Principles of breakthrough and receiving impartation

By Dana Jordan,2014-05-09 21:53
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Principles of breakthrough and receiving impartation

    Principles for breakthrough

    and miracles

    In order to receive from God, walk in open heaven so that

    miracles manifest regularly there are several biblical

    principles we need to embrace as our foundation for

    Kingdom living!

One: Matthew 6:33 “ But first seek the kingdom of

    God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”

1. You must have the cause of the kingdom burning in your heart

    What is it that you have to see happen on the earth before you die whatever the answer to this question is must become your life long vocation.

    You can’t have the kingdom unless you have His will in operation in your life! You must give 100% of yourself to His Will in order to see His Kingdom come and manifest in our lives sowing, dreaming, working, building, creating vision…

    Once we take responsibility for the kingdom we take on Christ’s yoke. And once we commit to God on this level of ministry God releases all the provision needed to make the vision happen.

    2. We have to make the kind of life forming decisions about ourselves and our work and 100% give ourselves to seeing those things happen.

    Sometimes it means making sacrifices other people don’t make.

    An athlete hoping to make the Olympics has to order his life in such a way to reach his goal. Taking thirty won’t cut it. In order to reach or God given goal we may have to develop a stronger prayer life, live a fasted lifestyle, give like we have never before.

    Two: Matthew 6:24… we cannot serve two masters

    1. We have to fully give ourselves to one truth / school of thought / master in order to receive from it.

2. We cannot partially entertain truth we have to give ourselves

    entirely to it!

    The disciples had to discontinue in the old and commit 100% to the new Master Luke 5:1-11 (v11) “So when they had brought their

    boats to land, they forsook all and followed him.” They gave up

    their livelihood and lived by faith.

It is a Kingdom Principle that we must sell all (Matthew 13:44-46)

    if we are going to receive anything as a permanent blessing from heaven.

    This is not merely a selling of ones’ material goods but a giving up on what once had great value in order to have something else. Whatever holds our heart will keep us (Matthew 6:21).

Total commitment releases power to flow whilst double

    mindedness or partial commitment hinders the power of God (James 1:6, Matthew 13:18-23).

Elisha receives the Elijah’s mantle 1 Kings 19:19-21

    In order for Elisha to receive the anointing from God through Elijah:

    1. He had to give himself to his new Master (school of thought, lifestyle).

    2. He had to sell 100% of His old lifestyle. Elisha gave up his old life and committed to a completely new way of living He gave a significant offering and lived by faith.

Three: 3 John 2 “ Beloved, I pray that you

    may prosper in all things and be health, just as your soul prospers.”

    There is a connection between prosperity, health and our soul prospering. If our soul is prospering we will walk in the kingdom realm in divine health and material prosperity but if not we will remain unchanged.

    What is a prosperous soul? Soul Prosperity = Romans 12:2 Renewed in our mind to Kingdom realities / Heaven’s realities.

    You can only truly be transformed in your mind when you encounter God supernaturally your encounter shapes your

    faith and you can never go back to the old way of thinking.

    If principles take the place of encounter it will breed traditions/religious thinking that make the word of God ineffective.

    How do we receive a renewed mind? Encounter the supernatural reality of God in everyday life.

Encounters that have shaped my faith…

1. Financial provision sowing and reaping for provision and

    miracles, India, America, 6 pots, weekly provision

2. God speaks audible voice, visions, dreams,

    3. Angels worship, anointing, involvement in answering prayer

4. Miracles circumstances, favour, blessings

    5. Prayer God answers prophetic prayer, intercession in tongues

    These experiences set a paradigm for the supernatural to manifest regularly.

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