Health Training Packages to VET in Schools - Department of ...

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Health Training Packages to VET in Schools - Department of ...


    Health Training Packages to VET in Schools

    HLT21207 Certificate 2 in Health Support Services

    HLT32407 Certificate 3 in Allied Health Assistance



Nominal Hours = 15

    May include:

    ; Face to face delivery

    ; Research, Investigation and Analysis

    ; Collaborative Exercises

    ; Practical Activities

    ; Oral Presentations

    ; Structured Work Placement (SWL)

    Produced by the Health Industry Pathway Program Team. 2008. Version 1 Melissa Willson

    Tania Duff-Tytler

    Lee Bonner

    Shirley Rhodes

    Gill Houlihan

    Denice Mason




    1. Develop effective workplace relationships

    2. Contribute to workgroup activities


    1.1 Responsibilities and duties are undertaken in a positive manner to promote cooperation and good


    1.2 Assistance is sought from workgroup members when difficulties arise and addressed through


    1.3 Constructive feedback provided by others in the workgroup is encouraged, acknowledged and acted


    1.4 Differences in personal values and beliefs are respected and their value acknowledged in the

    development of relationships

    2.1 Support is provided to team members to ensure workgroup goals are met 2.2 Constructive contributions to workgroup goals and tasks are made according to organizational


    2.3 Information relevant to work is shared with workgroup to ensure designated goals are met 2.4 Strategies/opportunities for improvement of the workgroup are identified and planned in liaison with



    What are Employability Skills?

    Personal abilities that enable a person to effectively apply their technical skills in the workplace (and life in general). An

    indicator of „work-readiness‟.

    There are 3 performance levels representing the level of self-directedness in performing an Employability Skill. The higher the performance level, the more self-directed a person is performing.


    That contributes to productive and harmonious relations across employees and customers Level 1 Communicates routine information clearly and coherently

    Level 2 Prepares information and communicates it in the most appropriate way

    Level 3 Interprets information and adapts communication to suit particular situations and audience needs


    That contributes to productive working relationships and outcomes

    Level 1 Participates with others to meet set goals using defined procedures

    Level 2 Collaborates with others to establish and apply strategies to meet agreed goals Level 3 Takes a leadership role in establishing and facilitating team operations

Problem Solving

    That contributes to productive outcomes

    Level 1 Uses set strategies to solve routine problems

    Level 2 Chooses and uses the most appropriate strategies to solve problems

    Level 3 Uses initiative to solve problems and anticipate and respond to unexpected problems

Initiative and Enterprise

    That contribute to innovative outcomes

    Level 1 Performs constructive tasks voluntarily by following standard guidelines

    Level 2 Sees opportunities to make improvements and independently chooses strategies to achieve them Level 3 Envisions new and innovative possibilities and acts on them independently to achieve major benefits

Planning and Organising

    That contribute to long and short-term strategic planning

    Level 1 Uses planning tools and processes to organize individual work activities

    Level 2 Applies planning and organizing processes to manage multiple activities and/or people Level 3 Develops and applies comprehensive planning and organizing strategies to manage and evaluate projects

Self Management

    That contributes to employee satisfaction and growth

    Level 1 Performs effectively and behaves appropriately in routine activities

    Level 2 Chooses suitable ways to perform effectively and conduct oneself appropriately in challenging activities Level 3 Designs own approaches to perform optimally and conduct oneself appropriately in complex real-life tasks


    That contributes to ongoing improvement and expansion in employee and company operations and outcomes Level 1 Participates effectively in prepared learning activities to achieve required learning outcomes Level 2 Willingly chooses and applies learning strategies to achieve own learning goals Level 3 Eagerly designs and manages own customized learning process to achieve optimal learning


    That contributes to the effective carrying out of tasks

    Level 1 Uses technology in accordance with clear guidelines

    Level 2 Chooses and uses the most appropriate technologies for the situation

    Level 3 Uses initiative to apply technologies to new contexts



    1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 BSBCMN204A Work effectively with others

    Participate in the Peer Support Program * * * * * * * *

    Plan a Peer Support Program Session * * * * * * * *

    Discussion / Debate on an issue affecting the Health Industry * * * *