DANCE UNIT OF WORK - Year 4 - Silent Movies

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DANCE UNIT OF WORK - Year 4 - Silent Movies



    Silent Movies KS2: Year 3/4 Dramatic Action


    To use movement and gesture imaginatively to create characters and narrative. PERFORMANCE: Acquiring and Developing Skills

    ; To respond to a range of stimuli, particularly musical accompaniment. ; To perform characters demonstrating humour, horror, suspense etc. ; To use gesture to communicate

    ; To learn sequences of movement taught by the teacher.

    COMPOSITION: Selecting and Applying Skills

    ; To select and adopt movement taught by the teacher to form dance motifs, on own, with

    partner and in a group

    ; To use simple choreographic devices e.g. unison, canon, repetition, question and

    answer, to communicate narrative.

    APPRECIATION: Evaluating and Improving Performance Skills ; To show through physical response on understanding of the characters/style of the


    ; To observe, describe and interpret video material.

    ; To discuss and evaluate their own work and the work of their peers.


    ; Pictures of silent movie era

    ; Silent movie sound tracks

    ; Silent movies and “Popeye” on video

    ; Melodramas

    ; Sign language in classical ballet

    RESOURCES: CROSS CURRICULAR LINKS: ; As above plus ……. ; English: creative writing ; “Essential Sound Effects” BBC ; Drama

     ; Art

     ; Media


    1. Class enter stage as their individual characters

    2. Solo motif “Cheeky character” } Slapstick

    3. Develop solo motif with partner }

    4. Partner motif : romance

    5. Group photograph scenario : conflict

    6. Group followed by whole class : chase



Learning Intentions: Learning Intentions:

    ; To explore character through movement and ; To use different compositional ideas to create

    gesture motifs

    ; To learn a movement motif ; Remember, practise and combine longer

    Opening Activity: sequences in pairs.

    Opening Activity: ; Discuss silent movies and available stimuli

    ; Recap theme ; Warm-up individual body parts changing size

    and levels ; Warm-up as previous session Content: Content:

    ; Learn solo motif “cheeky character” ; With partner adapt solo motif changing direction,

    positioning and timing to create duet. ; Explore characters from melodramas

    Dance: Dance:

    ; Perform entrance, solos followed by duets ; Individual entrance

    ; Solo motif


     Learning Intentions: Learning Intentions: ; To create a movement narrative In small groups ; To explore characters through gesture and ; To demonstrate an understanding of the silent particularly facial expression movie style ; To create a narrative using mime and question Opening Activity: and answer ; Watch video material related to style and Opening Activity: discuss ; Explore facial expressions ; Whole class exploration of characters/scenario ; Warm-up focusing on exaggerated to be used in main session movements/gestures Content: Content: ; In small groups interpret the task cards and ; In pairs create a “romantic” movement narrative create 4 freezes linking 4 phrases. ; Link the freezes with movement ; Include given compositional devices Dance: e.g. change position/add contact etc. ; Perform, discuss and evaluate these sequences.


    ; Perform, discuss and evaluate these sequences.


    Learning Intentions Learning Intentions:

    ; To create a travelling “chase” phrase ; To recap previous sessions and link to form a

    whole class dance ; To learn and teach a travelling phrase to a small

    group ; To perform in the appropriate style Opening Activity: Opening Activity:

    ; Warm-up to focus on travelling on different body ; As quality/time now requires

    parts, levels, directions etc.

    Content: Content:

    ; Create own travelling phrase consisting of four ; Rehearse/practise the complete dance

    movements repeated ; Video to enable pupils to discuss and evaluate ; In groups share phrase and learn one movement

    from each. Dance:

    Dance: ; Perform all sections of the dance as appropriate. ; Perform group travelling phrase

    ; Construct whole class travelling phrase


    [Lesson 1]

    DANCE UNIT OF WORK: “Silent Movies”

Individual Motif: “Cheeky” character

    ; Balance on right leg facing right wall still running action

; Repeat on left leg/side

; Facing front stretch up both hands and pull up over imaginary wall

    ; Crouch and hide behind imaginary wall

    ; Creep around in an individual circular pathway

; Large, startled jump.


    [Lesson 5]

    DANCE UNIT OF WORK: “Silent Movies”



    [Lesson 3]

    DANCE UNIT OF WORK: “Silent Movies”

Romance Section: Conversation phrases.


    [Lesson 4]

    DANCE UNIT OF WORK: “Silent Movies”

    Group Scenarios

    The villain has tied the heroine to a railway track. Onlookers plead with the villain and distract him whilst the hero releases her.

    A very poor man/woman steals some food from a market stall. He/she is chased by the Keystone

    Cops but manages to escape

    capture by hiding.

    The heroine has been tricked into marrying the villain but really loves the hero who is a guest at the wedding service. At the last moment the hero steps in and stops the ceremony announcing his love

    for the heroine.



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