Unit 9 What does he look like

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whatdoeslooklike what does he like what does he look what look like what does fox say what does what does it mean what does he do

    Unit 9 What does he look like?

    班级__________ 姓名____________ 学号_________ 等级______________



    A) 从以下方框内选出适当的单词完成句子;使句子意思通顺。每词限用一次。

    singer, heavy, short, round, remember, straight, height, handsome

    1. We all like him because he is very ________________________.

    2. He has a new look. He has long __________________________ hair now.

    3. I can’t __________________________ the student. What’s his name?

    4. Jackie likes singing, he is a _____________________________ of our school band.

    5. The man is very fat. And he has a ___________________________face.

    6. My hair is _____________________ and his hair is long.

    7. My friend is of medium ___________________________.

    8. His father is really tall and ______________________, but his uncle is short and thin. B) 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。

    1. What____________________ (do) he look like? He is really tall and has curly hair.

2. He ___________________________ (have) a new look.

    3. He is very tired, but he doesn’t stop____________________________ (work).

    4. Granny loves____________________________ (tell) stories for us.

    5. Wang Fei is a good _________________________ (sing). I like her songs very much. 6. The man with___________________________ (glass) is Jakes father.

    7. Some ____________________________ (people) like the girl’s new look.

    C) behave 的适当形式填空。

    1. She _________________________ tall and thin.

    2. I ___________________________ curly hair.

    3. Jim ____________________ heavy and ______________________ big eyes.

    4. Tom __________________ short and ______________________ short curly hair.

    5. I ___________________ long black hair and ___________________ of medium height.


    ( ) 1. The boy _________very tall and he _________ blonde hair.

     A. is; is B. has; has C. is; has D. has; is

    ( ) 2. Do you know the person _________ funny glasses?

     A. with B. in C. at D. for ( ) 3. His father has __________ short hair and ________ big nose.

     A. a; a B. /; a C. a; / D. /; / ( ) 4. What does your mother __________? Shes tall and thin.

A. like B. likes C. looks like D. look like

    ( ) 5. Lets stop __________ and do our homework.

     A. talking B. talk C. talks D. to talk ( ) 6. My father is __________ quiet.

     A. a lot B. little C. lots of D. a little ( ) 7. My brother always __________ a T-shirt and jeans.

     A. takes B. looks C. wears D. has

    ( ) 8. He likes _________ to music and ____________ basketball.

     A. listen; play B. listening; playing

     C. listening; play D. listen; playing ( ) 9. The word good-looking means (意思是) _________.

     A. funny B. tall C. beautiful D. relaxing ( ) 10. __________ Hes tall and thin.

     A. How is your father? B. What does your father like?

     C. How does he like? D. What does your father look like?

    ( ) 11. Tom _________ his father and his father _________ very young.

     A. look like; looks B. looks like; looks

     C. looks; looks like D. looks like; look ( ) 12. I can go _________, and nobody __________ me.

     A. shop; know B. shopping; know

     C. to shop; knows D. shopping; knows ( ) 13. Do you know that girl ________ long hair?

     A. with B. in C. has D. to have ( ) 14. The flowers are __________ and the child is __________.

     A. beautiful; good-looking B. good-looking; beautiful

     C. handsome; pretty D. good-looking; good-looking ( ) 15. My brother likes playing _____ soccer but my sister likes playing _____


     A. the; the B. /; / C. /; the D. the; / 三、根据汉语完成下列英语句子。

    1. 他们不同地描述史密斯先生。

     They _________________________ Mr Smith _________________________.

    2. 最后我们找到了Frank

     ________________ ___________________ _______________, we find Frank.

    3. 我认为他不是很棒

     I ________________________think he__________________________ so great. 4. 他不高也不矮;中等身材。

     He isnt tall or short. He is .

    5. 约翰尼根本不戴眼镜。

     Johnny doesnt wear glasses ______________________ ______________________. 四、根据答语填写问句

    1. A: _______________________________________________?

     B: Yes, he has short hair.

    2. A: _______________________________________________?

     B: She has long straight hair.

    3. A: _______________________________________________?

     B: Yes, he always wears glasses.

    4. A: _______________________________________________?

     B: They are of medium height and they have long black hair.

    5. A: _______________________________________________?

     B: He isn’t tall or short. He is of medium height.



    A: Do you know Ted Green? B: Hmm. 1

    A: Well, he is medium height 2

    B: Is he thin?

    A: 3

    B: 4

    A: Yes, he likes to wear glasses.

    B: Oh, yeah. He is in my science class. 5

    A: No, he is my brother.

A. and he has curly hair.

    B. Is he your friend?

    C. What does he look like?

    D. Does he wear glasses?

    E. Yes, he is.

1._________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5.___________


    has, like, His, is, are, have, on, tall, France,


    My name is Lisa. This 1 a photo of my family. I am 2 the left. I 3

    long curly hair. My eyes 4 brown. I am 5 the USA. This is my husband (

    ), Carlos. Hes 30 years old. Carlos comes from 6 . He has short black hair. He is 7 and handsome. This is our son. 8 name is Sam. He is very active and friendly. He _9 brown hair and brown eyes. I think he looks 10 my husband.

1._________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5.___________

6._________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.___________ 10.___________


    My father is forty-six years old. His name is Jacob. He is a teacher, He teaches

    math. He is tall and a little heavy. He has short black hair. He has a beard (

    ). He wears glasses. He loves to tell jokes (笑话). His students like him very much.

     My mother is forty-four years old. Her name is Laura. She is a doctor. She works in a hospital. She is short and thin. She has beautiful, long, blonde hair and she wears glasses. But my mother wants a new look. She wants curly, brown hair.

    ( ) 1. Jacob is the writers (作者的)____________.

     A. mother B. father C. friend D. uncle

    ( ) 2. Jacob is ____________.

     A. tall and a little thin B. tall and a little heavy

    C. short and a little heavy D. short and a little thin

    ( ) 3. Laura is ____________

     A. forty-four years old. B. forty-six years old.

    C. sixty-four years old. D. forty-five years old. ( ) 4. Laura has ____________ hair.

     A. short and black B. curly and blonde

    C. beautiful, long and blonde D. straight black

    ( ) 5. Laura wants ____________.

     A. a beard B. a new look C. black eyes D.straight hair 八、书面表达。






    ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________



    A) 1. handsome 2. straight 3. remember 4. singer 5. round 6.short 7. height 8.


    B) 1. does 2. has 3. working 4. telling 5. singer 6. glasses 7. people

    C) 1. is 2. have 3. ishas 4. ishas 5. haveam


    1-5. CABDA 6-10. DCBCD 11-15. BDAAC 三?

    1.describedifferently 2. In the end 3. dont is 4.of medium height 5. at all 四?

    1. Does he have short hair?

    2. What does she look like?

    3. Does he wear glasses?

    4. What do they look like?

    5. What does he look like?


    1-5. CAEDB


    1. is 2. on 3. have 4. are 5. from 6. France 7. tall 8. His 9. has

    10. like


    1-5. BBACB

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