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Apr 99 Sep 99 IT Consultant Contract. London Underground Ltd - London. Team leader of 4 technical consultants. Consult on technical requirements for

Curriculum Vitae


    Dennis Gerolymatos

    Novell Master CNE Integrating Windows NT

    Novell Master CNE Network Management

    Novell CNE NetWare 6.5

    Novell CNE NetWare 5

    Novell CNE IntranetWare

     Novell CNE NetWare 4

    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

     Windows NT 4.0

    Cisco Certified Network Associate

    Novell Certified Internet Professional

     Internet Business Strategist

    Member of the IEEE Computer Society

    Member of British Mensa

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    Contact Details Contact Details Contact Details

    Telephone: +61 (0)400 455 578


    Address: 8/2 Newlands Street,

     Wollstonecraft, 2065

    Primary Technical Skills Primary Technical Skills Primary Technical Skills

    ; Novell NetWare 4, 5 and 6 server design and implementation ; NDS design and troubleshooting

    ; Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/2003 server design and


    ; Desktop standards design and implementation for Windows NT 4.0,

    Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

    ; Network backup solutions including ARCServe and Backup Exec ; Novell ManageWise/ZEN for Servers enterprise management system

    design and implementation

    ; Novell and Microsoft server migrations and upgrades ; Disaster recovery planing

    ; Software distribution using Intel LANDesk, Ghost, WinInstall, and NAL ; Novell ZENworks 2/3/4/6 design and implementation ; Application Integration

    ; Design and support of heterogeneous LAN technologies ; BorderManager design and implementation

    Other Skills Other Skills Other Skills

; Project Management

    ; Team leading

    ; Technical Documentation and reports

    ; High performance under pressure

    ; Excellent skills in communication and negotiation ; Professionalism in all areas

    ; Fast adaptability to new environments

    ; Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

    * Currently studying CompTIA IT Project+ and Security+ Certifications

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    Employment History Employment History Employment History

    Dec 02 Jan 06 Operations Manager, Infrastructure (Permanent)

     Artiona Securities S.A - Kifissia, Athens

    ; Manager of team of 4 Infrastructure Engineers for a financial investment

    company in Athens, Greece 320 users, 4 sites

    ; Technical Project Manager for desktop rollout, server upgrade, and

    directory upgrade projects

    ; Final point of authority in technical design of infrastructure

    ; Budget management of EUR 45,000

    ; Reporting to I.T. director

    Technology Used:

    Novell Netware 5.1, 6, and 6.5, Windows 2000 and 2003 servers, Windows

    2000 and XP desktop OS, MS Exchange 2003, Compaq servers, ZEN

    Desktop Management 6.5, eDirectory 8.7.1, NetWare Cluster Services, ZEN

    for Servers 3, SQL, Border Manager 3.8, Arcserve 11

    Oct 01 Apr 02 Technical Consultant (Contract)

     JPMorgan Chase - London

    ; Integrate business applications for Fixed Income, Markets, and Finance

    departments into London and European production environments

    ; Part of project team to convert entire London Equities department from

    WinInstall to ZENWorks infrastructure

    ; Supporting network of 3000 users and 30 Novell and Windows servers

    Dec 00 Oct 01 Project Manager/Infrastructure Consultant (Contract)

     Office for Standards in Education - London

    ; Project Manage infrastructure refresh of 11 remote branches using

    PRINCE2 methodology

    ; Design technical standards for upgrading infrastructure from NetWare 4

    to NetWare 5.1, ZEN 1.1 to ZEN 3, refresh NT4 desktops, Windows

    2000 servers, ZEN for Servers 2, Border Manager 3.6, and SQL 7.

    ; Member of the Intranet steering committee providing technical input

    ; Manage team of 4 engineers supporting 800 users nationally

    ; Design NetWare and Windows 2000 server builds and document


    ; Create and implement new NDS partition and replica design

    ; Design and implement server room expansion

    ; Upgrade switched network/hub replacement

    ; Design and implement new DNS and DHCP services

    ; Re-design and implement new IP addressing standards

    Technology Used:

    Compaq servers, Dell desktops, Ethernet, NetWare 5.1, ZEN for Desktops 3,

    ZEN for Servers 2, Windows 2000 server, ARCServe 7, Border Manager 3.6,

    Windows NT 4, SQL 7, Office 2000, GroupWise 5, NDS, LDAP.

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    Mar 00 Dec 00 Network Management Consultant (Contract)

    Ashurst Morris Crisp - London

    ; Design and document network management systems for 1500 user

    international law firm

    ; Integrate Novell ManageWise and Compaq Insight Manager on all

    NetWare and Windows NT servers

    ; Design, build, and host I.T. Intranet site

    ; Design and implement server hardware and software standards ; Upgrade NetWare and NT servers to latest patch levels and standards ; Travel to European offices to upgrade network systems ; Design and implement SNMP/email alerting for support staff ; Build network infrastructure for e-commerce project

    ; Re-design and upgrade NDS/ZENworks

    Technology Used:

    Compaq ProLiant servers, Dell desktops, Token-Ring topology, NetWare 5, NetWare 4.11, Windows NT 4.0, IIS, NetObjects Fusion, ZENworks, NAL, ARCServeIT 6.6, ManageWise 2.7, Insight Manager 4.9, NDS eDirectory

    Sep 99 Dec 99 NetWare/NT Specialist (Contract)

    The Royal Borough of Kensington and

    Chelsea - London

    ; Design and document Y2K upgrade procedures for all NetWare 3.1x


    ; Design and document Y2K upgrade procedures for all Windows NT 4.0

    servers, including Service Pack 5, IIS, Internet Explorer 4, and MDAC ; Design and document Disaster Recovery procedures

    ; Upgrade ARCServe on NetWare servers

    ; Perform OS upgrades on all NetWare and NT servers

    ; Install and configure centralised backup using Backup Exec 7.3 Technology Used

    Dell and Compaq servers, Dell workstations, Exabyte 8mm tape autoloader, NetWare 3.1x, NT 4.0, ARCServeIT 6.6, Backup Exec 7.3, Ethernet and Token-Ring topologies

    Apr 99 Sep 99 IT Consultant (Contract)

    London Underground Ltd - London

    ; Team leader of 4 technical consultants

    ; Consult on technical requirements for maintaining business critical


    ; Manage and liase with third-party vendors operating within project ; Consult on Data Migration processes and Infrastructure design ; Design and implement deployment mechanisms for remote Model


    ; Design and document application assessment procedures ; Migration project from NetWare 3.1x to Windows NT 4.0: 50 servers,

    4,500 users

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    Feb 98 Feb 99 LAN Specialist (Contract)

    Qantas Airways - Sydney

    ; Team leader of Desktop Year 2000 Project

    ; Manage 16 engineers within project spanning 10,000 users and 9


    ; Audit, Upgrade and Replace over 500 NetWare for Y2K compliancy ; World-wide travel

    ; Design and implement procedures for server and workstation


    ; Documentation of procedures

    ; Upgrade all servers to ARCServe 6.1

    ; Upgrade all servers to latest patch levels

    ; Install ManageWise 2.6 on all servers

    ; Install Norton Anti-Virus on all servers

    ; Install Compaq Insight Manager on all servers

    Technology Used

    Compaq, IBM, and Unisys Servers, IBM ThinkPads, Ethernet and Token Ring topologies, WangDAT Tape drives, HP and Lexmark printers, NetWare 4.11, NetWare 3.12, MS Windows NT 4.0, MS Windows 95, ARCServe 6.1, ARCServe 5.01g, OS/2 RPL, Lotus Notes 4.6, MS Office 97, ManageWise 2.5 and 2.6

    Nov 97 Dec 97 IT Specialist (Contract)

    Crayfish Software - Sydney

    ; Design IT Infrastructure upgrade

    ; Design Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    ; Implement network security

    ; Provide internal and external support

    ; Manage IT team

    Technology Used:

    Microsoft NT 4.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, LANDesk 6, MS Office 97, Lotus Domino 4.6, ARCServe 6.5, Windows 95, IBM Servers, PC’s and ThinkPads, Ethernet Topology.

    Aug 97 Nov 97 IT Manager (Contract)

    Sedgwick Strategic Consulting - Sydney ; Design and implement data encryption strategy

    ; Design and implement security standards

    ; Design and implement support “Help Desk”

    ; Upgrade entire IT infrastructure

    ; Create naming standards

    ; Design TCP/IP standards

    ; Implement new technology

    ; Design remote dial-in strategy

    ; Liaise with clients and install networks/software ; Initiate and manage client/vendor relationships ; Provide internal and external support

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    Sep 96 - Jun 97 LAN Consultant (Contract)

    IBM Global Services Australia Sydney and

    Hong Kong

    Project 1: Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong

    ; Project team leader

    ; Design and implement Network management using ManageWise and

    LanDesk tools

    ; Integration of network management tools with IntranetWare and NT 4 ; NDS design and consultation

    ; Design and implement backup strategy

    ; Integrate management tools with GroupWise 5

    ; Consult on Help Desk Service Centre structure

    ; Consult on Windows 95 standard desktop environment Project 2: Network standardisation for Lend Lease, Australia ; Project team leader

    ; Design Windows 95 Standard including upgrade procedure ; Design Microsoft NT 4.0 servers

    ; Design Network Management using SMS 1.2

    ; Upgrade server hardware/software

    ; Create and document procedures

    ; Research and Development

    Project 3: Linfox and Lend Lease, Australia

    ; Project team member

    ; Design and implement Network management using ManageWise and

    LanDesk tools

    ; Integration of NetWare management into enterprise management


    ; Upgrade server hardware/software

    ; Create and document procedures

    ; Baseline servers and set Alarm Thresholds

    ; Train support staff

    Technology Used:

    IBM PC Servers, IBM ThinkPads, IBM Desktops, IBM Mainframe, 3Com,

    Synoptics, and Cisco hubs and routers, Token Ring and Ethernet

    Topologies, IntranetWare, NetWare/IP, NetWare 4.1, NetWare 3.12,

    ManageWise 2.1, LanDesk 2.5, ArcServe 6, MS Office 97, Windows 95,

    Optivity Campus 6.0.

    Jun 96 - Sep 96 PC/LAN Specialist (Contract)

    American Express (Regional Operations

    Centre) - Sydney

    ; Second Level Network Support/Troubleshooting

    ; Administer Regional WAN

    ; Remove viruses

    ; Install and configure workstations

    ; Upgrade hardware/software

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    Apr 96 - Jun 96 PC/LAN Specialist (Contract)

    Vodac Pty Ltd - Sydney

    ; Administer Australian WAN

    ; Customise and rationalise network

    ; Solve general PC/LAN problems

    ; Patch and configure network ports and phones ; Administer network backups

    ; Document procedures and train IT staff

    ; Build and configure workstations

    ; Rationalise network printing

    Jan 96 - Apr 96 IT Specialist (Permanent)

    McKinsey & Company - Sydney ; Manage and Administer Australian WAN

    ; Implement changeover from Macintosh to PC platforms ; Provide support to consultants in Asia-Pacific ; Manage Teleconferencing

    ; Upgrade hardware/software

    ; Build and configure standard workstation templates ; Patch and configure network ports

    ; Upgrade network printing

    Aug 95 - Jan 96 Customer Support Manager (Permanent)

    Westpac DeskBank Support - Sydney ; Provide national technical support to Westpac banking customers

    ; Install and train users in proprietary software ; Technical product management of new software ; Liaise with external contractors for on-site support

    Sep 94 - Aug 95 Help Desk Consultant (Permanent)

    Westpac Bank National Help Desk - Sydney ; Provide national technical support to Westpac Bank ; Acceptance testing of new Help Desk logging system ; Acceptance testing of new Westpac software releases ; Troubleshooting PC/Networks

    ; Provide user training

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Education and Certification Education and Certification Education and Certification

    Jan 2006: Novell CNE NetWare 6.5

    Dec 2000: Novell Certified Directory Engineer (CDE) candidate

    Jul 1999: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

    Mar 1999: Novell CNE NetWare 5

    Dec 1998: Novell Certified Internet Professional (CIP)

     Internet Business Strategist

    Oct 1998: Master CNE (MCNE) Integrating Windows NT

    Sep 1998: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

     Windows NT

    Jan 1998: Master CNE (MCNE) Network Management

    Jan 1998: Novell CNE - IntranetWare

    Aug 1996: Course: Supporting Windows NT 3.51

    Mar 1996: Course: Lotus Notes Technical User

    Jul 1995: Novell CNE NetWare 4

    1990 - 1993: 3rd Year Electrical Engineering

     University of Western Sydney (Nepean)

    1989: Higher School Certificate

     Hornsby TAFE, NSW, Australia

    1987: Higher School Certificate

     St Leo’s College, Wahroonga, NSW, Australia

    Other Interests Other Interests Other Interests

    Music Composition: Active for many years in school musicals and bands, as

    well as composing and recording semi-professional


    SCUBA Diving: Certified PADI Rescue Diver, with 8 years experience

    diving around Australia and Europe.

    Languages: Fluent English with basic Dutch and Greek.

    Travel: Travelled extensively throughout Australia, Asia and

    Europe, with proven skills in cross-culture integration. Associations: Member of IEEE Computer Society and British Mensa.

In Brief In Brief In Brief

    I highly enjoy roles that allow the use of problem solving techniques and the

    application of technical knowledge. I perform well in these areas and actively

    seek any challenges that allow logistical, organisational, and/or systematic

    solutions. I am always expanding my knowledge to be proficient with leading

    technology and its application.

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