composition 2

By Miguel Russell,2014-10-29 19:07
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composition 2

假如你是Tom的同学 Peter?看到Tom 越来越胖?请你给



Dear Tom,

     Now you are getting fatter and fatter. You should change your unhealthy lifestyle. I’d like to give you some

    suggestions about how to keep fit.

     Do you know what is healthy food and unhealthy food? Now, let me tell you. You have got the bad habit of eating a lot of unhealthy food and snacks. For example, chocolate belongs to unhealthy food, which is also called junk food. It is high in calories, so it will make you fat. You should have a balanced diet. A balanced diet simply means a bit of everything. If you pay more attention to the food you eat, you wont have to suffer the pain of going on a diet. Also, you spent a lot of time lying on the sofa, watching TV, and did little exercise. As a result, you have put on so much weight that it is difficult for you to climb the stairs. You should take part in various sports such as swimming, skating, running and playing basketball.

     Take my advice, and you will soon become as fit as


    Best wishes



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