Unit8 The Seasonsand The weather Topic3

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Unit8 The Seasonsand The weather Topic3

    Unit8 The Seasonsand The weather Topic3


    I. 配对


     I II III

     1. 圣诞节 Halloween A. the fourth Thursday in November

     2. 感恩节 Christmas B. the 15th of the first lunar month

     3. 元旦 Teachers’ Day C. December 25th

     4. 元宵节 New Year’s Day D. January 1st

     5. 中秋节 April Fool’s Day E. lunar August 15th

     6. 复活节 Mid-autumn Day F. September 10th

     7. 母亲节 Mother’s Day G. April 1st

     8. 教师节 Thanksgiving Day H. Second Sunday in May

     9. 愚人节 Lantern Festival I. March, 22nd-April 25th

     10. 万圣节 Easter J. the night of Oct. 31st

II. 单项选择

     1. Many Chinese families burn pictures of kitchen God, Zao Shen, _______ good luck.

     A. to bring B. bring C. for bring D. brings

     2. People enjoy _______ holiday.

     A. seven day B. a seven-day C. seven-day D. seven days

     3. __________ many places people eat rice dumplings to remember Qu Yuan.

     A. In B. On C. At D. To

     4. Happy New Year!


    A. The same to you B. Thank you C. You’re welcome D. Thank all right

     5. Please give my best __________ to your parents.

     A. kindness B. idea C. hopes D. wishes

     6. Could you tell me ___________ about your favorite festival?

     A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

     7. When _________ you _______ to study in this school?

    Two years ago.

    A. do; begin B. did; begin C. will; begin D. did; began

     8. The baby was born __________ the morning of March 3rd.

     A. at B. on C. in D. to

     9. They enjoyed themselves at the party. “Enjoyed themselves” means _______.

     A. had a well time B. had a good time

     C. played D. liked themselves

     10. I think he will succeed!成功,____________.

     A. in end B. at the end C. in the end D. by the end

     11. What’s your favorite Chinese traditional!传统的,festival?

    It’s ___________.

    A. Father’s Day B. Christmas Day


    C. Thanksgiving Day D. Spring Festival

     12. It’s time for sports! __________ your sport shoes, please.

    OK, I’m coming.

     A. Put on B. Put up C. Take away D. Take off

III. 阅读理解


     Good morning, everyone! It’s 8:00 p.m. The party for the new year of 2007 begins. Most of the people in China are waiting for the coming year. The clock strikes twelve. All the people are very happy and they cheer.

     As we all know, different cities have different time. For example, it’s midnight in Beijing, but 4 p.m. in London and it’s 1 a.m. in Tokyo, and it’s 2 a.m. in Sydney. Hong Kong has the same time

    as Shanghai.

     Thank you for listening!


     1. _________ has the same time as Beijing.

     A. Hong Kong B. London C. Tokyo D. New York

     2. It’s noon in London. It’s _________ in Beijing.

     A. 9 a.m. B. 8 p.m. C. 9 p.m. D. 8 a.m.

     3. That day is the last day of year ___________.

     A. 2007 in China B. 2007 in America

     C. 2006 in China D. 2006 in America

     4. It’s noon in Beijing. It’s _________ in Sydney.

     A. 1 a.m. B. 1 p.m. C. 2 a.m. D. 2 p.m.

     5. The author is a _________.

     A. reporter B. worker C. teacher D. doctor


     Children in the U.S.A. like K Day very much. K is for kites. March 7 is the day. On that day a lot of children go out into the open air. They take their kites with them. Some kites are very big. Others are small. They are in different colors. Every kite has a long string.

     To get the kites up, the children run. They let out strings from the balls in their hands. Now all of the kite’s are high up in the sky. Some are higher than others. The one like a bird is the highest. But what’s wrong? It’s flying away! The string is broken. Another kite gets away. And more kites fly away. But the children are running after them. They want to get them back. People are watching them and laughing.


    st 1. On May 1 a lot of children go out into the open air.

     2. Kites are in different colors.

     3. Two kites are higher than others, but they get away.

     4. The one like a bird is smaller than others.

     5. The children are running after the kites.



     Thanksgiving Day is a very special day for people in the United States. They celebrate it on the last Thursday in November. Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving Day, but they do it on the second Monday of October. In Britain, this festival is called “Harvest Festival”. People celebrate it

    earlier in the year, in September. A harvest is the fruit you take from the trees and the crops you take from the ground. In North America and Britain, harvest time for most fruit and crops is in the autumn. In these countries and other Christian places people give thanks to God on a special day of the year. They thank God for the good things that have happened during the year and for the good harvest they have had. People usually take small boxes of fruit, flowers and vegetables to their churches to show their thanks.

     The first thanksgiving service!仪式,in North America took place on December 4th, 1619,

    when 38 English people arrived in America to make their home in the new country. They held this service not to thank God for the harvest, but to thank God for their safe journey. The next year, much more English people arrived. They had a bad winter, but fortunately the harvest was good. They decided to celebrate it with a big meal. They shot and killed small animals to eat and cooked everything outside on large fires. About 90 Indians also came to the meal. Everyone ate at tables outside their houses and played games together. The festival lasted three days.

     A Thanksgiving Day celebration was held every year for a long time, but not always on the same day of the year. Then, in 1789, President George Washington named November 26th as the Day of Thanksgiving. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln changed the date, and said that the last Thursday in November should be the Thanksgiving Day.

     Nowadays, North Americans around the world get together with their families on this day to eat good food and have a happy time.


     1. Is the Thanksgiving Day celebrated on the same day in North America countries?


     2. When did the first thanksgiving service take place in North America?


     3. Who made the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the USA?


     4. What does the word “fortunately” mean in Chinese?


     5. Translate the sentence “They thank God for the good things that have happened during the year and for the good harvest they have had” into Chinese.


IV. 书面表达











    1. A 2. B 3. A 4. A

     5. D 考查词组give my best wishes to

     6. B 考查词组tell sb. about sth.

     7. B 8. B 9. B 10. C 11. D 12. A


    A 1. A 2. B 3. C 4.D 5. A

    B 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. T

    C 1. No, it isn’t.

     2. On December 4th, 1619.

     3. President Abraham Lincoln.

     4. 幸运地

     5. 他们感谢上帝在这一年中赐予他们的好运和给他们带来的好收成。

    IV. 范文;

     Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Celebrating Spring Festival is a big event. People usually start preparing for the festival one month before it happens. They prepare delicious food, such as make dumplings, clean and decorate their houses. On the eve of the festival, the whole family got together for a big dinner. People stay up and eat dumplings at midnight for good luck. On the first day of the Spring Festival, Children greet their parents and get lucky money as new year gifts. That’s all. Thank you.


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