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    Unit 5 Vocabulary and Structure

    1. She sings well because she has a beautiful ___C_____.

    A. noise B. sound C. voice D. noisy

    2. With many children around her, the old lady never feels __B______.

     A. lone B. lonely C. alone D. lonesome

    3. We will firmly carry out the Partys ___A_____.

     A. instructions B. productions C. constructions D. destructions 4. In dry season, we are warned _____D___ fire.

     A. for B. on C. with D. against

    5. They will ______B__ their children by never blaming them for their mistakes.

     A. destroy B. spoil C. harm D. hurt

    6. The tomato juice left brown _____A___ on the front of my jacket.

     A. stain B. point C. track D. trace

    7. You are late for work again this week. I’ll hear no more ___C_____.

     A. reasons B. cause C. excuses D. because

    8. According to Marys impression, the whole trip to Beijing was quite _____D___.

     A. pleased B. pleasure C. pleasing D. pleasant

    9. Dont _____A__. I will get Jason for you right now.

     A. hang up B. hang out C. hang on D. hang over

    10. Can you _____C___ me ________ to this number?

     A. put off B. put down C. put through D. put up

    11. When the peacock appeared in the garden, it __B______ its beautiful fan proudly.

     A. showed B. displayed C. performed D. appeared

    12. Every classroom is equipped ______D__ multi-media in this high school.

     A. in B. for C. to D. with

    13. Shirley ____D___ a book about China last year but I dont know whether she has finished it.

     A. has written B. wrote C. had written D. was writing

    14. He asked me _____A___ for the coming summer holidays.

     A. where I would go B. where would I go

     C. where I will go D. where will I go

    15. Jack saw me and came _____C___ towards me.

     A. to run B. run C. running D. ran

    16. If I hadnt stood under the ladder to catch you when you fell, you ____A____ now.

     A. wouldnt be smiling B. couldnt have smiled

     C. wont smile D. didnt smile

    17. I was advised to arrange for insurance ____C____ I needed medical treatment.

     A. nevertheless B. although C. in case D. so that

    18. Fifteen miles ____B____ like a long distance to me.

     A. is seem B. seems C. seem D. is seemed

    19. Your father used to swim in winter, ___B_____ ?

     A. did he B. didnt he C. used he D. not used he

    20. In some parts of the world, tea _____D___ with milk and sugar.

     A. is serving B. serves C. served D. is served

    Key: 1~5 CBADB 6~10 ACDAC 11~15 BDDAC 16~20 ACBBD

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