company presentation

By Sarah Young,2014-09-20 04:11
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company presentation

    Company presentation

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It’s an honor to have the opportunity

    to address such a distinguished audience. My names Mata Smith. Im in charge

    of Technical Department. The main duties and responsibilities of mine are to control the quality of products and work with the Design Department to create new products. What I‘d like to do today is to provide you with some general

    information about our company. Hopefully, this introduction can help you gain a better understanding of our company.

    My presentation is divided into two sections: company profile and our plan in the future. I shall only take 5 minutes of your time. Since theres quite a lot to

    cover, I’d be grateful if you can hold any questions until the end of my talk.

    Lets start with the first point. Our company engages in the production of shoes, through our unremitting endeavor, we have become one of the biggest shoes manufacturers in Brazil. Our shoes are under the brand name”Daniela in

    honor of our founder. We employs about 20,000 individuals around the globe and has an annual turnover of 550 million dollars.

    Now we move on to the second point. Although we have saled in over 20 countries, we still intend to enlarge our international markets. So thats our plan,

    to enter new markets. In order to better exploit and serve the rapidly growing markets, we plan to set up branches in new markets, at the same time, speed up the localizations of the products, applications, channels and services. Only in this way can we realize the continuing and healthy development of our business in new markets. To sum up, last year has been a successful year for our company, however,

    next year, a brand new year, though faced with many opportunities and challenges, well spare no effort to realize our plan.

    This is all I want to say, and I hope this brief introduction has helped shed some light on our company. So, are there any questions youd like to ask?

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