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    BIS 513


    Fall 2010


    Full Name: Özgür Döğerlioğlu

    Title: Assist. Prof., Ph.D.

    Office Location: Hisar Campus B225

    Office Phone Number: (212) 359 6941


    Personal Url:

    Office Hour: Saturday 12:30-13:00

Class Session:

     Course Hours: Saturday 09:30-12:30

    Room: B108

Course Description:

Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Strategic analysis and

    formulating strategy. Analytical frameworks to identify the sources of

    competitive advantage. The impact of change and other important environmental forces on the opportunities for establishing & sustaining competitive advantage.

Course Objectives:

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    ; understand how firms gain & sustain competitive advantage

    ; analyze strategic business situations

    ; formulate new strategies

    ; make SWOT analysis

    ; evaluate sources of competitive advantage

    ; understand impact of environmental forces

    Delivery Method:

    Instructor led lectures with structured discussions.

Course Resources

     Textbook: T.L. Wheelen, J.D. Hunger, “Strategic Management and Business

     Policy, 12th Ed., 2009, Prentice Hall.

Computer Usage:

    Word , Power Point


     Project: Competitive Analysis for a Selected Industry 20%

     Midterm Exam: 30%

     Final Exam : 50%

Course Schedule:

Week Topic

    1 General definitions; Goal, Mission, Grand Strategies (Ch.1)

    2 Ethics

    Social Responsibilities (Ch.2,3), (ppt. 1)

    3 Corporate Appraisal (Ch. 5), (ppt. 2)

    4 Competitive Analysis (Ch. 4), R. H. Case, (ppt. 3)

    5 Environmental Analysis (Ch.4), R.H. solution

    6 Market Research, Forecasting, Segmentation, (ppt. 4)

    7 Environmentalism and Green Revolution

    8 MIDTERM EXAMINATION( 27 November 2010)

    9 Competitive Strategies (Ch.6)

    10 Volume & Cost Strategies (Ch.7,8)

    11 Product Market Strategies ,

    Strategic Brand Management (Ch.7,8)

    12 Project presentations ( 25 December 2010)

     13 Corporate Identity, Corporate Culture

Academic Integrity

    At Boğaziçi we are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and academic excellence. Any student found guilty of plagiarism, fabrication, cheating on an exam, or purchasing papers or other assignments will immediately receive a failing grade on the assignment and in the course, and will be reported for disciplinary action. Falsified medical excuses and presenting another student’s work as your own fall within the guidelines of this policy.

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