MIS 685 The Healthcare Value Chain

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MIS 685 The Healthcare Value Chain

    Howe School of Technology Management

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    MIS 686/810: Administrative Systems in Healthcare

    Public Syllabus

Faculty: S. Vincent Grasso, D.O.

    Office: Stevens campus


Catalog Description

    The course begins with an overview by which management pursues systems acquisitions, implementations and support. It also discusses project management tools and techniques for following „best practices‟ concerning vendor management. The mid

    portion of the course details several business to business (B2B) applications including those pertaining to Group Purchasing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Portals, and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO). Additionally, systems

    pertaining to the financial services sector including Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) are discussed. The last section of the course details the discipline of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and its related systems. Additionally, tools utilized to support operational decision-making such as Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Reporting and Analytical based are discussed. The course concludes with a summary discussing the interrelationships between the prior 13 modules.


    The delivery of healthcare is rapidly moving away from a centralized to a decentralized model where significantly greater resources and skill sets are required to meet the associated IT and administrative demands. These demands include expectations of a delivery organizations ability to exceed preexisting clinical outcomes at a lower operating cost. This course aspires to enhance the preexisting knowledge base concerning administrative systems of veteran information technology (IT) professionals and provide a core foundation to those newly trained or aspiring to work within the healthcare vertical. In addition, this course complements two other MIS courses that focus on clinical and patient-centered eHealth systems, namely MIS 687 and MIS 688.


    Students will gain the knowledge to:

    ; Describe the various elements and processes associated with administrative

    system acquisitions, implementation and support

    ; Discuss the role of project management tools and techniques in supporting a

    „best practice‟ organizational protocol concerning vendor management

    ; Examine several specific business to business (B2B) applications including those

    undergoing rapid evolution such as the Regional Health Information Organization


    ; Explore the overall value propositions of several financial service related systems

    individually and collectively

    ; Understand the importance of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and how it

    impacts the use and selection of various systems

    ; Examine the role of sophisticated analytical tools utilized in supporting

    operational decision making

    ; Summarize the value proposition of integrating the various administrative

    systems and tools within the overall healthcare delivery value chain

Course Delivery and Materials

The course content will be delivered in seven modules using the Stevens WebCampus

    (WebCT) platform. Some course materials will be provided online, including the instructor‟s introductions to each module and assignment descriptions. Links will also be provided to copies of readings that do not need to be purchased, and are accessible via the Stevens library or public Web sites.

    In addition, all students will be required to purchase several case studies and other reading materials from the Harvard Business School Press; the total materials costs are less than $100.

    WebCampus collaboration tools will be used for postings to Discussion forums, communicating with class members about current issues, submitting some assignments and receiving feedback from the instructor, and communicating with invited “guests”

    from the healthcare industry for a specific week‟s topic.


Course Assignments

    Most weekly assignments involve writing up responses to questions about the assigned readings and conducting some Web-based research on specific topics. Some of your findings will be shared using the Discussion forum tool on WebCampus. A term paper assignment enables each student to study in-depth an HIT topic of particular interest. The course also includes online quizzes to ensure student understanding of important HIT concepts.

Section 1: System Development Life Cycle

System Acquisition, Implementation and Support Concepts

    Section 2: Best Practices in IT Vendor Management and Healthcare IT Policy

Project Management Tools and Techniques

    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)

Section 3: B2B Applications

Group Purchasing

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    Enterprise Portals

    Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO)

Section 4: Financial Services

Supply Chain Management

    Revenue Cycle Management

Section 5: Evidence Based Support

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

Section 6: Analytical Tools

Analytics and Reporting

    Data Mining and Predictive Analysis (DMPA)

Section 7: Class Summary

Term Project: Paper for Instructor, Summary of Class


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