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REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST IN PROVIDING IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO MSEDCL. Project Background. MSEDCL's core function is to distribute energy to its



Project Background

    MSEDCL‟s core function is to distribute energy to its consumers spread across the State of Maharashtra. Therefore consumer services and energy management assume prime importance. Improvement of energy distribution network is also one of the prime objectives of MSEDCL and it is planning to take up aggressive measures and programs to improve the same.

    In order to meet the objectives as defined in the 10-point Action Plan (please refer to for details), MSEDCL, regularly as well as on need basis, plans to undertake various projects and programs for improving the existing energy distribution infrastructure in the state. These projects are executed either internally by MSEDCL employees or are executed in coordination with qualified consultants and vendors in the industry. Therefore project management, purchases, and store (material) management are essential to efficient and effective operations and project execution.

    Employees and Infrastructure (land, equipments etc.) are two important assets of any organization and managing them is challenging as well as crucial to any organization. MSEDCL recognizes this and is planning to increase automation in arrears of that will help the management in monitoring these assets.

    Accounting and Finance, though a back office function is one of the core functions of any professional, commercial organization and MSEDCL is no exception to that. MSEDCL‟s objective is to have complete control over its expenses and funds and become profitable in shortest possible time span. Automation in these areas is a must since it is also a regulatory requirement.

    Access to information in not just a management need, but it is the law, now a days. Therefore information management and dissemination to public, employees, stakeholders of the company and regulatory & government authorities is mandatory and appropriate measures have to be implemented in order to achieve the same. A strong communication backbone needs to be in-place to facilitate flow of data (information) within and outside of MSEDCL.

    MSEDCL has taken several initiatives and is already executing some projects namely Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Enhanced SCADA, Management

    Information Systems (MIS), Establishing Consumer Facilitation Centers (CFC) and Call centers, eTendering etc. to cover various requirements that address some of the needs of distribution automation.


    MSEDCL invites an expression of interest (EOI) to bid for a “Consulting” contract. MSEDCL views on the activities and the scope of work for chosen “Consultant” is mentioned briefly below. Whilst the scope is not limited to this, it is expected that the “Consultant” prepares a document which build on the same and present their competencies in these areas.

    It is requested that as part of an EOI response, the party elaborates on these activities and also suggest a broad scope of work which they feel can be delivered under this contract with the corresponding timelines for the same. This should be done by the experienced Consultants who have done / are doing similar work with other organizations. A sample profile of the “Consultants” who would be actually doing the “Consulting” work for MSEDCL in various areas could also be given as a part of your response. It is also expected that the party highlights the process methodology that will be adopted by them in carrying out these activities. On the basis of various responses received by MSEDCL, a formal RFP document would be issued to the chosen / short-listed parties eliciting a detailed response on the same.

    Broad Activity Areas

1. IT Strategy for MSEDCL understanding the linkage between MSEDCL

    business and appropriate applications, suggested IT architecture, network

    design and strategy, security, etc.

    2. IT Roadmap A comparable positioning of IT practices followed and

    deployed by Utility distribution companies worldwide and suggested IT

    vision and roadmap exercise for MSEDCL.

    3. IT Datacentre Design and Communication backbone Understand the

    current IT set-up, Infrastructure and Network assessment, fitment of the

    same from the IT Strategy perspective, a state-of-the-art datacenter

    design and a broader communications strategy for MSEDCL. Suggested

    Tools for Capacity planning and utilization of the same and also for overall

    Performance Management at Element level as well as at Application level

    and Monitoring of the same

    4. IT Procurement Strategy Study of the current process and a suggested

    process which should include vendor selection, procurement methodology,

    process work-flow, enablement of IT team in the same, Contract

    management and administration, etc.

    5. IT HR Strategy People strategy for MSEDCL IT staff including skill

    assessment, training requirements, Pay scale benchmarking, IT people

    deployment plan, Out-sourcing / Out-tasking assessment and suggestions,


    6. Ongoing IT Project Management Assessment of the ongoing IT projects,

    suggestion of certain tools, methodology to track and monitor progress of

    various IT projects during their life-span, Preparation of Project

    implementation plans for various Projects and Risk assessment of the

    same, Work out mechanism to identify and then monitor the SLAs with

    business using benchmarks and practices, etc.

    Response to Expression of Interest

    1. It is important that respondents provide basic information regarding

    capabilities, similar past work experiences, and in broad terms how

    they would like to approach working on this assignment to achieve

    the scope of work defined in this document.

    2. Along with the responses, please provide following information

    about your organization:

    a. Company Name, Contract Name, Complete address, Phone

    Number, FAX Number, Email

    b. What is your consulting focus?

    c. Number of employees

    d. Number of employees with appropriate skills required by this


    e. What is the average tenure of your employees?

    f. Financial strength (turnover for last 3 financial years) should

    be minimum 10 Crores.

    g. Firm should have provided IT consultancy services to at

    least one power distribution utility

    h. Number of years in business at least 5 years

    i. Largest consulting engagement and duration

    j. Do you provide complete project management?

    3. Responses should reach Chief General Manager, IT, MSEDCL by

    26.06.2007 upto 15:00 Hrs. Documents received thereafter will not

    be accepted.

    4. The responses must be sent in hard copies (4 copies) in a sealed

    envelop subscribed “Expression of Interest for IT Consultancy

    Services to MSEDCL”.

    5. A final list of consultants invited to submit proposal for this

    assignment will be prepared from the firms responding to this notice.

    Only firms with previous experience and excellent track record in

    similar assignments will be considered for the short list.

    6. Please note that this is not the request for the proposal(RFP). After

    review of expression of interest by the review committee, short list

    will be prepared and those listed consultants will be invited to

    submit their proposals through letter of invitation, including specific

    terms of reference. The firm is also requested to suggest

    appropriate evaluation criteria.

    7. The firm should submit a nonrefundable registration fee of Rs.5000

    by way of DD drawn in favour of MSEDCL, Mumbai.

    8. MSEDCL reserves the right to accept or reject in full or part of

    Expression Of Interest submitted by the firm without assigning any

    reasons thereof and no correspondence shall be entertained in this


    9. For any queries, please contact the undersigned via email/fax/mail.


Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. stPRAKASHGANGA, 1 Floor, Plot No. C-19,

    „E‟ Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051

    Maharashtra, INDIA.

    Telephone : 022-26598595 Fax : 022-26598586

    E-mail :


    Sub. : Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) from reputed IT

     consulting Firms/Companies.

    Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from reputed IT consultants Firms/Companies registered in India as Consultant(s) for providing IT consultancy services in power distribution sector with latest cost effective technology.

    The Details of EOI Notice is available on the Website

    The last date for receipt of EOI is on or before 26.06.2007 by 3 PM.

     Chief General Manager (IT)

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