Pride and prejudice

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Pride and prejudice

     Final paper

    Pride and prejudice


    MR. Bennet:MR.Bennet is a typical country gentalman. He is very understandable to his wifes crazy about sending their doughters to geting

    married with some rich guy,that means he understand how important money is, or he is in some way care about money as he is not so rich and only lives in the country. But he is reasonable at the same time that shows when we know he loved Elizabeth most and heappreciate the girls being reasonable and lady. And also he is kind of standing middle of the way,although he disagrees with her wife he use jokes insted of quarrels. Maybe he cant make a decision in their

    house but I think it was all thanks to him that Elizabeth was able to grown into a beautiful and gental girl.

    MRS.Bennet: she is a comedy role in this play. When she came up, she is just an anoying woman talks a lot. Although she cares so much about her children all she did is just making people dislike her. She seemed mean when she said bad about Darcy right after she tried to talk to him and being rejected, and later she even humiliated him in Bingleys house. And when she forced

    MR.Bennet to visit Bingley she looked shallow, but it showed more when she asked Jane to go to Bingleys house by horse so that she could spend the

    night there. She didt show any avail to others, but conbining her complain to her husbands lampoon(讽刺), they make a great team of fun.

    Jane: maybe because she is the first doughter of Bennets and was used

    to help the parents with taking care of the others, she is a little self-contempt(

    ). She never learned to be reasonable like Elithebeth,nor puerility (天真)like her

    youger sister. Maybe she is used to thinking more abot others and hiding her own emotion,she never represent too happy nor sad. She does what her parents tell her to,and accepts it when Bingley tried to broke up with her.she obeyed too much, sometimes she seemed have no thoughts of her own and so she never shown assuredness(自信)although she is the most beartiful girl in this family. But fortunately with the help of Elizabeth Binley learned how she feels about him and ended happily.

    Lydia:its not very wrong to call her stupid. She is the yougest sister in the Bennets and was spoiled by her mum.Although she was everything but shallow ,she is definitely selfish. She wants herself to be the center of the party, she runs away with an evil guy and only has that she owns a cute husband in mind. She nearly ruined her sisters life and even too stipid to realise that. And at last, again, thanks to others help, she got married.

    Collins:he is the best jackpudding(丑角? in this play. The way he talks about

    how many windows the house has and how much money Lady Catherine spent on certain things made people speachless. The way he treated Elizabeth before and after she refused to marry him showed directly how people act when they realise theres nothing to gain. Jane austin just used him to show the pathetic of the middle-class people, its a inspissation?浓缩) of the bad old days.

    Wickham: he is absolutely a bad egg. He fools around playing with other girls emotion and even use it to get money and status. He is those kind of people who deserved no happiness. All though hes kind of got a good

    ending,but I think Jane Austin is just trying to express the viewpoint that marriage is based on love and believing in another way.

    Elizabeth:she is absolutely a nice girl. She is

    smart,beautiful,reasonable,and strong minded. She organized the family together with her father. She taught her sister how to behave in certain situation and even helped the oldest with her emotinal trouble. She is more grown-up compared with her mother. She belived in love and was faithfull to it. She dares to rufuse and take. However the best part of this people is when she felt in love with Wickham and just belived everything he told her, which surely showed the magic of love.

    Darcy:he is the most interesting character in this play. He is pride and maybe rude, but in some level he is kind and gental. This illogicality(矛盾)was

    showed when he tried all he could to stop Bingley being together with Jane while later he asked Elizabeth to marry him. This made him really cute. I belive all girls read it love him because its really romantic when people are panic about their

    feelings for certain people, and eventually have to give up part of their self-importance(自尊) to accomplish the love.

    2? book review

    I love this play because it reads really realistic. None of the charactors is

    perfect.The way people act in certain aspects to certain person is kind of real and cruel in this play. But here is the good thing:it seemed that no one is resonable when it comes to the love, and even nothing is important compared to it.

    Darcy is far rich and noblest(高贵的)for Elizabeth. He proposed to her

    ignoring the difference between their family status and possession, but this sacrifice didnt harvest the understanding from Elizabeth, instead, both of them felt being insulted. Maybe its the misunderstanding and the prejudice that lead to this, but I prefer to belive that its the pride of Darcy that enraged(激怒)

    Elizabeth. However I think this pride is inescapable because the society at that time didn't allow people who are very different in status being too close. Its just

    an inflection of the view of almost everyone at that time:the rich look down upon the poor, the poor hates the rich, theres no way they can get on well with each

    other. The Bennets-who is at middle class is surely in a really awkward situation, they want to join the rich but they admire them and hate them and at the same time;they were richer than the poor so they ignore them and look down upon them;and also the rich ignore them and the poor hates them just the other way around.I think Elizabeths hate for Darcy in some way just meant the same

    thing as Elizabeths mother hated Darcy and the same way Collins felt insulted by Elizabeth.Although Elizabeth is really a righthearted(正直的) girl with very

    strong mind, I think she is kind of limited by her estate(阶层),but fortunately

    none of this got in their way of happily ever after.

    This isnt a play which contains a lot of things that is shocking or

    impressive,instead, it draws a picture of the normal life and normal emotion. But you can see between the lines that its really exquisite(细腻的) when it comes

    to the feelings about love and marriage. The words just neither more or less than draws a picture of a certain lively person. And the setting of the characteristics of the characters really shows originality (独具匠心). Just like Marry, Elizabeth

    and Lydia, they are just like a ladder, Elizabeth is just not too into the shining clothes and being noticed by people like Lidya and she wont just do what she

    wants despite what others may think. With this contrast?对比?the girl were made

    more alive.

    This play set out the living form of the middle-class family The Bennets. By

    telling the story of the love story of the doughters, Jane Austin sharply point out the conflict?冲突? of the middle-class people using a humourous way. Of

    course another important theme of this play is to show her own value agaist love and marrige: Its always ture that marriage is not about status and possession.

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