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IT Consultant, Full Time, September 2007 Present. Provided visual design and programming solutions in web and software application development using

    JULIE Fennell

    7814 Glenside Dr. ? Rowlett, Texas 75089 ? 214-676-5244


    OBJECTIVE Experienced web developer in programming, developing, and designing cutting edge web

    applications to effectively increase business and client interest.

    SUMMARY 6 years of combined web development experience using ASP.NET, SQL, WPF, PHP and

    MySQL and designing websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Photoshop. Demonstrated

    abilities by quickly learning various Microsoft Technologies such as SharePoint, .NET, and

    LINQ. Strong knowledge in creating UI designs and layouts.

    TECHNICAL SKILLS Internet & Languages

    ASP.NET 3.0/3.5, SQL 2005/2008, WPF, XAML, MVVM, PHP 4.0/5.0, MySQL, AJAX,

    Javascript, HTML, CSS


    Adobe Photoshop, Expression Blend, Visual Studio 2008/2010, SharePoint, Dreamweaver MX,

    Flash MX, Illustrator, Tortoise SVN


    Windows OS, Mac OS

    CERTIFICATIONS Microsoft 70-536 .NET Framework Application Development Foundation

    Microsoft 70-502 .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Presentation Foundation

    WORK EXPERIENCE Pariveda Solutions, Inc, Dallas, Texas

    IT Consultant, Full Time, September 2007 Present

Provided visual design and programming solutions in web and software application development

    using Microsoft Technologies. Clients include T-System, Dallas ISD, Boy Scouts of America, FICS, Highland Capital and Big Thought.

    ; Worked closely with company executives and owners to present solutions for software

    and web design while meeting business requirements

    ; Created UI wireframes and true proof of concepts using Adobe Photoshop to help

    clients visualize the application’s design and layout

    ; Developed rich client applications and prototypes using WPF, XAML, Expression Blend,

    C# and the MVVM Framework

    ; Programmed web applications using ASP.NET, SQL, LINQ, and Visual Studio to

    produce online data management systems

    ; Followed Agile Development processes for quicker development and building one-to-

    one client relationships

    ; Incorporated Web 2.0 designs while working on various client and internal projects

    using Photoshop, CSS, HTML, and applying ASP.NET Themes

    ; Develop CSS styles for cross browser consistency between IE7+ and FireFox

    ; Custom designed Sharepoint UI by analyzing the software’s default code and HTML to

    apply custom CSS and themes

    ; Mentored co-workers to help understand how to use design, HTML, and CSS effectively

    and efficiently on other projects within the company

    ; Estimated project tasks to provide accurate completion time

Brazos Valley Design, Inc, College Station, Texas

    Web Developer, Full Time, April 2005 September 2007

Responsible for single-handedly managing and developing SmartISD, a web-based

    management system for school districts.

    ; Transformed pre-beta version from scratch by efficiently programming over 30 dynamic

    modules using object oriented PHP, AJAX, Javascript and HTML

    Julie Bounhoseng Page 2

    ; Developed large relational databases using MySQL to provide quick data access

    ; Incorporated open source programs to enhance user experience and visibility

    ; Collaborated in a team environment to broaden solutions and conceptualize ideas

    ; Clearly presented and demonstrated software to 100+ interested school districts

    ; Provided customer support, including detailed coding issues and general “how to’s”

    ; Designed front-end website to demo product capabilities using Dreamweaver,

    Photoshop, PHP, HTML, and CSS

    ; Designed user-friendly and intuitive administrative GUI for quick navigation between


    ; Reported to creative director with important project deadlines and goals

    ; Completed project in 1 year for early beta testing

    ; Graphically designed basis for advertisements such as postcards, brochures, and

    display booths

    Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

    Web Design Freelancer, August 2005, November 2005 January 2006

    ; Redesigned new websites for WaterLINK and Kansas Campus Compact Departments

    using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript

    ; Reported to department head for proofing and meeting various goals on time

    ; Provided efficient online troubleshooting as needed

    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

    Web Designer, Full Time, January 2005 April 2005

    ; Created a new design for the department website to enhance appearance and HTML


    ; Reported to lead software engineer and department head to collaborate on usability

    ideas and proofing

    ; Upgraded applications by learning and using ColdFusion, ASP, and MS Access as


    Institute of Food Science and Engineering, College Station, Texas

    Webmaster, Part-Time to Full-Time, May 2004 April 2005

    ; Maintained and updated content for main and department websites

    ; Oversaw website projects, assessing client technical and aesthetic needs

    ; Designed and developed client websites including follow-up services, such as

    publishing and updating new content using HTML, CSS, and Photoshop

    ; Managed multiple websites simultaneously and communicated directly with clients to

    effectively meet needs and deliver well-developed sites

    ; Added dynamic user interactivity by programming a new faculty database and

    newsletter emailing list system with user and administrative functionalities using PHP

    and MySQL

    ; Acquired department photography from educational workshops and training

    EDUCATION Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

     Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (EE), December 2004

    VOLUNTEER We Are Microsoft 2010, Team Won First Place for Charity Bryan’s House

     We Are Microsoft 2009, Team Won Third Place for Charity Texas Discovery Gardens

     We Are Microsoft 2008, Team Won Third Place for Charity TRUSAR


    REFERENCES Available Upon Request

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