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Sunfield ...

    Professional Development Centre

    Family Training 2008 Family Training 2008

    to held at


    for families of children & adults with special needs

    For further information or to book places, please contact:-

    The Administration Manager,

    Professional Development, Training & Research Department (PDT)




    West Midlands DY9 9PB

    Tel No: (01562) 883183

    Fax No: (01562) 881316


     th April DADS DAY PDC/002/08 26

    A Father’s Journey; exploring being the Dad of a child with Special Needs Led by: Stephen Venables & Barry Carpenter Timings: Registration: 10.00 10.30 am Finish: 3 pm

    This is a day specifically for dads of children and adults with special needs.

Stephen is a well known mountaineer who was the first Briton to climb Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen.

    His elder son, Ollie, had autism and was a pupil at Sunfield from 2001 to 2003, when he died suddenly, aged twelve,

    from a brain tumour. Stephen earns his living as a writer, lecturer and broadcaster and in 2006 he published a book

    about the journey he, his wife Rosie and their younger son, Edmond, made with their special child. Ollie became a Sunday Times bestseller.

Stephen will talk about the long journey he and Rosie made with Ollie, attempting to break through the barrier of autism,

    but also learning to admire the unique qualities of their special child.

Barry Carpenter is Chief Executive of Sunfield and Chair to the National Advisory Group looking at the involvement of


    Barry will deliver a short lecture in the afternoon entitled Recognising Fathers Engaging Dads

    Course cost per family member: ?10.00 (Sunfield parents are exempt)

th28 June Understanding Autism PDC/003/08

    Led by: Iain Chatwin UK TEACCH Trainer Timings: Registration: 9.45 10.00 am Finish: 3 pm

Iain has 25 years experience of working with children with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).

    Iain is responsible for the development and delivery of innovative and specialized training programmes, specifically in approaches to working with people with ASD. This has also included the development of university accredited courses

    for teaching assistants and social care staff. His role involves being a NVQ assessor, Practice Teacher for MA/BA in Social Work and a TEACCH trainer. Iain is also an associate tutor with the Institute of Education and the Institute of

    Health & Social Care at the University of Worcester.

The day will cover:-

    ? Descriptions of autism and autistic spectrum disorders

    ? Understanding differences in social interactions and identifying support strategies ? Understanding communication differences and identifying support strategies ? Understanding sensory differences and identifying support strategies

    ? What’s next?

    Course cost per family member: ?10.00 (Sunfield parents are exempt)


    It couldn’t be easier,

? Complete the form enclosed and post or fax it to us


    ? Send an email giving details of, course, name, postal address,

    invoicing address (if different), and any special needs

    required (i.e. mobility, dietary etc)


    19 July MUMS DAY PDC/004/08

    Supporting Parents & Carers with Issues of Adolescence, Sexuality and Learning


    Led by: Fiona Spiers - Consultant Timings: Registration: 9.30 10.00 am Finish: 3 pm

    This day is specifically for mums of children and adults with special needs and is being presented in conjunction with autism:westmidlands

    Fiona is a former Assistant Headteacher at Rosehill School in Nottingham, and now works there on a part time basis focussing the remainder of her time on training and consultancy work. Fiona has extensive ‘hands on’ experience of

    working with young people with learning difficulties and ASD in particular, teaching children with a severe learning

    difficulty across the age ranges. During this time she gained knowledge of children with Down’s Syndrome, Williams

    Syndrome, Prader - Willi Syndrome and other conditions.

Fiona has an Advanced Certificate in Education relating to ASD awareness, qualifications relating to skills associated

    with Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching and has a special interest in Personal, Health and Social Education (PHSE)

    and Sex & Relationship Education (SRE) and has completed training to become a DfES/DH/TPU Approved Teacher of

    PHSE & SRE.

Fiona has produced two resources that are distributed across the UK and have proved to be very popular amongst

    teachers, healthcare staff and social workers. The resources are entitled, ‘Sex & Relationship Education: A

    Programme for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders’ and ‘A PHSE Programme for Learners with Autistic

    Spectrum Disorders’.

The day will cover:-

    ? Common concerns and finding the right balance

    ? Rights, consent & protection

    ? Keeping our young people safe and healthy

    ? Methods and resources

    ? Working in partnership with others

    ? Addressing issues

    Course cost per family member: ?10.00 (Sunfield parents are exempt)

    6 Sept Understanding & Managing Sensory Behaviour PDC/005/08 Led by: Jackie Buscombe Senior Occupational Therapist Timings: Registration: 9.30 10.00 am Finish: 3.30 pm

    Jackie qualified as an OT in 1990 and worked in adult learning difficulties, mental health and neuro-psychiatry before coming to Sunfield as Senior OT 5 years ago. Her clinical work at Sunfield focuses upon the development of sensory

    motor skills and the impact of sensory processing upon functional skills with children with ASD and/or learning


This course will explore the basics of sensory processing, the impact of sensory processing upon behaviour, and the use

    of sensory input to influence behaviour.

    Course cost per family member: ?10.00 (Sunfield parents are exempt)

    1 Nov Seamless Assessment Transition PDC/006/08 Led by: Andrew Cooksey Independent Autism Consultant Timings: Registration: 10.45 11.00 am Finish: 3 pm

    Andrew will talk about Community Care Assessments covering the following topics:-

? Section 17 Assessments

    ? Transition Planning

    ? Eligibility Criteria

    ? Community Care Assessments

    ? Person Centred Plans

    ? Service Planning Young Adults

    Course cost per family member: ?10.00 (Sunfield parents are exempt)

    29 Nov Facing the Future - Wills & Trusts PDC/007/08 Led by: Helen Rowett, Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Birmingham

    Elizabeth Attifield, autism:westmidlands & parent

    Timings: Registration: 10.00 10.30 am Finish: 3.00 pm

This day is being presented in conjunction with autism:westmidlands.

    Helen Rowett is a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Birmingham, with over 30 years experience re: Wills, Court of Protection & Capacity issues and has led days on the subject many times for Mencap.

    Helen will explain the matters to consider when making wills for disabled family members and giving up to date advice on wills, trusts and preservation of benefits.

She will cover:

    ? Wills for protecting children with special needs

    ? The Mental Capacity Act to see how it is working 1 year on

    ? Lasting powers of attorney for property and affairs and personal welfare

    ? The Office of the Public Guardian

    Elizabeth Attfield from autism:westmidlands will give a personal perspective and lead a discussion in the afternoon

Course cost per family member: ?10.00 (Sunfield parents are exempt)

    If you would like an outline of any of the family days

    Please telephone: 01562 883183






    (Sunfield parents are exempt)


    26 April 002/08 Stephen Venables 10.00 A Father’s Journey; exploring being the Dad of a Child

    with Special Needs

    28 June 003/08 Understanding Autism Iain Chatwin 10.00

    MUMS DAY 19 July 004/08 Fiona Spiers 10.00 Sex & Relationships

    6 Sept 005/08 Understanding & Managing Sensory Behaviour Jackie Buscombe 10.00 1 Nov 006/08 Seamless Assessment Transition Andrew Cooksey 10.00

    Facing the Future Helen Rowett 29 Nov 007/08 10.00 to include information on Wills & Trusts Elizabeth Attfield

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