QCA Physical Education

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QCA Physical Education

    QCA Physical


    Core Tasks

Key Stage 1 and 2 (Yrs 1 6)


     Introduction to QCA Core Tasks Pages 3, 4, 5

     Using Core Tasks to Improve attainment

    and Plot Pupil Progress in PE Page 6

Gymnastics Page 7

Games Page 15

Dance Page 31

     Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Page 39

Athletic Activities Page 44

Swimming Page 50

“QCA Core Tasks and Attainment Levels Chart”

     please refer to additional PDF attachment /document


    QCA CORE TASKS Why are they useful?

    The QCA core tasks can play a useful and crucial role in bringing together pupils’ PE experiences.

; What are core tasks?

    These are standardised tasks that provide a focus and context for each unit. They are contextual in relation to units, expectations and attainment levels. They are pitched for the majority of children, with adaptations provided to make the task easier or harder. They give pupils an opportunity to use and show what they have learned in a real context suitably challenging for their


; Why are core tasks useful?

They are:

    1. Contextual in relation to units, expectations and attainment levels

    2. Levelled by default to the attainment targets and outcomes

    3. Standardised tasks designed to assist assessment and measure pupil

    progress , related to the 4 aspects of PE.

They provide:

    1. Clear outcomes for pupils to achieve and for teachers analyse

    2. A complete piece of work or end product for pupils to work towards

    3. Focus and sense of directions

    4. Something that pupils can visualise

    5. Something to perform/share/celebrate

    6. A Challenge

; Where can they be found / downloaded? - navigate to the PE units of

    work, click on a specific unit and then core tasks.


    Using core tasks to track pupils‟ progress in

    physical education

„Authentic Contexts‟

    The core tasks in the QCA/DfES scheme of work for physical education (PE) give pupils an opportunity to use what they have learnt in an authentic context that is suitably challenging for their age and ability.

    The PE core tasks provide a complete piece of work for pupils to achieve (Similar to the final piece of work that would be put into a pupil’s portfolio or displayed on the wall in another subject). They:

    ; have been designed to match the physical, mental and emotional maturity

    of most pupils in an age group

    ; enable pupils to make progress by improving the quality of their

    performance in a particular task

    ; grow in complexity and difficulty as pupils make progress through a series

    of tasks

    ; have been written so that pupils can visualise a task they know what it

    looks like and what to aim for