what is a teacher

By Elsie Harper,2014-09-19 22:04
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what is a teacher

    What is the definition of “teacher”? Different people may have different opinions. What is in my mind is that teachers are always granted the most beautiful metaphors.

    Teacher is like a candle which illuminates the way to knowledge. Candle can give us light and hope in the way of roughness, the same is our teacher who guides us the available way towards the palace of knowledge.

    Teacher is like the spring rain, spreading the loving in our hearts. When we are sad, she will comfort us; when we are ill, she will look after us; when we are happy, she will share with us. Should we show our appreciations to them?

    Teacher is like a golden key, leading us into a treasure house of life. Without their patient kindness, how can we students grow up in the suitable and available environment with the world’s most

    cherished aids?

    Teacher is like our mother, accompanying us every day on our side and telling us something about values in our lives. When we are old enough to leave our parents, it is teacher who accompanies us from dawn to dusk. The emotion between us is bound to be strengthened as the time flies.

    Luckily, I met three great my teacher in my life. A primary

    school teacher, Mr. Wang, who helped me build confidence, At that time I was too small to always feel humble, he praised me is in a lot of term when possible and let me find my lost self-confidence. Until now do I understand how significant the self-confidence to a person is. The second teacher is my high school teacher Miss Ding; she helped me make a clear plan of my life path out of my character. Until now do I feel how she knew me so well. The last is a teacher in my university, he taught me how to do scientific research by myself, and how to write research papers, application, how to grasp the way of self- learning. These three teachers have given me a lot of advice and I feel very grateful to them!

    Why do I choose to be a teacher?

     I have asked this question many times by myself.” The occupation of being a teacher is secure, with the wage stable, although not very high.” As a teacher, the work is relatively simple, every day after the class; they can have a lot of spare time" “As a teacher, they can have a nice marriage!” As a teacher, two of the winter and summer vacations are so comfortable!"

     The benefits of being a teacher is numerous as mentioned above. But the answer is not of mine, when I began to enter in the teachers’ university after the college entrance examination.

     Why do I choose to be a teacher?

     It's love, just so simple. I suppose when during the process of teaching, more happiness and blessing will raise my spirit.

     Why do I choose to be a teacher?

     In the classroom, I can play many roles, can experience the life of an OL, can try the other types, only if you have a lot of imagination! We can treat the lovely children and aggressive teenagers in different attitudes as you have experienced.

     Why do I choose to be a teacher?

     Because I used to the luckiest students, I have a desire to let more and more children to be the lucky dogs during their learning process. Although there’s no end for learning and even with lots of sufferings, I’ll promise to give my assistance to each of them,

     That’s my dream, and I’m trying to achieve it!

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