Quiz One - MIS 353 - Management Information Systems - Fall 1998

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Quiz One - MIS 353 - Management Information Systems - Fall 1998

    MIS 353 - Management Information Systems Fall 2001

    Quiz One January 18, 2001

    Name: _______________________________________________________________

Answer the following questions. Write or print legibly unreadable answers will not be

    graded. Two points each unless otherwise noted.


1. _____ Today’s business environment is referred to as the information age.

    2. _____ Knowledge workers work with and produce information as a product.

3. _____ Information technology tools can help you capture, convey, create, cradle

    and/or communicate information.

4. _____ Data is processed information.

5. _____ Different levels of people in an organization have different information


Multiple Choice

    6. The key resources in management information systems include:

    a. hardware

    b. software

    c. people

    d. all of the above

    e. only ___ and ___

7. Customer Moment of Value is providing service:

    a. when the customer wants it

    b. where the customer wants it

    c. how the customer wants it

    d. all of the above

    e. none of the above

    ; Turn the page over! ;

8. The dimensions of information include:

    a. form

    b. content

    c. time

    d. all of the above

    e. none of the above

9. The distribution of an online communication that offends someone because of the

    use of obscene, derogatory or inappropriate language is called:

    a. garbage-in, garbage-out

    b. flaming

    c. screaming

    d. ethics

10. Electronic Commerce includes:

    a. performing transactions with customers electronically

    b. performing transactions with organizations electronically

    c. gathering information electronically

    d. distributing information electronically

    e. all of the above

Short Answer

    5 points

    What is the relationship between data and information?

Bonus Question

    (worth one point)

What does the command PING allow you to do?

    ; Turn the page over! ;

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