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6 Feb 2011IT Consultant. Re-engineered sales inquiry system from email based to web based; Developedand implemented standard Adobe Acrobat PDF forms


    Last Updated: March 6, 2011

Jeff Sacco

    Toronto Ontario Canada 1 416 725 6338

    Jeff Sacco

    Career Objective

    Accomplished senior programmer seeking to leverage background in IT

    management, team development, productivity and quality management in a

    project manager position. Extremely motivated in extending my professional IT

    experience and leveraging my management expertise.

    Dec 2010 Present Ogilvy Toronto Ontario, Canada Experience

     Senior web/flash developer Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Actionscript 2 and 3, Flash animations, Eloqua, Unica

     ; Developing large (10,000+) email campaigns for large clients such as American

     Express and Ministry of Economic Development. Fully compliant html/css

     emails using various logic constraints and database interaction.

     ; Developing trafficked flash animations for such firms as IBM, American Express and Unilever. Developed using best practices for trafficked banners (40k max, clicktags) in the three standard sizes. ; Creating and developing facebook applications for several clients. Maintaining existing facebook applications and campaigns.

     August 2010 Dec 2010 Afilias Canada Toronto Ontario, Canada

    Senior web developer Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Drupal 6, Java, Pentaho, Custom Portlets, Bash shell scripts ; Working on a number of Drupal assets. Building custom modules and developing custom themes.

     ; Custom PHP scripts for various tasks such as postgres database migration,

     dynamic PDF generation, input sanitation, form encryption / decryption.

     ; Working with Pentaho and UPortal, building custom portlets for Uportal. ; Bash shell scripts for task automation.

     May 2010 July 2010 Insight Sports Toronto Ontario, Canada

     Senior web developer,,

     Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript,


     Actionscript 3.0, Flash, video, Drupal 6, Imagemagick ; Brought on to assist the World Fishing Network website with day to day updates and also to build out specific contests.

     ; Website built with a custom, object oriented content management system.

     Extended some classes with new functionality and aligned all user accounts from the forum, store and main website. Spearheaded the flash animations for the coverage during the Gulf Coast oil spill. ; Developed the contest Ultimate Fishing Town from a Drupal 6 CMS. Custo built the theme and six modules to assist in the requirements of the contest.

     ; Anonymous users were to fill out a form, attach pictures and video. All content needed to be sanitized, images scaled with Imagemagick and content to be published in a variety of locations.

     Apr 2010 May 2010 House and Home Media Toronto Ontario, Canada

     Senior web developer

     Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Actionscript 3.0, Actionscript 2.0, Flash, video, Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 ; This contract was very short. The developer who was employed at House and Home had some medical issues and was incapacitated so I stepped up to help them out while he got better.

     ; I was in charge of day to day updates to and also assisted in the migration of data from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. ; I set up the initial installation of Drupal, migrated their theme to Drupal 6 and then began writing the scripts to bring over the data.

     Feb 2010 Mar 2010 Draft FCB Toronto Ontario, Canada Senior web developer Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Actionscript 3.0, Actionscript 2.0, Flash, video, Drupal

    ; Created a very large website with drupal for the Ontario Power Authority.

    Utilized jquery for animation effects, advanced CSS techniques for positioning

    and optimization.

    ; Created rich media flash banners for deployment on ad networks. Utilized the

    TweenMax framework for rapid deployment of animation while optimizing for file

    size constraints. Collected, sanitized data and passed on to a third party


    ; Implemented the entire custom theme and several custom modules for form

    validation and sanization. Interfaced with the Airmiles API for card validation.

    Nov 2009 Feb 2010 Aquent Inc Toronto Ontario, Canada

    Senior web developer

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript,

    Actionscript 3.0, Flash, video

    ; Using the Drupal 6.x content management system (CMS), implemented

    contributed modules as well as developed custom modules based on needs


based on wireframes. This is a multilingual site built in both English and French.

    ; Coordinated the content migration from old site. Paid close attention to styling of content and appropriate translations (address paths).

    ; Working with the creative director, developed the custom theme.

    Mar 2009 Oct 2009 Academica Group Toronto, Canada

    Project Manager / Senior web developer

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Actionscript 3.0, Flash, Accessibility

    ; Spearheaded the overhaul of Brock University Informational Technology 1 environment. services which included their website in a LAMP

    ; Managed cross functional teams, identified, delegated and monitored deliverables while abiding to the Software development lifecycle framework

    ; Using Drupal as the CMS, created numerous custom modules, rewrote

    contributed modules to their requirements and developed their custom theme.

    ; Integrated Drupal into their existing active directory infrastructure for a seamless, one username password system across the entire university.

    ; Compiled documentation of custom modules, processes, training manuals.

    ; Utilized the Software Development Lifecycle and Agile methodologies for project management.

    Jan 2009 Mar 2009 Academica Group Toronto, Canada

    Project Manager / Senior web developer

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, HTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, Actionscript 3.0, Flash, e-commerce, Accessibility

    ; Campaign website built on Drupal 6.x CMS. I installed and customized the Drupal CMS, built several custom modules and developed the custom theme.

    ; As lead developer, I managed the building and deployment of this website. Integrated custom ecommerce solution to accept donations via credit cards.

Nov 2009 Nov 2009 TransAlta Calgary Alberta, Canada

    Web Developer

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API, Javascript, XML

    ; Brought onto this project because of my expert knowledge of Drupal. Several additions and fixes were needed such as custom graphics for Google Maps API, custom integration of Google Maps API into Drupal and content types.

    ; Cross browser issues with styling needed to be ironed out with CSS modifications.

    Sept 2009 Mar-11 Irene Atman Toronto Ontario, Canada

     1 LAMP = Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database, PHP

    programming lanaguage


Web Developer

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Flash, Jquery, Google Analytics, SEO ; I was brought on as a maintainer of her website but overhauled the architect of

    the site. Converted the website from ASP to PHP.

    ; Developed music player with Flash, Actionscript and XML. Nov 2009 Dec 2009 Hexabomb Inc Toronto, Ontario Web developer and

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, Google Analytics, SEO ; Both website are built on the PHP Smarty template framework. ; I was contracted out by Hexabomb to complete the project midway. Set up the

    openx advertising, developed several backend components for administrators. Sept 2009 Mar-11 East African Mission Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Web developer

    Skills used: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash, CSS, e-commerce ; Site was migrated from ASP to PHP and MySQL.

    ; The theme has been overhauled. I changed many of the flash graphics to

    static. Developed and installed a new menu system with Javascript. Sept 2005 Apr 2006 Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario Web developer

    ; Maintained web space.

    ; Developed a custom Content Management System with dynamic Adobe PDF


    ; Developed accessible department web pages to the standards of W3C ; Incorporated PHP, MySQL, HTML, and JavaScript into design.

    Aug 2005 Nov 2005 W.S. Tyler Canada St Catharines, Ontario IT Consultant

    ; Re-engineered sales inquiry system from email based to web based ; Developed and implemented standard Adobe Acrobat PDF forms ; Utilized Adobe Acrobat JavaScript to build dynamic, data driven forms Sept 2004 - Oct 2005 Strine Inc. Shanghai, Shanghai China IT Consultant

    ; Developed multi language CMS (English and Mandarin)

    ; Implemented POS systems in retails stores in USA

    ; Developed efficient and effective reporting tools to executives in Asia

    1997 - 2001 MxUniverse Toronto , Canada Senior web developer


; Using PHP 4 at the time, I developed an entire CMS from scratch for an online

    motocross publication.

    ; Users could create accounts, personalize their own landing page for results reports from a variety of news sources

    ; Use of sessions, form validation, encryption, mod-rewrite functions within Apache.

2007 Sept 2008 Sept Queens University Kingston, Ontario Education

    ; Master of Management in Global Management

    ; Maintained 3.8 GPA

    ; Spent six months at Peking University in Beijing China in their MBA program

    ; Completed consulting project for major Canadian oil company Nexen

    2005 2007 April Brock University St Catharines, Ontario

    ; Honors Bachelor of Business Administration. (On hold to pursue Masters)

    ; 3.9 Grade point average (4.0 scale)

    ; Finished in the top 5% of all classes

    2001 - 2004 Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario

    ; Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science

    1996 - 2001 High School Niagara Falls, Ontario

    ; Graduated from Saint Paul High School located in Niagara Falls

Oct 2009 Lullabot Drupal API workshop Certifications



    English (Native)

    Chinese Mandarin. Writing (Basic), Spoken (Intermediate)

    French (Basic)

    This past September 2009, I had the opportunity to tour Africa (Kenya and Corporate Tanzania). During my time there, I met a wonderful family from Australia that Social run an orphanage named East African Mission Orphanage for under privileged

    Responsibility children. During my talk with him, he expressed his need for a web developer

    in which I offered my own time to keep his website ( up to date and running smoothly.

Web programming / Programming Skill Set


    ; Drupal 6.x (custom modules and theming)

     ; PHP

    ; Flash CS4

    ; JavaScript

    ; JQuery

    ; HTML

    ; CSS

    ; Java

    ; XML

    ; Actionscript 3.0 ; C

    ; C++ ; ColdFusion

    Content Management Systems ; Drupal 6.x

    o Ability to design and code custom modules, revise third party modules tailored to needs

    o Ability to write custom themes. o Attention to accessibility standards ( W3C AA ) Databases

     ; MySQL

    ; Access

     ; MSSQL

    ; Oracle

    Operating System environments

    ; Microsoft Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista)

    ; Linux (Red Hat)

    ; Unix

    Programs ; Adobe Creative Suite CS4 (Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat,

    etc) ; Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Frontpage)

    ; SPSS 17, Mathematica 7.0, Nvivo, Mathlab ; Zend Studio Professional for PHP/Javascript programming

Available on request. References


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