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EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants. EMPROSS was established in the year 2000 by Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos.Today EMPROSS is a leading information

    EMPROSS Profile

    ENGLISH Version

    Organizations fail not because they cannot solve their problems …

    … but because they cannot identify them.

    But even if and when identify them, they need to measure their

    Maturity and Capability

    in order to solve them in the most rewarding and effective way.

    Aligning People, Technology and Vision

    using Agile and Mutational Processes

    in Strategy Development, Project and Investments Management

    is WHAT WE DO

    …towards helping not only the organizations that need to be developed

    …but also to the ones that need to survive.

    If you want to go FAST, go ALONE


    If you want to go FAR, go TOGETHER

    EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants.

    EMPROSS was established in the year 2000 by Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos. Today EMPROSS is a leading information technology organization specialized in Technocratic Investment Management via Software Engineering, Systems Acquisition and System Implementation Project Management. EMPROSS central offices are located in Athens Greece, with national and international customers, and premises worldwide.

EMPROSS Activities (Brief)

    EMPROSS designs and implements management process models and technologies for every type of software intensive organization responsible for executing a technocratic oriented organizational strategy.

    Relevant management process models are also developed for organizations managing information technology projects through the entire cycle of procurement and acquisition (need, project identification, RFP, contracting, tracking, acceptance, operations, etc) in order to make sure that the ICT investment they made will return to the organization.

    EMPROSS in ICT Strategy Development and Project Implementation acts as is an Information Technology systems designer and integrator on multidisciplinary projects of any size, complexity, duration, technology and area of applications anywhere in the world.

    In today’s period of global financial and technocratic massive changes, in a globalized environment and in multidisciplinary and technologically integrated needs and expectations

    EMPROSS can be a reliable partner to organizational technocratic transformation strategies, initiatives, and projects for any organization in the private and public sector.

EMPROSS activities can be summarized in three prime initiatives.

    1. Organizational Management Services. Focused of organizational technocratic

    strategy development and execution.

    2. The ARIADNE Methodology. An Agile and Mutational Process Based Methodology

    for the Management of the Systems Development and Acquisition Initiatives

    3. Project Implementation Technologies. Innovative technologies for the realization of

    the technocratic strategies developed by EMPROSS

Brief and Detailed Presentation of each initiative can be found in the English Version of the


    Thank you for visiting EMPROSS


    Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos

    Managing Director

    EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants

    EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants

     Konitsis 3-5 Street & Kifissias Av. Maroussi, 15125, Athens, GREECE

    Tel.: 0030-210-6753-376, FAX : 0030-210-6754-727, e-mail :

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