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Text to Accompany Power Point ...

    Lawyers’ Practice Materials

    Resources to Accompany Lecture

    This list is not meant to be exhaustive but rather illustrative of the types of

    practice materials that could be used in the various research scenarios presented.

Conducting a deposition in a family law case


    Washington Family Law Deskbook: (Washington State Bar Association

    2000 and supp.) analysis of issues and forms


    Successful First Depositions (West 2001)

    Deposition Strategy Law and Forms 10 volume set (West, 1981-

    looseleaf updated)

    The Effective Deposition: Techniques and Strategies that Work (National

    Institute for Trial Advocacy 1996)

Defending a client in a DUI case


    Defending DUIs in Washington State (Matthew Bender 2007 looseleaf


    Washington Criminal Practice in Courts of Limited Jurisdiction 2 volume

    set (Matthew Bender 2004 looseleaf updated)


    Defense of Drunk Driving Cases: Criminal Civil (Matthew Bender 1971-

    looseleaf updated)

Bringing a case before a District Court (court of limited jurisdiction) in Washington


    Washington Lawyer’s Practice Manual (King County Bar Association

    2008- looseleaf updated yearly)

    Civil Procedure Benchbook: Courts of Limited Jurisdictions (Office of

    Administrator of the Courts, State of Washington 2004)


    Trial Techniques Mauet (Aspen 2007)

Drafting a will


    Thomas R. Andrews, John R. Price & Mark Reutlinger eds., Washington

    Estate Planning Deskbook (Washington State Bar Association 2005)

    Mark Reutlinger, Washington Law of Wills and Intestate

    Succession(Washington State Bar Association 2006).

    How to Draft Effective Wills and Trusts for your Clients in Washington (NBI


    Washington Wills and Trusts Forms Mucklestone (1987)


    Bridge the Gap May 20, 2009; June24, 2009 Barbara Swatt Engstrom

    Lawyers’ Practice Materials

    General Formbooks: AmJur Legal Forms, West’s Legal Forms, Nichols

    Cyclopedia of Forms

Securing a work permit under an H 1-B visa

    Immigration Law and Procedure (Matthew Bender 1966- looseleaf


    The H 1-B Handbook (Clark, Boardman, Callaghan 1995- updated with

    new volume yearly)

Piercing the corporate veil of an LLC in Washington


    Washington Business Entities: Law and Forms (Matthew Bender 2005

    looseleaf updated)


    Ribstein and Keatinge on Limited Liability Companies (West 2005

    looseleaf updated)

Preparing for a hearing before a Washington administrative agency

    Washington Administrative Law Practice Manual (Butterworth /LexisNexis

    1991- looseleaf updated)

Discerning how much an injury is worth in Washington

    Washington/ Northwest:

    Westlaw: Jury Verdicts Northwest: database identifier = JVN

    Lexis: Washington Jury Verdicts & Settlements: research trail =

    Washington > Find Briefs, Motions, Pleadings & Jury Verdicts >

    Washington Jury Verdicts & Settlements


    What’s it Worth: A Guide to Personal Injury Awards and Settlements

    (Wolters Kluwer 1985- new volume published yearly) also on Lexis

Defending against a foreclosure action

    Foreclosure: Defenses Workouts and Mortgage Servicing (National

    Consumer Law Center 2007)

    Foreclosure Prevention Counseling (National Consumer Law Center 2007)

    Washington Real Property Deskbook (1997- looseleaf updated) Ch. 53

    “Receiverships and Other Practical Considerations in Connection with

    Real Estate Foreclosures”

    Finding Washington privacy law that protects an individual’s right to the commercial use of his image:

    The Rights of Publicity and Privacy (West 2009) new volumes published


How to start the bankruptcy process

    Bridge the Gap May 20, 2009; June24, 2009 Barbara Swatt Engstrom

    Lawyers’ Practice Materials

Bankruptcy is mostly federal

    Collier on Bankruptcy and Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice are two of

    the major bankruptcy sets. They are multivolume treatises and have


    Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice (National Consumer Law Center 2007)

    Family Lawyer’s Guide to Bankruptcy (ABA 2008)

    Bankruptcy Deadline Checklist: An Easy-to-Use Reference Guide for

    Case Management and Administration (ABA 2006)

You may also be able to get forms from the bankruptcy court itself. The

    bankruptcy court is a separate component of the federal court system

    Ex: Bankruptcy court for Western District of Washington forms Use tab that says Forms

    Vacating a criminal record:

    Washington Law Help Northwest Justice Project

    37 Causes of Action 2d 615 (2008) “Cause of Action to Expunge Adult

    Criminal Record

    How to Clear Your Adult and Juvenile Records (Loompanic 1997)

    available locally at King County Law Library.

    Draft an international commercial agreement with an arbitration clause:

    Law of Transnational Business Transactions (West 2003- looseleaf updated)

    Drafting International Contracts (Transnational Publications 2006)

    International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration (Wolters Kluwer 1984- loose-leaf updated).

    Preparing an employment discrimination case under the Equal Pay Act:

    Employment Discrimination (Matthew Bender 1994- looseleaf updated)

    26 Am Jur Proof Of Facts 3d 269 (1994 & supp. 2008) “Proof of Violation of Equal Pay Act

    12 Causes Of Action 191 (1984 & supp. 2008-9) “Cause of Action for Violation of Equal Pay Act [29 USC ? 206(d)] 16 Am Jur Pleading and Practice Forms ? 201-208 (2000 & Supp. 2008 “Actions Involving Equal Pay Act amendment to Fair Labor Standards Act”

    63 Am Jur Trials 127 (1997 & Supp 2009) “Efficiently and Effectively Defending Employment Discrimination Cases Equal Pay for Equal Work: Federal Equal Pay Law of 1963 summary

    analysis, legislative history and text, with summaries of applicable state

    laws (BNA 1963)

    Bridge the Gap May 20, 2009; June24, 2009 Barbara Swatt Engstrom

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