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Network and ITadvisor for various Fortune 500 companies and ISP's including UHL, BT, Ford Motor Company,Cisco, UPN, and State Farm. Consultant performing

    Eric Mitch

    3906 Floyd, Houston, TX 77007 | Phone: 561-373-4451 | Email:



    Successful at driving upgrades and network implementation for telecommunication and technology companies.


    Customer-oriented professional with 15+ years of telecommunications and IT experience, including 8 years of cable/MSO expertise. Strong track record of cost effective network implementations, effective problem solving, and continuous on-time deliverables. Skills include:

     - Forward thinking and planning - Contract and vendor negotiations

    - Network architecture design and deployment - Staffing, mentoring, and team leadership

    - Network migrations and upgrades - Hands-on network engineering

    - Commercial pre-sales experience - Experience interacting with executives


     Network deployment and migration. Analyze, design, build, and move networks for large carrier networks and the

    Enterprise. Develop network monitoring systems and manage network engineers, NOC personnel, technicians, and


     Network architecture and operations expertise. Streamline, optimize, and maintain network functionality,

    performance, and recoverability in a mission-critical carrier environment.

     Strategy development and execution. Define strategic network direction, lifecycle methodologies, analysis, and on-

    time deliverables.


Time Warner Cable / Comcast Communications (Acquisition) 2006-2007

    Cable/MSO Houston, TX

Director of Data Services

    Managed the data network infrastructure for the Houston market including 900,000 video and 750,000 high-speed data subscribers. Supervised engineering projects, including implementation of optical transport system, CMTS, router/switch backbone network, and commercial services. Oversaw the build-out and migration of the Time Warner IT, high-speed data, and VoIP networks to new Comcast backbone. Conducted regular project meetings to develop a project lifecycle and execution of the network transition. Maintained business relationships with vendors to educate, consult, and remedy on-going issues within the network infrastructure.

    Led teams completing network infrastructure deployments, upgrades, cabling, and troubleshooting. Performed hands-on senior network engineering design, deployment, and implementation.

    Network Engineering / Key Projects

    ; Deployed Cisco 10K CMTS throughout market to meet capacity demands as well as supported DOCSIS 2.0, VoIP,

    and future SDV technologies.

    ; Designed and implemented the region-wide data transport system, including DWDM, Layer 2, and Layer 3

    functionality with advanced ACL’s, OSPF, BGP, and MPLS. Utilized an Infinera/Cisco hybrid optical transport

    system with Cisco 7609 L2 and L3 routing.

    ; Developed and implemented optical transport ring throughout metro market to deliver redundant and scalable

    high-speed data and video content. Deployed Scientific Atlanta and Harmonic EdgeQAM solution for VOD


    ; Managed team of 18 engineers and 40 contractors to upgrade high-speed data infrastructure and facilities to

    support increasing network demand.

Solutions Development & Operations Initiatives

    ; Managed design and implementation of a carrier-class OSS system to control Houston’s Metro Ethernet network.

    ; Pre- and post-sales interaction with core commercial customers. Presented network architecture proposals to

    existing and potential commercial customers. Stepped in to assist with customer issues and held sales meetings to

    gain new business.

    ; Acquired Business Services Group, analyze and optimize department to improve customer service, enhance

    integration with Commercial Sales department and the Houston NOC.

    ; Conducted cell-tower back-haul field trial in the Houston metro area. The field trials lead to contract sales of 3,000

    sites throughout Texas.

    ; Initiated team to analyze commercial MPLS network for optimization and to double network capacity. This

    included upgrading network hardware, upgrade to BGP v.2, and implementation of network security features.

Adelphia Communications / Adelphia Business Solutions 2000-2006

    Cable/MSO Pittsburgh, PA, Los Angeles, CA, West Palm Beach, FL

    Manager of Data Engineering and Operations / Senior Network Engineer / Regional Support Engineer Managed the high-speed data network and telecommunications systems for the Southeast Region and Puerto Rico, including 1.2 million video and 350,000 high-speed data subscribers. Supervised the upgrade of the CMTS infrastructure utilizing the Terayon and Motorola platforms. Deployed the Sandvine DPI system for Internet security and usage metrics. Studied network usage metrics to determine cost effective network upgrades in key areas of the network.

    ; Designed, tested, and implemented multi-protocol data networks. Researched and executed new technologies to support

    emerging company needs.

    ; Carried out the deployment of the Motorola and Bigband CMTS system-wide. Coordinated facility upgrades and

    the re-wiring of hub sites to accommodate a 1X4 combining scheme. Implemented Change Management

    procedure for hitless migration of 350,000 high-speed data customers.

    ; Member of corporate deployment team to install Sandvine packet inspection system. Wrote security documents

    outlining policies and implementation procedures. Conducted on-site field tests to determine network connectivity

    and hardware requirements.

    ; Led installation of high-speed data and VoIP system in the Puerto Rico market. Negotiate circuit transport and

    contracts. Conduct meetings with buying partner and prepare the network for sale.

Lucent Technologies / International Network Services (Acquisition) 1998-2000

    Telecommunications Manufacturer / Consulting Firm Philadelphia, PA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Network Engineer / Network Consultant

    Network and IT advisor for various Fortune 500 companies and ISP’s including UHL, BT, Ford Motor Company, Cisco,

    UPN, and State Farm. Consultant performing implementation and support of large enterprise data network and telecommunication infrastructures.

    ; Manager and Engineer of a Level 2 NOC, responsible for internetworking and server related issues on a 50,000+ node

    Cisco network, at the time considered the world’s largest privately owned network.

    ; IT Manager for Suncom, the Southeast’s first fully digitally wireless operator. Duties included server farm management,

    user administration, assessing workstation and laptop specifications for company-wide deployment, and personal IT

    consultant for CEO presentations and meetings.

    ; Traveled extensively as a systems consultant and pre/post sales engineer for various corporate clients and service


    ; Designed and implemented optical transport networks for various clients including UHL, BT, Deutsch Telecom, and

    Global Crossing.


    Vice President, IT Manager, RIDL, Detroit, MI, 2002-present

    IT Manager, Graphic Designer, JAMITCH Printing, Beaver Falls, PA, 1990-2003


    B.S., Management Information Systems, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, 1998

    Certifications: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), 1998, 2006


    IP Networks BGP, OSPF, MPLS, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP, VPN, PIX, SNMP, DNS, DHCP, HSRP, STP, VTP, 802.1q, ISL, Route Filtering, CDP, QoS, ACL, RPR, Bootp

    Optical/Transport Networks SONET, ATM, Frame Relay, DWDM, CWDM, GigE, 10GigE, Metro

    Hardware Cisco 2900, 3500, 4500, 6500, 7200, 7246, 7600, 10K, 12K, PIX, 15454, BTS, Nortel 5200, 6500, Infinera DTN, Motorola BSR, SA DNCS, Broadbus B1, Terayon Cherrypicker, Sandvine PTS 8210 and 14K, Juniper M20, M40e, M160, T320, T640, Foundry NetIron XMR, MLX, BigIron BX, FastIron SuperX, Edge X, Marconi ASX200, ASX4000, Bigband Cuda 12000, BMR, Ciena CN4300, Jedai FR3200, Lucent 5ESS, ADM/4, ADM/16, OLS400G, Galaxy

    Software Apache, MRTG, Cacti, MySQL, Ethereal, Remedy, NTP, CNR, CTM, CiscoWorks 2000, IP Solutions, NavisCore, HP Openview, NNM, TCPDump, SuperConnect, MSOffice, Exchange, Active Directory, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, FrameMaker, Visio, AutoCAD,

    Operating Systems Vista, XP, Server 2003, Redhat/Fedora3 and 4, FreeBSD, Solaris 8 thru 10

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