20 July 2005 - Whittets Ait, Jessamy Road, Weybridge - 0500551MIS

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20 July 2005 - Whittets Ait, Jessamy Road, Weybridge - 0500551MIS



APPLN. NO.: : 05/00551/MIS Whittets Ait, Jessamy Road, Weybridge

    VALID DATE : 03/06/2005

    CTTEE DATE : 20/07/2005(PT) Erection of 2 no. 3-storey buildings and 1 no.

    TARGET : N/A part 4-storey/part 3-storey building to form

     21 residential units with associated car

     parking and refuse area, for Latchmere

     Homes Ltd

WARD: Adjoining Shepperton Town

It is understood that this application will be reported to Elmbridge Borough Council’s West thArea Sub-Committee on the 25 July 2005, and then on to the full Planning Committee on ndthe 2 August 2005.

    1. Relevant Planning History

    1.1 There have been a number of applications for the redevelopment of this site over the

    last ten years on which Spelthorne have been consulted. However, it is only the

    following two schemes which are most relevant:

    03/00602/MIS Two detached part two/part three storey blocks No Objection

    providing 32 flats (including 8 affordable units) raised by

    and detached two storey office building, with Spelthorne

    associated car parking and landscaping details

    following demolition of existing buildings

    04/01176/MIS Three storey building to form 21 apartments No Objection

    with associated car parking following raised by

    demolition of the existing commercial buildings Spelthorne

    (Phase 3).

2. Description of Current Proposal

    2.1 The entire Whittets Ait Island is an area of land of some 3.6 hectares, which is sited

    immediately south of the River Wey Navigation Canal in Weybridge and is entirely

    within Elmbridge Borough Council. The application site is on the north eastern side of

    the island and consists an area of 0.70 hectares. It contains derelict industrial

    buildings, which will be demolished. This Council has been consulted as an adjoining

    Local Planning Authority.

    2.2 Permission is sought to redevelop the site for residential development, including

    affordable units, to create a group of 3 separate blocks providing a total of 21 units.

    The proposal is different in design and layout to the previous residential scheme,

    which comprised of one large three-storey block. It has a more contemporary design

    and includes a small flat roofed 4-storey element in the north-eastern corner, a

    detached 3-storey flat roof building to the south-west which accommodates the

    affordable flats, as well as, more traditional sloping roof dwellings. Although the

    number of units remains unchanged, the dwelling mix has been altered and

    comprises of 12 no. 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom private apartments, 3 no. private houses,

    - D5 -

    together with 6 no. 1 bedroom affordable apartments, as a Phase 3 development of

    the overall site. Phase 1 has been developed with residential development on the

    western side of the island and Phase 2 as a public open space on the north western

    side of the island.

    3. Consultations

    3.1 County Highway Authority No objection

    4. Third Party Representations

    No letters of objection received.

5. Issues

    - Impact on Spelthorne

6. Planning Considerations

    6.1 The Elmbridge Borough Local Plan identifies this area of land as being in the Green

    Belt. The nearest part of Spelthorne Borough to the application site is Hamhaugh

    Island and Lock Island to the south of Shepperton Lock. The nearest residential

    property on Hamhaugh Island is approximately 120 metres from the application site. 6.2 The proposed residential development is considered to cause no adverse harm to the

    visual amenity of the Borough of Spelthorne. Whilst it is acknowledged that the

    highest parts of the building that faces towards Spelthorne (ie. the north-west

    elevation of the most northerly building) will be slightly greater in height compared to

    the previous scheme, it will appear less bulky as the eaves of the sloping roof

    elements will be substantially lower than before. Furthermore, the buildings will

    replace the unattractive industrial structures and will therefore result in a visual


    6.3 As mentioned above, the nearest residential properties on Hamhaugh Island are

    approximately 120 metres away from the application site. Consequently, the

    proposed windows and balconies facing onto the river will not have any undue

    adverse impact on the privacy and overlooking of the nearby residential properties. 6.4 There would be no traffic implications from the proposed development on this

    Borough. In fact, the County Highway Engineer has commented that the vehicular

    movements created by the 21 residential units will be less than the previously

    approved office scheme (see Section 2 above).

    6.5 The plans show the retention of trees on the riverbank and these will soften the

    impact of the proposal from this Borough. I consider the importance of retaining these

    trees should be stressed in our response to Elmbridge and my recommendation is

    worded accordingly.

    7. Recommendation

    7.1 That Elmbridge Borough Council be informed that this Council raises NO

    OBJECTION to the proposal subject to the retention of those trees situated on the

    river banks adjoining the proposed residential building.

    - D6 -

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