bp000-977 Power Systems with POWER7 Common Salesrq

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bp000-977 Power Systems with POWER7 Common Salesrq




    000-977 Power Systems with POWER7 Common Sales Exam A


    Which of the following describes a benefit of TurboCore?

A. Increases the system bandwidth

    B. Increases the speed of the core

    C. Increases L2 cache available per chip

    D. Increases the threads per core from 4 to 8 Answer: B


A customer has a 2-core POWER5 server, thirty x86-based Linux servers, and 10TB of storage.


    have budget approval for a complete infrastructure refresh, including a disaster recovery system.


    solution supports the customer needs at lowest cost?

A. Blade servers with DS5000

    B. Power 770 servers with DS8000

    C. Power 730 servers with DS5000

    D. Power 755 servers with DS6000

    Answer: C


The IT manager has asked for assistance in building a proposal to consolidate their Sun servers


    WebSphere to an existing Power 570. The CFO has received a proposal for an HP blade solution


    replace the Sun servers.What is the correct approach?

    A. Request a meeting with the IT manager and CFO B. Provide IBM customer references and white papers. C. Propose a POWER7 solution with multiple partitions. D. Provide IBM Global Services and financing for the HP solution. Answer: A


    The CIO has recommended that their system be upgraded to a more current Power Systems solution.

    The existing lease has 9 months before it ends.What is the least expensive financing solution for the


A. Add the upgrade to the remaining lease term.


    Buy out the existing lease and finance the upgrade.

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    Buy out the existing lease and finance a new system.


    Provide a 3 year base lease extension and finance the upgrade.

    Answer: D


    A customer is running an Oracle database on a 16-core POWER5 570 and wants to migrate to a Power

    Processing requirements have remained stable.How can the sales representative help to justify the purchase?


    Active Energy Manager found in the Power 750 firmware lowers energy cost. B.

    The Power 750 requires fewer cores to run the Oracle database, lowering software costs. C.

    The ability to concurrently replace cores and memory on the Power 750 reduces the cost of disrupted



    The Power 750 has better virtualization features than the POWER5 570, increasing the utilization of the


    Answer: C


    A Power 770 configuration has 24 active cores with 8 on-demand. During a design review, the customer was

    uncertain if 24 cores would support daily performance requirements.How can the customer determine if they

    have sufficient cores without unnecessary purchases?


    Use Utility CoD to activate the on-demand cores.


    Use the Trial CUoD to activate the on-demand cores.


    Activate the TurboCore feature to maximize core performance. D.

    Use PowerVM's ability to automatically activate the on-demand cores as needed.

    Answer: B


A client needs a solution which provides a quick and easy way to deploy firmware patches,


notifications of hardware component failures, disk and CPU thresholds, and operating system


    levels.Which offering will support the customer requirement?


    IBM PowerVM Enterprise Edition


    IBM Systems Director Express Edition


    IBM Tivoli Monitoring Express Edition

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    IBM Performance Manager for Power Systems

    Answer: B


An IT manager would like an explanation of why he should consider purchasing the UPS that is


with other peripherals in a configuration for a Power 750.What function and benefit does the UPS

    in this

configuration provide?


    A production server requires a UPS to provide uninterrupted electricity in the event of a long term




    A UPS can significantly reduce energy usage on POWER7 servers when managed by Systems Director

    and Active Energy Manager.


    Using a UPS specifically designed for Power Systems reduces energy consumption and significantly

    extends the life of the system.


    The UPS will help protect assets by detecting electrical utility anomalies and providing power for

    a limited

    period of time, when required.

    Answer: D


    What is the most important factor when creating an executive summary?


    Avoid technical jargon


    Summarize the implementation plan


    Avoid restating the customer goals


    Include a copy of the detailed configuration

    Answer: A


    A Power Systems user has been notified by the local utility company that the amount of supplied

    energy is at its limit. The company is expanding and needs to add new applications.In addition to

    consolidating applications on to fewer servers, what can a Power sales representative offer to help the



    VMControl to cap application energy usage


    IBM i 7 or AIX 7's energy management features


    Systems Director to manage server energy consumption

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    Active Energy Manager to manage the server energy usage

    Answer: D


    A data center manager is concerned about server sprawl and floor space, and the company has

    decided on a Blade strategy. The customer application needs at least 12 cores per server. An additional 3

servers will be added in the next 12 months.Which of the following Blade solutions address

    current and

future requirements?









    Answer: C


A company with limited budget has a requirement for sixteen POWER7 cores to implement an

application. Plans for future applications require the system to scale to 24 cores. Which system


the current and future customer needs at least cost?


    Power 740


    Power 750


    Power 770


    Power 780

    Answer: B


IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition addresses which customer pain points?


    Energy monitoring


    Maintaining security settings C.

    Automating storage management


    Disaster Recovery synchronization

    Answer: A


How is RAS implemented in IBM Power Systems?

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    IBM implements RAS functionality into the supported operating systems to eliminate hardware



    IBM uses a design process that incorporates RAS into every facet of system design and



    IBM leverages relationships with industry leading suppliers of high-end components and

    electronics to

    improve RAS.


    IBM involves independent organizations to conduct industry standard tests and benchmarks and


    guidance on RAS quality.

    Answer: B


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