MIS Administrator Nomination Form

By Marie Ruiz,2014-12-29 14:23
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MIS Administrator Nomination Form

Request to nominate/change MIS administrator

    This form is used to nominate or change the details of your school’s MIS administrator. The completed form should be emailed by your principal to It is important to use the words MIS administrator change request in the subject field.

    School details

School name

    Centre code

    Phone number

    Fax number

    To ensure the security of the MIS, forms must be emailed to the Service Centre by your school


    Principal's name

    Principal's MIS email address


    MIS administrator details

First name

    Last name

    Employee number

    MIS ID (eg flast1)

    School at which the MIS administrator’s account is to be located, if administering more than

    one school

    School from which MIS admin’s

    account is to be transferred (if


    MIS ID of previous MIS administrator if known

     The Department of Education and Training (DET) is collecting your personal information as required by policies IFM-PR-010: Managing Electronic Identities and Identity Management and ICT-PR-004: Using the Department's Corporate ICT Network. This information will be used to create your electronic identity and manage your access to departmental information systems. It will only be used by DET staff for this purpose. Your personal information will be securely stored on the department’s network and will not be shared without your consent. The only exception will be where a breach of an information system’s conditions of use may have occurred, or we are required to do so by legislation.

If you have concerns or wish to make enquiries about any information collected or being collected about you by Learning Technologies Unit, please call (07) 3421 6673.

Version Two: Contact the Service Centre on 1800 680 445 or email

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