Rules for Participation - UniStars Unicycling Showtroupe

By Willie Wilson,2014-12-08 10:43
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Rules for Participation - UniStars Unicycling Showtroupe

     Rules for Participation

    ; Participation in the UniStars is at the members' own risk. All riders will be required to

    complete an annual registration / photo and liability release form.

    ; All members are expected to have respect for their fellow riders, and must practice and

    perform in a safe, considerate manner.

; There is an annual participation fee of $50. for all troupe members.

; Membership in the troupe does not guarantee that you will perform in every event.

    All members will practice together. Prior to each event you will be evaluated to see if

    you have mastered the skills necessary to participate in the event.

    ; All participants are required to enroll in the UNISTARS UNICYCLE SHOWTROUPE

    CLASS through Fauquier County Parks & Rec., and pay the fee to the county, which

    they charge for this class.

    This class will meet on Wednesday evenings at the Vint Hill gym, and will be our

    weekly practice. There will be no additional fees associated with the class other than

    the county charge. Consideration will be made for those adult and advanced riders

    unable to participate in the classes, but still wanting to join the troupe in order to

    perform at events.

; Attendance at practice is encouraged but not mandatory.

     Prior notice to missing practice is appreciated, as it helps with practice plans.

; Missing practice prior to a performance or exhibition, not a parade, may impact your

    ability to participate in that event.

    Directors' discretion will be used to determine event participation on an individual

    basis. Membership in the troupe does not guarantee that you will be performing in

    every event, or in every routine. Skills must be mastered in order to perform.

; The UniStars perform in approximately 12 parades and events per year.

     Participation in these events is not mandatory, though it is strongly encouraged.

     We are a performance troupe that is dependent on its riders. We ask that you

     consider this group as you would membership in any other team you are a part of,

     and try to attend all events.

     We do understand that schedules are hectic, and know that there will be conflicts. It

     is required, though, to let us know as soon as possible if you will be participating in

     each event so we can plan accordingly.

    Parade Participation It is hopeful that all troupe members will be able to participate in

     all parades. However if a rider is struggling with certain formations they may not be

     able to ride in the larger parades (i.e. Cherry Blossom Parade).

     Riders must be under parental supervision (or other specified adult) until the parade

     begins, and must be met at the end of the parade by a parent or other responsible

     adult. Please be sure that your rider knows where to meet you at the parade end

     BEFORE the parade begins.

    Exhibition Participation Performance at exhibitions will be based on ability. All members

     will have some participation in exhibitions, but those members able to perform more

     advanced stunts, or who own their own specialty equipment, will be showcased more.

    ; The UniStars will provide props and accessories (i.e. ramps, sea saw, hoops, etc.) to be

    used for practices and performances.

    ; All riders will be expected to help move equipment, and load & unload the trailer when


    ; You are required to provide your own unicycle, and strongly encouraged to purchase

    other equipment that you want to ride.

     We do not provide the unicycles for parades or performances.

; Some specialty cycles owned by the UniStars may be made available to participants.

     There is no guarantee that you will be able to perform on UniStars owned specialty

    equipment, as there is not enough for everyone to ride. Though we try to give

    everyone the opportunity to ride additional equipment, seniority in the troupe does

    take priority. We stress the idea of purchasing your own specialty equipment, as

    once the equipment is mastered, you will be able to perform on it.

; All participants are responsible to purchase the required UniStars clothing.

     UniStars logo shirt, shorts, jacket, pants & hats are purchased through the troupe.

     Black sneakers, black socks and green shoelaces are also to be worn.

     Parents and siblings are also able (and encouraged) to purchase shirts to wear to

     show their support of the troupe at events.

; All riders MUST be dressed in required UniStars clothing to perform at events.

     Prior to each event, riders will be told which clothes to wear and they MUST wear

     the specified clothing, or they will not be allowed to participate in the event.

; Members will be asked to set specific goals for learning new skills at practice session.

    ; Practice time will be spent trying to achieve these goals, and also learning/practicing

    routines for upcoming performances.

     Practice sessions prior to performances will be spent rehearsing for the exhibition or

     parade. If you are not participating in an upcoming event, you will be expected to

practice skills on your own while event preparation takes place.

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