Planning a Unit of Work - Suffolk Maths

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Planning a Unit of Work - Suffolk Maths

    Planning a Unit of Work 2


    This section builds-on from the Notes to Support Planning grid. Once the

    preparation is complete you can begin to look at what the teaching and

    learning is going to look like.

The Teaching Sequence

    For more details of this see Handout 2.2 Discussion Paper Developing

    the Teaching Sequence in Mathematics DRAFT June 2006

How will your sequence look?

    The Strategy is promoting the teaching cycle:-

     Practise Apply Review Review Teach

     This cycle consists of 4 foci

Focus A: Review prior learning and introduce (Teach) new learning

    Focus B: Practise and consolidate learning

    Focus C: Apply, secure and extend learning

    Focus D: Review and evaluate progress in learning

This cycle can span the complete unit, just part of a unit or, in some cases,

    just a single lesson, so there may not be a simple A,B,C,D pattern for a

    given unit. (See handout 2.2 pages 5-6)

Exactly how you adapt this cycle into your own planning will be

    determined by

    ; The nature and content of the unit itself

    ; The objectives that you have prioritised

    ; The objectives that you have linked together

    ; The needs and prior learning of your children

What else do I need to consider in my planning?

    As well as those elements already mentioned, planning will also need to


    ; Existing plans and resources how can these be used within the

    new Framework?

    ; Ensuring a clear focus on Using & Applying

    ; Speaking and Listening Objectives

    ; Cross curricular links

    ; The interactive Planning Tool

    ; Other linked Resources on the Framework site

    ; ICT

    ; Mathematical Challenges

    ; Intervention Materials

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