Planning a Unit of Work -

By Jacqueline Harper,2014-12-08 10:53
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Planning a Unit of Work -

    Planning a Unit of Work 1


    What are the big ideas of the block?

    ; Look at the block overview diagram to see the key elements of

    maths within this block

    What does learning look like in this unit?

    ; Read the unit overview. What are the big ideas for this unit?

    ; Identify the links between the big ideas of learning

    ; Look at the objectives and the learning outcomes expressed

    through “I can …” statements for the unit in order to gauge the

    expectation associated with each objective

    ; Look at the unit objectives from the block overview and track these

    across the year to inform decisions about weighting throughout the

    year (use handout 3.2 or Y3 Mapping grid)

    ; Check the objectives against the learning overview to gain

    understanding of the depth and coverage within the unit

    How can I build on what my children know?

    ; Look at the “Building on prior learning” prompts alongside your

    ongoing assessments. Where are the strengths and weaknesses in

    terms of you children against this prior learning are there any

    gaps? do you need any further assessments? The answers to

    these questions will help inform your starting point for this unit.

    ; Use the strengths and weaknesses to identify from the learning

    overview those areas that will need less emphasis and the aspects

    that will need more attention either for the class as a whole or for

    groups of children

    What do I need to teach my class during this unit?

    ; Look again at the objectives/children’s learning outcomes for this

    unit. Based on your knowledge of the children, together with the

    coverage of these objectives over the year, decide which you need

    to prioritise.

    ; Which objectives can be kept “on the boil” – (these could be

    objectives where the class is reasonably secure or objectives that

    will be revisited several times). These objectives could be

    addressed largely through mental/oral starters though you will

    need to consider extending learning at the same time ; Differentiate the learning outcomes supported by the “I can…”

    statements for the unit, remembering to track backwards and

    forwards where necessary for different groups of children. ; Begin to consider where Objectives can be linked during the same

    teaching and learning activities

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