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    World-famous brands: the first standard

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     Editor's Note: China became the largest auto consumer market of the world in 2009, and the rapid growth of new car sales attracted considerable attention from various sides. Some analysts believe China has already become a large auto country and are moving towards a powerful auto country. Besides, some also think China has already occupied certain characteristics of a powerful auto country.

     Considering that two conferences are around the corner, we particularly conducted a survey about route map related to China moving towards a powerful auto country. As a chain of China's auto industry, Sohu Auto hopes the survey can contribute something to sustainable development of China's auto industry.

     The survey started since February 23, 2010, and accomplished via e-mail allocated to respondents by editorial unit of Sohu Auto. Until 20 o’clock of February 25 2010, a total of 153

    usable questionnaires were collected, of which are 36 industry experts and commentators, 105 auto media people, and 12 senior executives at auto enterprises. From February 26, 2010, e-pals can have access to this survey. Therefore, while have a knowledge of the public's opinions, we will continue to survey relevant people at Chinese government, senior executives at auto enterprises, experts and editor-in-chiefs of auto media so as to collect wide-range opinions of the elite.

     Among the respondents who have sent feedbacks to Sohu Auto, we notice that there are: Mr. Jia Xinguang, the Chief Commentator of Sohu Auto; Mr. Rao Da, the Secretary of China Passenger Car Association; Mr. Yang Zaishun, the Deputy Secretary of China Passenger Car Association; Mr. Xu Xiangyang, the Deputy Dean of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Mr. Chen Guangzu, the senior expert in Chinese auto industry; Zhang Yi, the senior correspondent in Xinhua News Agency; Liu Jing, editor in chief of Auto Weekly of the Beijing Evening News; He Xingyan, editor in chief of Auto Section of the Beijing News; Yang Ming, editor in chief of Auto Section of the Hangzhou Daily; Zou Yong, editor of Auto Weekly of the

    Youth Newspaper in Shanghai; Xiong Chicheng, editor in chief of Auto Section of the Jiangnan Metropolitan News; Cui Yifan, editor in chief of the Liao Shen Evening News. In addition, Guangzhou Auto Toyota Motor Co., Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen

    Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Yueda Kia Automobile Co., Ltd. and other major automakers from home and abroad also sent feedbacks to Sohu Auto.

     In your opinion, what factors China must have before become a powerful auto country? The top ten answers to the above question are as follows:

     C, has 2-3 world-famous auto brands, chosen by 139 people

     D, has own car core technologies, such as engines and transmissions, chosen by 122 people.

     B, has several large auto manufacturers and annual car output to reach 3-5 million units, chosen by 120 people.

     E, has sustainable research and development capability, chosen by 85 people

     J, has a mature auto parts industry and a number of auto parts manufacturers equipped with core technologies, chosen by 83 people.

     N, has a mature auto culture, chosen by 80 people

     F, auto enterprises equipped with advanced management level, chosen by 53 people

     G, products of China’s own auto manufacturers accounting for majority share of Chinese car market, chosen by 52 people

     A, has a very large auto consumer market and annual new car sales can reach 3-5 million units, chosen by 50 people

     I, build production base in overseas market and export technologies to operate business internationally, chosen by 48 people

     Owning world-famous auto brands is the first standard for a powerful auto country

     In the 153 usable questionnaires, 139 people chose C. In terms of standards about a powerful auto country, respondents unanimously believe owning 2-3 world-famous auto brands are the first

    standard for a powerful auto country. Indeed, powerful auto countries including USA, Japan and Germany all have several world-famous auto brands. In other words, it is these auto brands help them become powerful auto countries. At the same time, as a brand with highly added value, good brands have become important factors considered by consumers when purchase cars.

     Currently, China is definitely lack of world-famous auto brands. With the development China’s economy, other fields already have famous brands such as Haier and Lenovo, thus we

    believe more China's own auto brands will go out and regarded as world-famous auto brands. Maybe in that day China also become a powerful auto country in the world.

     Powerful auto countries need to be mature in various sides

     Among the top ten standards for becoming a powerful auto country, another obvious characteristic is people’s expectation of mature market. People think as long as various sides including auto culture and auto parts become mature, China can be a genuine powerful auto country, which reflects people’s worry about Chinese car market in the process of rapid growth. First, a powerful auto country needs a mature market status, mature auto parts industry, mature auto culture, mature enterprises and mature consumers. All factors listed above are beneficial to create a powerful auto country.

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