seen via windows, glass panel doors. If going away advise neighbours ask them to keep an eye out and if suitable have a key for checking purposes. Leave timer lights to operate with a tested new bulb as old ones tend to blow at the wrong time which can also trip the Mains for the whole circuit of lighting.

    SHEDS/ OUTHOUSES/ GARAGES Do you realise the value often left in these buildings of equipment, tools, goods, power tools? Windows need to be locked, if high value items kept the window obscured to stop prying eyes and boarded or grilled. Door hinges secured so they cannot be unscrewed and a good quality close shackle padlock and locking bar used. Garage doors can have 5 lever Mortice Deadlocks can often be fitted on the door edge either side in addition to the usual central locking handle (this can easily be overcome).

    LIGHTING External lighting for Commercial situations for out of hours on photo electric light detector, Passive Infra-Red Detector floodlights placed strategically act as a good deterrent being activated by body heat detection. These types of lighting

    apply equally to private houses. Timer switches can be used in all types of premises.

DISTRACTION BURGLARY Applies to callers at private homes which may become rarer with the

    introduction of Cold Calling Zones which whilst not legally enforceable do act as a very significant deterrent to casual callers

    who will be aware that householders have an interest in protecting their homes and occupants. Any bogus caller should be reported to the Police and advice in detail can be given along with formation of Cold Calling Zones along with help from Trading Standards at Hampshire County Council.

    VEHICLE USE Be aware that the usual efforts will be made to ensure Public Safety over the Xmas and New Year period with particular attention to Drink Driving offences plus the usual of NO valid - Road Fund Licence, Insurance,

    Driving licence which can result in the vehicle being seized, impounded, destroyed for some offences.

    IDENTITY THEFT Once your full name, address, and date of birth are known you can become a victim of ID Fraud. If this happens inform your Bank and all card providers so keep a close eye on your statements for illegal purchases or withdrawls. Checks can be made on credit reference agencies for a nominal cost (?2) such as Experian, Equifax, which will show any applications for accounts or credit in your name.

    PHISHING A fake e-mail is sent to your computer looking like one from a Bank, Credit card provider or any alleged organisation requesting a reply to include your password, Pins, personal information needed to access an account. Never disclose such information through a website. Many organisations state on your genuine access by you that they never request information by contacting you this way and make sure that when dealing with them that your security safeguards are operating by the recognised padlock or known signage displayed on your screen. Inform your organisation that is alleged to have sent the false e-mail so they can investigate. Install anti-virus software with a firewall and keep it up to date to block rogue software.

NO COLD CALLERS Whilst Zones have been set up locally please be aware that if a sign is displayed stating NO

    COLD CALLERS Energy Company representatives must not cold call at the door without an appointment. If they do take a note of their name and Company they represent, ask them to leave and report them to the Company and ENERGY OMBUDSMAN. The latter can impose substantial financial penalty under the Energy Sure Code of Practice which is stmandatory from the 1 October 2010.

    CONTACT You can contact Hampshire Constabulary Safer Neighbour hood Teams for Fleet and Church Crookham by phone or e-mail by using Phone 101 and ask to speak to a Team member at Fleet or e-mail Advice for Business Premises on Crime Prevention from our experience is readily

    available on request as also for Householders with the thought that a few minutes spent could save a lot of time and expense in

    the future.

    Sergeant Dave Hill is responsible for the Safer Neighbourhood Teams covering the following areas of the Fleet Sector:

    ; PC Paul Franks, PC Dan Lehec and PCSO Dan Eaves Town Centre and Pondtail

    ; PC Natasha Farr and PCSO Nick Greenwood Fleet West

    ; PC Caroline Webster and PCSO Adam Merrick Church Crookham

    ; PC Neil Prescott and PCSO Bill Evans North Fleet, Fleet Services, Elvetham Heath and Ancells Farm

    Make it a Crime Free Christmas.

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