Adopting the QCA Scheme of Work - Wirral Learning Grid

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Adopting the QCA Scheme of Work - Wirral Learning Grid

    July 2007


    Revised Scheme of Work for

    Religious Education

    At Key Stages 1 and 2

    Revised Wirral Scheme of Work for R.E.

    (Key Stage 1 & 2)


    Section 1: Introduction and acknowledgements

    Section 2: Wirral Long Term planning model for R.E.

     Using the Planning Sheet

    Section 3: Guidance on using the QCA Scheme of

    Work for R.E.

    Section 4: Medium Term planning for R.E: Reception,

    Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Section 5: Resource lists by Year Group

Section 6: Useful References


Introduction and Acknowledgements

    Revised Wirral Scheme of Work for

    Religious Education

    Key Stages 1 & 2

Section 1 Introduction

    The revised Wirral Scheme of Work for R.E. for Key Stages 1 and 2 has been updated, revised and finely tuned by a team of dedicated Wirral teachers, led by the Wirral Humanities Inspection and Advisory Team.

    As you read the document you will notice that much of the content has barely changed. This is because the revised Wirral Agreed Syllabus for R.E. (1999) retained the 1993 programmes of study. The new Scheme of Work fully covers these requirements and much of the additional content guidance offered in the revised syllabus.

    However, you will notice that there are some changes. These include:

a revised long term plan.

     a new medium term planning sheet, with references to:


    learning outcomes

    and curriculum links (which all subjects in the curriculum should promote) resource lists

     additional units of work

     units referred to specifically as „Christianity‟. These are a combination of revised

    units from the existing scheme of work

     Finally, many of the teaching strategies have been updated by teachers based on

    their classroom experience.

    The working group also contributed to the production of the guidance regarding the use of the new QCA scheme of work for R.E. at key stages 1 and 2. It is important for teachers to note that it is statutory that R.E. is taught according to the locally agreed syllabus. The revised Wirral scheme completely fulfils this requirement. The QCA scheme does not and additional units would need to be taught to ensure the fulfilment of the statutory requirements. However the detailed guidance does offer various means of using the useful ideas and approaches contained within the QCA scheme of work to complement and develop the planning for R.E. in Wirral schools.

    The Humanities Inspection and Advisory Team recommend this document to you. We hope you find that it offers useful, practical and inspiring ideas, plans and guidance for teaching and learning in Religious Education in the primary school. We hope it will make a significant contribution to raising of standards and the development of teaching and learning in R.E. in Wirral schools as we enter the new millennium together.


The guidance was produced by R.E. Co-ordinators in the following Wirral schools:

Thingwall Primary School

    Meadowside School

    Lingham Primary School

    St Bridget‟s Primary School

    Brookdale Primary School

    Poulton Primary School

    Overchurch Infant School

    Liscard Primary School

    Barnston Primary School

    Egremont Primary School

    Raeburn Primary School

    Poulton Lancelyn Primary School

    Overchurch Junior School

    Mendell Primary School

    Great Meols Primary School

    Advisory Teachers, Humanities

Special thanks are extended to Kate Jackson for her invaluable contributions to the

    guidance on using the QCA Schemes of Work.

Please note the following abbreviations may be used in this guidance:

    WASRE: Wirral Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education SACRE: Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education SofW/SOW: Scheme of Work

    POS/PofS: Programme of Study


Wirral Long Term Planning Model for R.E.

Using the Planning Sheet

    Religious Education Long Term Planning Model

     AUTUMN SPRING SUMMER Jesus A Special FOUNDATION I‟m Special Christmas Easter Helping Person in a TWO My Feelings (A special Baby) (New Life) Special Book 1C

     Preparing for a YEAR ONE Gifts Harvest of Hands Celebration / Here New Beginnings Easter Our Planet

     Comes Christmas Surprise!

    1B 1C 2C

    YEAR TWO Hinduism Divali Festivals of Light Special Places Me and Families and Friends

     Including Christmas Christianity Easter: Alive!

    1E 3B 4A 1F 2D 2B 1A 1B

    YEAR THREE Responsibility Care and Concern Sikhism Easter Special People:

     Christmas Moses and Abraham

    5D 3A 3E

     The Shepherd‟s YEAR FOUR The Bible Angels Story Buddhism Easter: Journeys Special

     4B Peter Places

    3D 5C (5B) 4B 6E

    YEAR FIVE Islam Christmas in Art Christianity Easter Precious The Natural


    5A 5B 6B 6D 4C 6C Living in a YEAR SIX Christian Faith Promises Prophecy / Judaism Easter Making choices Global in Action Magi in Art Community 3E 5D 6A 4B (2A) 6C Memories

Additional Units: Cathedrals (Y5/6) 6E

    For Foundation 1 See Agreed Syllabus pages

    (Includes references to relevant QCA units of work which may be used to supplement the Wirral Scheme of Work, e.g. Unit 6A)

    Figure 3

    Using the Planning Sheet

     This is an indication of

     the time allocation for This indicates the year This is the title of the your guidance group Unit of Work

     This indicates the subject focus Possible curricular links Medium Term Planning Sheet are identified here, Focus: Geography Unit of work: Year: Time Allocation: including references and In planning and teaching RE teachers will provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils by: notes relating to ‘learning (i) setting suitable learning challenges (ii) responding to pupils‟ diverse learning needs across the curriculum’. (iii) overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils This statement reflects Statements such as key Learning Objectives Focus Suggested teaching strategies Learning Outcomes Links & Notes the references in skills; opportunities for Key Questions NC ref. Curriculum 2000 to Spiritual, Moral, Social inclusion issues, special and Cultural development; needs and equal thinking skills; education opportunities. for sustainable development; citizenship; etc. Also includes refs. to the QCA Scheme of Work for Geography where there is overlap. This column This may be useful for states the main supplementing the Wirral objectives of the Scheme at these points. themes to be taught, often in the form of key questions. Resources:

    This section lists the This column identifies Here are some ideas for short term planning which This column defines the main resources referred to in the the actual references to relate directly to the learning objectives. These outcomes for pupils and are teaching strategies along with the National Curriculum strategies and/or classroom activities are directly linked to the objectives other ideas. Materials Programmes of Study suggestions. They should be adapted (according to stated. They will provide relevant to individual schools relevant to each learning the needs and abilities of the pupils and the opportunities for assessing pupils’ will need to be added as resources available) as appropriate in order to teach objective and outcome progress through the Unit of Work. necessary. the main aims of the Unit.


Guidance on Using the QCA Scheme of

Work for R.E.

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