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    English name: Shirley

    Chinese name: 肖礼

    Class#: class 3

    Student#: 2008412091

    College education, the biggest fortune in life

    Different people may have different opinions about college education: some are likely to go to college just in order to obtain praise or the recognition of others; some are just to seek a haven to be free from the competition and pressure in the outer world; others are just forced to go because of their family, or friends. Why did I choose to go to college? What can we actually benefit from such a long span of educational periods? As for me, the answer rests in the fact that college education can promote significant learning, and significant learning entails development, which successively helps to solve broader and deeper questions of the relationship between oneself and the world.

    Education develops from the human struggle for survival, enlightenment and improvement. College is not the right place to go if people just want to extort some material things from it. Especially if people are only dreaming of the moment when they are graduated, they can seize a large fortune with very little effort just because they have a college degree. Such a vision is woefully wrong. Instead, college is the place where students can equip themselves with wisdom, intellect, judiciousness, and, most important, spirit, a place where students can be involved and immersed in communication “with the best minds of the world; where

    students can explore the elements and essences of the world, a place where a group of able men and women can evoke a revolutionary ethos trend that can swipe the whole world like a fresh air and enlighten human beings hitherto. The four years spent in college are the time when we are learning how to deal with and lead our life, how to maximize the meaning of our life, and what kind of altitudes we should have when confronted with difficulties.

    Unlike training, which is primarily for the service of society, education is primarily for the

    individual development. A society needs doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers to perform some specific tasks for the operation of this society. And this needs, our training center and trade schools can fill. What college education can do is to provide a group of men and women of understanding, of perception, and wisdom. These people serve society by examining its function and appraising its direction. They may be rich or poor. They may occupy positions of prestige, or they may be engaged in some humble employment. Without them, society may be disintegrated. This is the reason why I choose to go to college, for I want to be better self-improved instead of being trained to a specific career.

    Graduation dose not necessary means the end of your education. On the contrary, it will start a whole new self-improvement period. Laconically speaking, college education tells us where to go and what to find when our curiosity is aroused. Later in my life, I hope to never forget that. I will go on to use my college education to satisfy my curiosity about the mankind, about the culture, about language and about the universe. As for any practical plan, I’m trying

    to further my study in USA or England.

    I will cherish my junior and senior year, and I will value what my college education has brought me, helping me becoming a better person.

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