February 1, 2006

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February 1, 2006

    China Disabled People’s

    Performing Arts Troupe

    “My Dream”

Documents to assist in the Presentation of the China Disabled Peoples

    Performing Arts Troupe performance of “My Dream”

    Benaroya Hall, May 16, 2006

Dear Patron of the Arts,

Thank you for your interest of the Chinese Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe (CDPPAT).

    As a corporate sponsor, you have underwriting options from $1,000 to $25,000 (see attached), which includes VIP show tickets, program recognition, poster recognition, media recognition, and reception for delegates.

    I have also attached the CDPPAT story and performance schedule for your convenience. Should you need additional information please contact me at (253) 590-3750 or by email at

Yours sincerely,

Mark Owen

    Project Manager


    ________ Title Sponsor $25,000 25- VIP Show Tickets, program

     recognition, poster recognition,

     media recognition, and performance


    ________ Diamond Sponsor $10,000 10- VIP Show Tickets, program

     recognition, poster recognition, and

     media recognition.

    ________ Gold Sponsor $5,000 6- VIP Show Tickets, program

     recognition, and poster recognition.

    ________ Silver Sponsor $2,500 4- VIP Show Tickets and program


    ________ Friendship Sponsor $1,000 2- VIP Show Tickets and program


    Deadline: April 30, 2006

    Make checks payable to:


    Memo: Chinese Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe

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Return to:

Mark Owen

    Project Manager

    Chinese Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe

    106 N Meridian

    Puyallup, WA 98371

    (253) 590-3750


    The China Disabled Peoples Performing Arts Troupe

    consists of a group of 45 highly selected, physically disabled

    and mentally impaired people that provide a breathtaking and

    inspirational performance titled, ―My Dream‖ that invokes

    the human spirit and creates friendship. The troupe’s

    performers are blind, hearing impaired, developmentally

    disabled and mentally impaired.

    The Troupe offers audiences serious artistry in traditional

    Chinese dance, music, and poetry. The artists within the

    Troupe come from all parts of China; many have overcome

    considerable difficulties and hardships to perform with the

    Troupe, which has appeared in some forty countries around

    the world. The Troupe represents a truly landmark cultural

    achievement for China and the world, looking beyond

    disability to recognize each artist’s individual talent, then

    bringing these individuals together in performances that

    celebrate the inspiring, universal language of art. In its many

    international performances the Troupe has been warmly and

    emotionally received and praised for its exceptional artistry.

China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe was created

    in 1987. The Troupe actively participated in the UN’s

    Decade of Disabled Persons (1983-1992) and Asian and

    Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993-2002). The

    Troupe has performed in over 40 countries and regions. It

    has performed in top world-class theatres like Carnegie Hall in the United States and La Scala Theatre in Italy. Its praises have been sung by President Clinton, the President of China, as well as many other important leaders worldwide. They

    have won the hearts of audiences all over the world by their solid background of Chinese Culture and their colorful

    national charm. They were praised as ―Ambassadors of

    Beauty and Friendship‖.

Contact: Mark Owen

    (253) 590-3750;


    Deng Pufang, eldest son of the

    late Deng Xiaoping, China's

    paramount leader for decades, was

    born in 1944, and admitted in

    1962 by Peking University - the

    highest institution of learning in

    China, where he was determined

    to dedicate himself to be a

    physicist. In 1968, the political

    catastrophe of "Cultural

    Revolution" made him paraplegic.

    The high rises and deep falls of

    the destiny forged his

    determination to diligently pursue

    the humanitarian courses. He

    established China Disabled

    Persons' Federation and China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe and devoted himself to the challenging endeavor of

    creating new life for disabled persons. He received the titles and awards such as the "United

    Nations Peace Messenger", "Special Award of Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons",

    "Lions Clubs International Award" and "Paul Harris Award of Rotary International"...

He led the Chinese disabled people to

    explore the development of special art

    and held five National Art Festivals of

    Disabled Persons, which helped

    forging disabled performing artists and

    creating masterpiece of special art.

    The China Disabled People'

    Performing Arts Troupe have

    traversed the length and breadth of the

    motherland and visited over 30

    countries. They bring people a treat of

    art and a touch of heart through their

    special way.


    Twenty years ago only 6% of disabled children had access to education; today 70-80% are in school. Employment rates among disabled people have also risen from 50% to more than 70%. In 1990 a law was passed guaranteeing rights for the handicapped.

    The legal and policy guarantees for the rights and interests of disabled people have been enhanced. In 2004, an amendment of the "Law on Protection of the Disabled" was started, aiming to further improve the legal guarantee for the rights and interests of the disabled and for the development of undertakings relating to the disabled. At present, most counties, towns and townships in China have formulated preferential policies for the disabled and regulations on aiding them. In the rural areas, the disabled enjoy reduction of or exemption from taxes and fees. In September 2004, the State Council officially approved a second national sample survey regarding the disabled people, which would gather basic information on their present situations, and provide a detailed, reliable basis for the government to formulate and implement laws, regulations, development plans, policies and measures concerning the disabled, to strengthen and improve services for them, and to help them be better off. The government issued the "Opinions on Further Enhancing the Work of Aiding Impoverished Disabled People," which provides an overall plan for the aid, social security, employment, education, rehabilitation and rights protection for the impoverished disabled people, and which promotes settlement oft heir problems in basic production and living. In 2004, China Welfare Fund for the Disabled donated 1 million yuan and cooperated with the China Disabled Persons' Federation in launching the campaign of "aiding the disabled in protection of their rights," providing subsidies for handling cases involving disabled people who needed legal aid. Legal service and aid organizations provided services and aid to the disabled totaling 130,000 person-times, thus safeguarding their legal rights and interests.

    Employment statistics from China are more or less the opposite of U.S. statistics showing that the rate of unemployed disabled Americans hovers around 70%. It might have been productive to explore how it is that in only two decades China has been able to best the U.S. employment record, and that of many other countries which report equally bleak employment rates for their disabled populations.

    In China, the socialized rehabilitation service system has been continuously improved, key rehabilitation projects implemented effectively, and disabled people's self-reliance in daily life, social adaptability and living qualities enhanced. In 2004, over 3.30 million disabled people overcame their disabilities to varying degrees. Of them, 580,000 people suffering from cataracts received operations to recover their sight, among whom over 100,000 impoverished received free operations; nearly 30,000 people suffering from poor sight were provided with visual aids; 24,000 deaf children received training in hearing and speaking; over 80,000 physically disabled persons and children suffering from cerebral palsy and mental disabilities participated in rehabilitation training; over 2.50 million people suffering from mental diseases underwent medical treatment and rehabilitation training; more than 3,900 persons suffering from malformation caused by leprosy received plastic surgical operations; and over 1million devices for aiding the disabled were supplied.

    The disabled persons' education and employment have been better guaranteed. Education for disabled children has been included in the state compulsory education system, and their

    enrollment rate been rising continuously. In 2004, 4,112 disabled students were admitted to institutions of higher learning, 543,000 disabled people received vocational education and training, and over 40,000impoverished disabled students received financial assistance. In urban areas, 305,000 disabled people were newly employed; in rural areas, 16.241 million disabled people engaged in crop farming, fish breeding and poultry raising, or household handicraft making. The rate of employment for the disabled has exceeded 80 percent.

    Social security for the disabled has been better implemented. Large numbers of disabled people have benefited from the minimum living standard program. Classified assistance has been carried out in some areas, where special aid is provided for disabled people with excessive difficulties, such as seriously disabled people or families with more than one disabled members, by raising their minimum living guarantee standard and level. In some urban areas, impoverished disabled people who are self-employed are entitled to subsidies for participating in basic old-age insurance. At present, 4.469 million disabled people in China are provided with social security of various forms. The aid-the-poor development program for the rural areas continues to provide special aid to the impoverished disabled people, and people from all walks of life in the society have assisted impoverished disabled people in various ways. In 2004, 1.27 million disabled people no longer had the problem of not having enough to eat and wear. To improve the housing conditions of impoverished disabled people, the central treasury appropriated 50 million yuan for subsidies and the local governments at various levels funded 277 million yuan in total to renovate the houses of over 20,000 households, benefiting 27,000 disabled people.

    A social environment of equal participation, care and help for disabled people has taken shape. On May 16, 2004, the 14th "National Help-the-Disabled Day," a rich variety of practical, effective activities were launched all over the country. Help-the-disabled activities in the society continued, including "Volunteers for Helping the Disabled," "Red Scarf Movement for Helping the Disabled," "Cultural Circles' Help for the Disabled," "Help for the Disabled from Science and Technology Circles" and "Legal Assistance for the Disabled," solving many practical difficulties for them. More than 50,000 liaison offices of help-the-disabled volunteers have been established throughout the country. Headway has been made in building a barrier-free environment for the disabled. A large number of sloping passages, paths for the blind, handrails and audio traffic signs and other facilities for the disabled persons' convenience have been either built or renovated on the major roads, in shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, theaters, museums, airports, railway stations and public premises in the large and medium-sized cities. Twelve cities launched the campaign of building a model barrier-free city. Many news programs on TV are with sign language. More and more TV programs and films have subtitles. All these have made it more convenient for disabled people to come out of home to participate in information exchange and social life and enjoy public services. An environment where the disabled people are understood, respected, cared about and helped in the society has gradually taken shape.


    ; Deng Pufang, received the titles and awards such as the "United Nations Peace

    Messenger", "Special Award of Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons", "Lions

    Clubs International Award" and "Paul Harris Award of Rotary International."

    ; Deng Pufang led the Chinese disabled people to explore the development of special art

    and held five National Art Festivals of Disabled Persons.

; The China Disabled People's Performing Arts Troupe presented a very special art

    performance during the 60th UNESCAP Commission Session in Shanghai, China (22 -

    28 April 2004).

; The Troupe actively participated in the UN’s Decade of Disabled Persons (1983-1992)

    and Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993-2002).

    ; Chinese Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe has performed in over 40 countries

    including Korea, Australia, China, Poland, Denmark, America…


    ; This is an exciting night, and it is full of dreams. The Polish people will gain a lot of

    enlightenment from it.‖ - Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski

    ; I wish My Dream could transcend barriers of nation and disability. It is my expectation

    to see your talents and enjoy your wonderful performance.‖ - Danish Prime Minister Med

    venlig hilsen, May. 2002

    ; A Special art form is a new flower blossoming in the world of arts. The artistic

    creativity of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe shows that people with

    disabilities are also creators of both material and spiritual wealth. Such a spirit of bravely

    pursuing and creating a better life should be followed by all human beings‖. - Chinese

    President Jiang Zemin Sept. 2000

    ; I thank all those participating in the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe for

    their role in building bridges of understanding among the peoples of the world and in

    strengthening the depth and breadth of U.S. China relations. Best wishes for a

    wonderful visit to the United States.‖ - U.S. President Bill Clinton Sept. 2000

    ; ―The unique art created by the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe will

    enable people to further learn the diversified nature of mankind and cherish our common

    goal and wealth.‖ - Datuk Sri Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia

    ; ―The artistic charm of the special art presented by the China Disabled People’s

    Performing Art Troupe touches the hearts of all people and the strong willpower revealed

    by the artists with disabilities is so encouraging. Whenever I recall my time of being

    together with our special artists, the aesthetic appreciation of art will recur to my mind

    and a lofty emotion linger in my heart.‖ - Chinese Premier of the State Council Zhu

    Rongji, May. 2002.

    ; Your performance is the best one I have ever seen in my life. It is the idea of my brother,

    President Kennedy, to build this National Performing Arts Center, which was then named

    after him. He would enjoy the performance very much presented by the China Disabled

    People’s Performing Art Troupe, if he could be here today.‖ - Eunice Kennedy Shriver

    Sept. 2000

    ; ―It is fitting that the Troupe’s tour in the United States includes the John F. Kennedy

    Center for the Performing Arts. Engraved in stone on the side of this great performance

    hall is this quote from President Kennedy: ―I am certain that after the dust of centuries

    has passed over our cities, we too will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle

    or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.‖ These performers share a

    tremendous human spirit. Their artistry has inspired millions of Chinese people and now

    promises to do the same here in the United States.- U. S. Vice President Al Gore Sept.


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