zhang peng is my good friend

By Juanita Carroll,2014-10-30 01:24
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zhang peng is my good friend

    zhang peng is my good friend. she’s in class1, grade4 of tianjiao primary school. she’s a model student. she’s clever and she’s helpful, too. she of ten helps teachers and young students at school. she is good at chinese, maths, engl is h, arts and crafts, music and so on. she has a lot of hobbies.

    she likes painting and drawing. and she likes l is tening to music, having picnics with her parents. oh yeah, she likes f is hing, too. but she doesn’t like playing basketball, football, table tenn is or volleyball. zhang peng is the be

    st friend of mine. i like playing with her. we always work together and help each other.

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