unit 6-v

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unit 6-v

    Unit 6

    1. If his television set had not been stolen yesterday, he ____B___ it now.

     A) would watch B) would be watching

     C) would have watched D) would have been watching 2. Nancy isnt here. Its my fault. I forgot all about __A____ her.

     A) telephoning B) to telephone

     C) telephone D) been telephoned

    3. ________B______, he finished it in time.

     A) Difficult although the work was B) Difficult though the work was

     C) As difficult the work was D) Although difficult the work was 4. The police say they have some important clues ___C__ the murderer.

     A) on B) about

     C) to D) in

    5. He should try to make _____C_ for his loss of sleep by going to bed early.

     A) back B) out

     C) up D) with

    6. It is not far to the village if we take the short _____C___ through the jungle.

     A) pass B) turning

     C) cut D) corner

    7. I dont like making speeches in public; it is so _____C_______.

     A) embarrass B) embarrassed

     C) embarrassing D) embarrassment

    8. The boy cant even walk, let alone __A___.

     A) run B) to run

     C) running D) ran

    9. My uncle is such a warm-hearted person that she ____C____ agrees to others request for help.

     A) barely B) reluctantly

     C) readily D) properly

    10. The students are very ___B___ to their teachers.

     A) respecting B) respectful

     C) respectable D) respective

    11. Although we cannot tell you _____D___, we can give you information on what to expect.

     A) wherever you go B) where you go

     C) wherever to go D) where to go

    12. I usually listen to the weather ____C__, though I have little faith in it.

     A) notice B) warning

     C) forecast D) announcement

    13. __D______ the flood, the ship would have reached its destination on time.

     A) In case of B) In spite of

     C) Because of D) But for

    14. The train has been ______A_ by an accident.

     A) delayed B) postponed

     C) put off D) relayed

    15. ______D_ the networks of modern telecommunications, people can make themselves


    informed of world currency.

     A) By access B) By access of

     C) By a access D) With access to 16. Air is everywhere and it gives life to every ___B___ thing.

     A) alive B) living

     C) live D) life-giving

    17. You can_____D__ this rubber out to twice its length.

     A) extend B) expand

     C) spread D) stretch

    18. He is a very clever man, though sometimes he seems to be __A___ foolish.

     A) rather B) fairly

     C) quite D) little

    19. She wore a little nurses hat on her head to ___B___ her.

     A) notify B) justify

     C) identify D) satisfy

    20. We went on a guided ____A__ around the castle.

     A) tour B) travel

     C) voyage D) trip


    1-5: BABCC

    6-10: CCACB

    11-15: DCDAD

    16-20: BDABA


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