day 20

By Philip Price,2014-06-12 13:15
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day 20

Day 20 音素/θ/和音素/e/


My brother thanked Tom for his help.


    fourth, breath, month, death, with, although, leather, breathe


out of breath, in the north of China, get well along with, now and then, have no faith



This is the bathroom.

Through thick and thin.

Easier said than done.

I have nothing to say.

    I will buy a pair of leather shoes this afternoon.

He is packing his clothes and is thinking of going north with his brother.


1. I got the third prize. (重点单词"third")

2. You can't get there other than by plane. (重点单词"there", "other")


What do you think of my new clothes?

Though they look beautiful, they are a little thin if you wear them now, I think.


1. Smith's thumb is thin.

    2. Both health and wealth are worthwhile things.

3. I think deeply about truth, faith and death.

4. She expressed a thousand thanks to the author, because his book changed her life.


1. The sixth sheiks' sixth sheep's sick.

2. He saw thirty stars in the south of the sky.


    1. My father and mother both like those clothes.

    2. They are checking whether the leather is smooth.

    3. I would rather stay at home than go to the party.

    4. Her brother looks younger than the other boys at the same age.


    1. Please move these dogs to the house over there.

2. His father plays jazz very well.


    There are thirty thousand feathers on that thrush's throat.

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