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T uesday, O ctober 1 , 2 0 0 2 ...


     A N N O U N C E M E N T S : LEADER: Lilliann Bjerstrom, 46. Auditor-Public Sector, Rotarian since 1998, married to a Rotarian, two sons age 20 & 23. Lives in OUR SPEAKERS: thKarlskrona. Leisure activities include family life, music, art, dance, ***Try to get to the October 8 meeting early. The “faculty club” boating, golf and outdoors. expects three competing lunch meetings that day. Parking will be at a premium.*** Magnus Broome, 35, Toursim Manager, Destination Developer, single living in Karlskrona. Masters in Business/Marketing, well --------------------------------------------------------------- traveled, but never to the U.S. Likes a hard bed, nutritious breakfast Monday, October 7, 2002 @ 6:30 p.m. and ocean. Loves outdoors, sports & working out. Board Meeting All members are welcome Malin Wehlin, 26, Masters in Social-PoliSci. She’s with the @ Jim Stayle’s home Confederation of Swedish Enterprise arranging teacher seminars for 12915 SW 81 Ave, Pinecrest, FL (305) 238-4341 issues between schools and member companies. Married, she lives in Vaxjo. Leads courses in self-defense, Kung fu, & plays basketball. --------------------------------------------------------------- Ann-Marie Roos-Jansaker, 40, Periodontist. Married to a physician A HUGE THANKS TO: John Sorgie & has three children. Soon to be a Ph.D. with a black belt. Lives in who did the lion’s share of the work to make a successful Sunset Kristianstad. Interested in dental and medical care, education, history nd Tavern’s 2Annual Golf Tournament. This fundraiser fetched and nature. approximately $2,000 for the club’s charities. An impromptu raffle of door prizes netted $300. Fifty-two golfers participated. Our event Peter Inguarsson, 36, Army Officer (anti-aircraft) teaches or leads in used the front nine holes of the course while Corbitt’s Bar took the Military Academy. Lives in Halmstad with son age 11. Likes sports, back nine. This was all done with 5 weeks of preparation. If we want nature, and physical training. to really increase our enthusiasm, we can book the Biltmore Golf Course next year. Cecilia Carlsson, 29, Human Resources Administrator at Halmstad University. Was an exchange student to U. of Idaho and a nanny in CT for one year. Likes traveling, acting, and photography. A beautiful gift was given to our club of a desk clock encased in Thursday, October 3, 2002 @ 6:30 p.m. Swedish crystal along with a banner from their district. CRAFTFEST MEETING Lydia White’s home @ 500 Savona

    ED KITCHEN: We are looking for a member who would be willing to host an Population: 8,873,052 (2000 est.) evening Rotary orientation in your home. We have many Annual growth rate: -0.03% members that have not been through an orientation. The Ethnic groups: Swedish--90%, Finnish--2%, Lappish, sooner we have this orientation the better informed our European immigrant--Poles, Norwegians, Danes, Finns members would be. Please let Diana Phillips know if and when Religions: Evangelical Lutheran--94%, Roman Catholic, you would be willing to host this event. Diana is having trouble Pentecostal, Mission Covenant, Baptist, Jewish with her e-mail so please call her at 305-235-1192. Thank you Language: Swedish (official) in advance for your consideration of this appeal. Education: Literacy--100%, Compulsory--Ages 6-15 Health: Infant mortality rate--5/1000, Life expectancy--76

    years for men, 81 years for women We welcome all our visitors: Work force: Social and personal services--38%, From Coral Gables: Terry Long, Terry Biddulph, Hank Langston, Cholley Capps, Jon Arthur, Betty & George Metcalf Manufacturing and mining--21% From Coral Springs: Greg Foster

     Geography & Weather H A V E Y O U M I S S E D A M E E T I N G ? Location: Sweden is located on the eastern part of the THSUBMIT MAKE-UP FORMS BY THE 5 OF EACH MONTH Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. Finland and the to Club Secretary Carlos Gamez Gulf of Bothnia in the east, Denmark and the Baltic Sea In person, or to surround it to the south and Norway to the west. To find a club to make-up an absence, check Size: 173,800-sq. mi. (449,964 sq. km.) The fourth largest country in Europe, Sweden is slightly larger than California. Cities: Capital--Stockholm (1,545,000), Other--Goteborg, UPCOMING SPEAKERS: Malmo, Uppsala Terrain: The northwest border of Sweden is mountainous 10/8/02 - Dr. Wil Blechman, former president of Kiwanas Int’l with many lakes in the north and central part of the country. speaking from his experiences in service organizations. There are lowlands to the south and east, while moving 10/15/02 Jack Drury of the Wheelchair Foundation farther south there are areas of fertile forests, valleys and plains. Many islands sit just off Sweden's rocky coast. The 10/22/02 Dr Edward Braynon - from the Black Archives Foundation largest of these islands are Gotland and Oland. Climate: The Swedish climate is northern temperate (cold & 10/29/02 - Becky Matkov and possibly Miami High legend 95-year-old Lamar Louise Curry , on Dade Heritage Trust's just released top 10 wet). endangered historic sites list. Economy GDP: $176.2 billion CRAFT TALK: Ann Fisher Annual real growth rate: 1.1% Ann practices prophylactic law. Her firm works with corporations and Per capita income: $19,700 also living trusts and wills. She attained her law degree at 41 (my Natural resources: Forests, iron ore, hydroelectric power, hero!) She was first a member of the Coral Gables club but transferred to ours where she became one of our hard-working club Presidentszinc, uranium . Agriculture: Products--Dairy products, grains, sugar beets, potatoes, wood INVOCATION: ED FISCHER PLEDGE: GREG KENDALL Industry: Types--Machinery, steel, precision instruments, VISITORS: DR. MIKE NEWMAN vehicles, shipbuilding, paper HAPPY $: HORACE FELIU Trade: Exports--Machinery, motor vehicles, wood pulp, paper RAFFLE TABLE: MAXENE O. GRAHAM products, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum products, iron DOOR PRIZE: DON STREAKER 50/50 PRIZE: JOHN SORGIE and steel products, foodstuffs Next week’s 50/50 pot = $254Official exchange rate: 7.87 krona = $1 U.S. THIT’S YOUR TURN ON: OCTOBER 8 Principal Government Officials: DOOR PRIZE: FRANK WEISS - Sovereign--King Carl XVI Gustaf DESSERT: ARJUNE SINGH - Prime Minister--Goran Persson Type: Constitutional Monarchy IT’S YOUR TURN ON: OCTOBER 15H DOOR PRIZE: DOUG WEINMAN DESSERT: JOHN SORGIE

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