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Based on this assessment, the IT Consultant will identify the key strengths, weaknesses and, more importantly, the opportunities relating to the client's

    Tech Check Programme

    Directory of approved ICT Consultants

    July 2007

    Laois ? Longford ? Offaly ? Westmeath


What is the Tech Check Programme?

    Tech Check is an exciting new ICT support programme developed specifically for small businesses. The focus of this check up is intended to be primarily on technology as a means of developing and growing your business.

    The core ‘product’ of the scheme is a business review of the use of ICT within your business, leading to a brief written plan for optimising the strategic use of ICT to develop the business.

    Each assignment will begin with an assessment of the client’s current business and technical capacity. Based on this assessment, the IT Consultant will identify the key strengths, weaknesses and, more importantly, the opportunities relating to the client’s use of technology e.g. use of existing technologies, security and maintenance, software, supply and purchasing facilities, marketing and sales technology and HR IT skills.

    The process will then provide a strategy for dealing with these identified priorities, which will require the IT consultants input on the opportunities available to your business through better use of existing technical resources or by acquiring and using new technologies.

    The output will be a short focused report tailored to the particular needs and circumstances of the individual business.

How much will it cost?

    The cost of availing of the Tech-Check Audit is ?150 per business.

How long will it take?

    It is expected that the IT Consultant will spend a full working day, possibly spread over a couple of visits working with your business.

Is my business eligible to apply?

    The Audit is available to all small businesses employing less than 50 people and is available on a first come first serve basis. Places are limited so early consideration of this scheme is advised. All applications are subject to approval.

How do I apply?

    Businesses should contact an Enterprise Officer at their local Enterprise Board for an application form.


    While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is accurate, no responsibility is accepted by Laois, Longford, Offaly or Westmeath County Enterprise Board for any errors or omissions.


Contact Details for your Local Enterprise Board

    Laois County Enterprise Board Portlaoise Enterprise Centre Clonminam Business Park Portlaoise

    Co. Laois

Tel: 057 866 1800

    Fax: 057 866 6989



    Longford County Enterprise Board Longford Enterprise Centre Templemichael

    Ballinalee Road

    Co. Longford

Tel: 043 42757

    Fax: 043 40986



    Offaly County Enterprise Board Cormac Street


    Co. Offaly

Tel: 057 935 2971

    Fax: 057 935 2973



Westmeath County Enterprise Board

    Business Information Centre Church Avenue


    Co. Westmeath

Tel: 044 93 49222

    Fax: 044 93 49009

    Email: Website:


    Directory of Approved ICT Consultants

    Company Name Contact Page Number

    Blue Cube Technologies Ltd Billy Treacy 5

    Ideal Computer Services Peter Lewis 5

    Information Providers Ltd Kevin Hourican 6

    IT Solutions Group Govind Basnet 6

Keith Bonhanna Keith Bonhanna 7

    Kinetic Computer Solutions Michael Reilly 7

    Leo Galvin & Associates Ltd Leo Galvin 8

WESTBIC James Donlon 8


Company Name: BlueCube Technologies Ltd

Key Contact: Billy Treacy

Address: Bawnogue Enterprise Centre

     Bawnogue Road


     Dublin 22

Phone: 01 4570241

    Fax: 01 4577458



    Profile: BlueCube Technologies was set up in 2006 to serve the IT requirements

    of the SME sector. BlueCube Technologies have extensive experience of

    providing solutions to business which are cost effective and

    technologically sound. Billy Treacy is the company’s key contact for this

    project. Bill has a degree in computer applications and 10 years

    experience working in various ICT companies.

Company Name: Ideal Computer Services

Key Contact: Peter Lewis

Address: 11 Dun Masc


     Co. Laois

Phone: 057 8621438

    Fax: 057 8621438



    Profile: Ideal Computer Services has been running since 1996. The services

    offered include computer repairs, maintenance, computer training,

    website marketing and broadband sales. Peter is a qualified accountant

    and is a member of the Irish Computer Society and Institute of Business

    Analysts and consultants. Computer Science formed part of his Bachelor

    of Chemistry degree.


Company Name: Information Providers Ltd

Key Contact: Kevin Hourican

Address: 31 Ballymahon Street


     Co. Longford

Phone: 043 40444

    Fax: 043 40445



Profile: Information providers’ areas of expertise include consultancy and

    training, IT outsourcing, Internet services and product sales. They have

    experience and knowledge of the small business environment. Jonathan

    Pipe and Kevin Hourican are the lead contacts for this project. Jonathan

    has been working in ICT since 1985 and is a qualified electronic engineer.

    Kevin holds a degree in electronic engineering and computer science and

    has worked in various positions worldwide as an IT Engineer.

Company Name: IT Solutions Group

Key Contact: Govind Basnet

Address: Nenagh Business Centre


     Co. Tipperary

Phone: 067 33966



    Profile: IT Solutions Group is a co-operative effort of leading IT, Web and

    Software Application Providers. They provide traditional IT services such

    as PC setup, networking, web development services and application

    hosting. Key contact for the Tech check project is Govind Basnet who

    holds a graduate B.Science and has over 30 years in IT management with

    household names in Ireland. The IT solutions group has a number of

    other affiliated members providing one stop IT solutions to SMEs.


Company Name: Keith Bohanna

Key Contact: Keith Bohanna

Address: 52 Larchfield


Phone: 086 2300702



    Profile: Keith Bohanna is an experienced internet consultant and trainer. He

    qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988 where he gained experience

    of the SME sector and has been working in the technology sector since

    2001. He sat on the Board of the Irish Internet Association for two years

    and has been involved in the organisation of a number of Barcmaps


Company Name: Kinetic Computer Solutions

Key Contact: Michael Reilly

Address: Unit 3A Churchview Square

     Cavan Town

     Co. Cavan

Phone: 049 4371685



    Profile: Kinetic Computer Solutions operates a computer training centre and IT

    support service since 2003. Mike Reilly has over 15 year’s experience of

    ICT deployment in a range of sectors and organisation including software

    analysis and design, advice, IT procurement and implementation. He has

    worked with small businesses such as printers, fuel distributors,

    transportation, construction and horticulture. Mike Reilly holds a degree

    in Computer Science.


Company Name: Leo Galvin & Associates Ltd

Key Contact: Leo Galvin

Address: Ballykeeran


     Co. Westmeath

Phone: 087 2374385


    Profile: Leo Galvin has an accountancy background and has over twenty years

    senior management experience with Irish and Multinational

    manufacturing industry. His associate, Willie Galvin, as part of his

    accountancy and taxation qualification training has worked on the

    development of technological systems for use by clients in enhancing

    their business efficiency. The organisation also has access to a software

    engineer who has expertise in systems hardware and software and

    developing and deploying ICT skills.

Company Name: Westbic

Key Contact: James Donlon

Address: Business Innovation Centre

     Roscommon Enterprise Centre

     Racecourse Road


Phone: 090 6625196

    Fax: 090 6627407



    Profile: Through its expanding client base in the knowledge/technology arena, as

    well as the management and development of Galway Technology Centre,

    including support for client enterprises in this 50,000 sq. ft facility,

    WESTBIC has substantial knowledge and understanding of latest

    technologies and the efficient application of ICT to assist the

    development of SME’s. WESTBIC also has practical experience of

    managing and delivering previous IT and Innovation auditing and Step-

    Up projects in the west and cross-border regions.


    Programme Application Form

    As part of the application process for the Tech Check programme, you are requested to complete the following and submit details of your business.-

Name: _______________________________________________

    Business Name: _______________________________________________

    Business Address: _______________________________________________

    Business Telephone No: _______________________________________________ E-mail address: _______________________________________________

    Website Address: _______________________________________________

    Mobile No: _______________________________________________

    Nature of Business: _______________________________________________

    Number of Employees: -----------------------------------------

    (Business with up to 50 employees are eligible)

Sector: ----------------------------------------------

Hardware/ Software currently used by your business - please specify:

    ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ What do you see as the single most urgent technology issue in your business at present? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Please list your preferred ICT Consultant: (From the approved list):

    1.__________________________________ 2.__________________________________ 3.__________________________________

Gender of Owner Manager: Male Female Age Group: Under 25 Over 25 (For EU Classification purposes)

Signed: _____________________ Date: ________________

    Please return your completed application form enclosing a cheque payable to Westmeath County Enterprise Board to: Westmeath County Enterprise Board Ltd, Business Information Centre, Church Avenue, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Tel: 044 9349222 Fax: 044 9349009 E-mail:

     Transforming Ireland Funded by the Irish Government and part financed by the European Union under the National Development Plan, 2007 2013 Westmeath County Enterprise Board is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1997.


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