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    10 Unit 1 The Fifth Period 总课时 5

    Unit 1 Grammar A&B

    To describe things with adjectives

    教学目标 To use comparatives and superlatives

    The spelling and usage of the adjectives and how to use comparatives 教学重点

    and superlatives

    How to use these adjectives, comparatives and superlatives correctly. 教学难点

    教学过程 个案内容

     预习要求? 学生活动 Step1 Lead-in

     1.T: We use adjectives to describe people and . things. We can put it before a noun or after a linking verbs.

     Present this by revising the three Ss appearance, trying to choose the adjectives to introduce them, then show them just like : a clever girl, an interesting story 2. Present linking verbs Step2 Comparatives and superlatives 1. If they are alike, how can we tell their difference? E.g. Millie has long hair, Sandy has long hair, too. We can say „Millie has longer hair than Sandy.‟ Millie is slim. Sandy is slim, too. ---„Millie is slimmer than Sandy.‟ (Show a lot of pictures to teach them the changing rules and drills), Part B Discussion 2.Work out the rule

     When we compare two things, we use comparatives, and we put „than‟ _____ the comparatives. Group work

     When we compare more than three things, we can use superlatives, and we can put „the‟ _____

    the superlatives.

    3. A is taller than B. B is taller than C. So we can

    say A is the tallest of the three.

    (give more examples, make sure Ss can

    understand the difference between comparatives

    and superlatives)



    教学过程 个案内容

Step 3 Practice

    1. Ask Ss to compare their classmates, using Practice

    comparatives and superlatives.

    2. Show them some pictures, asking them to

    compare them.

    3. Show them a table, asking them to compare the

    things in different ways.(PartB2)

    Step 4 Consolidation Finish the



    Compare things and make 5 sentences using comparatives and superlatives


    Unit 1 Grammar

    Describing things with adjectives. Comparatives and superlatives:

    Millie has longer hair than Sandy. Millie is slimmer than Sandy.

    Millie has the longest hair in her class. Millie is the slimmest of the girls.





    ___ __





    1. 在沙发上睡觉 ____________ 2. 最苗条的女孩 ______________

    3. 和……一样有趣 ___________ 4. 所有的学生 _______________

    5. 最贵的汽车 _____________ 6. 不如 ____________________

    7. 一只懒惰的小猫 __________ 8. 比那个容易 _______________

    9. 在画画比赛中 __________ 10. 有趣得多 ______________



    ( ) 1. Tom is ______ of the ten boys.

    A. honester B. the honestest C. more honest D. the most honest

     ( ) 2. The film is ______ than that one.

     A. fun B. funny C. funnier D. the funniest

    ( ) 3. Chinese is ___________ P.E.

     A. not more exciting as B. not as exciting as

     C. not as exciting that D. not exciting as

     ( ) 4. I think swimming is ___________ hiking.

     A. as interesting than B. as more interesting as

     C. as interesting as D. more interesting as

     ( ) 5. My grandfather walks _________ than my grandmother.

     A. more faster B. much faster C. very faster D. too fast

    ( ) 6. There is ________ f in the word fond.

     A. a B. an C. the D. no

     ( ) 7. The doctor said that he had to stay at home and rest ____ a few days.

     A. to B. for C. at D. in

     ( ) 8. There is _________ snow here in winter.

     A. too many B. too much C. lot of D. much too

    ( ) 9. __________ he is, __________ he feels.

     A. The busier, the happy B. The busy, the happy

     C. The busier, the happier D. The busier, the happiest

     ( ) 10. Jack is just __________ as Tom..

     A. so strong B. as strong C. strong D. more stronger 三、课后练习


    . good ___________ ________ 2. heavy __________ ______________ 1

    3. long ___________ _________ 4. slim ____________ ______________

    5.bad____________ ________ 6. funny ___________ _____________

    7.fat ____________ _________ 8. nice _______________ __________

    9. popular __________ _______ 10. wonderful ____________ _______

    11. easy __________ ________ 12. expensive _________ __________


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