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By Janet Hall,2014-04-04 22:56
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Comments on FBR from oversea sites

by H-bomb on 04-29-2003 @ 01:14:51 PM

    This song haunts me, intrigues me, confuses me and unquestionably holds me whenever I listen to it. I have asked numerous people to sit and listen to it in order to gain their insight and often similar themes emerge of love and betrayal and a three-sided relationship of sorts. For me I was initially caught by the song??s complex simplicity. What I mean by this is that it lulls you in with its observations and uncomplicated arrangements only to leave you perplexed and feeling like you know less each time you listen. Its art is hidden. I suppose its better that way.

by kconway on 02-02-2005 @ 09:10:16 AM

    Ive always felt the two men were more than friends-perhaps brothers. "Did you ever go clear?" is a reference to Scientology. This song moves me for it blends envy, longing, compassion, passion and the acceptance of what it is.

     the brother clearly won Janes affection with a "flake" of his life - almost incidentally

     The brothers enemy is his illness, which drives him to build a house in the desert and live for nothing, which he planned to escape by "going clear", the illness that is so integral to his mythic and transformative character that it, "the enemy," is what took the trouble from Janes eye, and made her "his woman".

    by badge on 05-17-2005 @ 09:22:03 AM

    recently (well, 1994!), in an interview with the BBC Radio Station in England, Cohen has commented on this song saying "the problem with that song is that ive forgotten the actual triangle.....it was a song ive never been satisfied with....ive never felt that this one, that i really nailed the lyric...ive always felt that there was something about the song that was unclear". so, you see even Mr. Cohens not sure what its about. no wonder we all have such diffuclty finding a completely satisfactory interpretation of it! Sidebeard has done a good job though. great song isnt it?

by Fypast on 07-04-2005 @ 04:03:07 PM

    I didnt read all of the comments (sorry if thats rude), but I wanted to comment that I think sidebeards analysis misses the point of the song. Janes action isnt meant to be a "disloyalty." The singer is struggling with realizing that another man gave his woman something he couldnt give her... that he is not a god (a complex many guys have trouble with). Hes struggling to realize that its okay. That he can still love both these individuals... that the "affair" wasnt a betrayal. It was Janes freedom exposed, along with his own freedom. This common friend caused this, for which the singer is both thankful and regretful.

by Almost Real on 10-30-2005 @ 07:13:55 AM

    Anyone whose partner has run off with their best friend must know how he feels here.

     by BCMM on 06-08-2006 @ 03:17:49 PM Does anyone understand the reference to "Lili Marleen"? It was the name of a WWII song that was well known in various languages in most of Europe.

someone said: Jane was Janis Joplin??

    by jul1a on 06-18-2006 @ 06:39:37 AM I just looked up "flake" on dictionary.com, and it says flake is a slang term for cocane. So Seagull could be onto something with his interpretation. But if his lyrics "thanks for taking the trouble from her eyes" is refering to the drugs, why would he be thanking him for turning her into an addicted zombie. I think maby the other interpretation, a moment in his life, makes more sense.

    Also, i just wanted to add that before reading these comments, i always thought the flake line was implying that Jane and the blue raincoat guy had an affair, and then he tossed her into the hands of another man that turned out to be a flake . Because when i hear flake, i think of a person. But i think i was probably way off.

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