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Okayama University? North East China Universities

    Platform, Graduate Student Exchange Program


    Double Degree?Short-term Study


    Winter Seminar?Summer Seminar


    O-NECUS Consortium Universities

    Dalian Medical University Northeast Normal University China Medical University Harbin Medical University Jilin University

    Okayama University

    Graduate School of Socio-Cultural Sciences,

     Graduate School of Education,

    Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences

    November 2007


    Program outline………………………………………………………….. 1 Guide to student acceptance……………… ……………………. …. 6 General schedule………………………………………………………….10 Procedures from entrance examination to traveling to Japan…… 13 Outline of winter and summer seminars……………………………..15 Double degree system, preparation of master’s thesis…………….. 16 Contact information………………………………………………………17 Forms……………………………………………………………………….19

    Program Outline


    The program is called Okayama university-North East China Universities

    Platform Graduate Student Exchange Program, hereinafter abbreviated as ―O-NECUS‖.

    Okayama University has launched the joint O-NECUS program and constructed a consortium with 5 universities in north-east China aiming to

    achieve postgraduate education of global standard, international validity of

    graduate degree and assurance of quality, as a step toward re-organization and

    improvement of relationship with foreign graduate schools and accumulation

    of talented people.

     Okayama university-North East China Universities Platform Graduate Student

    Exchange Program (O-NECUS)

    Harbin Medical University Harbin

    Northeast Normal University

    Jilin University Changchun

    Okayama University

    Changchun Office

    Northeast University Shenyang Habin Medical University

    Okayama University

    Shenyang Office

    China Medical University


    Dalian Medical University



    International Center University with University with

    Inter-university agreement Inter-departmental agreement Graduate Schools


     1 Joint degree (Double degree) system

    1) The system aims to allow graduate school masters students and

    undergraduate-masters joint course students of Okayama University

    and five universities in northeast China to acquire double degree

    (masters) from universities of both sides. By constructing and agreeing

    on a joint graduate program between the universities of two sides,

    students enter both universities as regular students and upon fulfilling

    the graduation requirements of the universities on both sides will

    obtain masters degree from both universities.

    2) Number of students to be accepted/dispatched (full-time student)

     Acceptance at Okayama University Dispatch from China

    (all faculties) (all faculties)

    Social cultural / education A few persons A few persons

    course (tentative name)

    Life sciences course A few persons A few persons

    (tentative name)

    3) Implementation method for entrance examination

    (In the case of acceptance by Okayama University)

    Students who wish to enter Okayama University should be a master’s

    student or an undergraduate-master’s joint course student of the

    universities in China, with a good academic record. Those who wish to

    enter the doctorate course in Okayama University (Joint Graduate School

    for Faculty of Education) are desirable.

    ? Conditions to join the program are: 1. the host professor has to be

    identified, and 2. applicant should attend the winter (every year

    January-February) or summer (May) Seminar (intensive courses)

    organized and conducted by Okayama University in China.


    ? In China, professors from Okayama University and Chinese university

    will conduct a special selection examination [document review

    (Japanese language proficiency examination, TOEFL, etc) and

    interview]. Based on the results of the selection process, the host

    professor decides on whether the examinees pass or fail the


    ? This program admits students in April and in October.

    (In the case of dispatch from Okayama University)

    st Recruitment entrance examination ? Those who have paid the 1

    nd(around August), or the 2 Recruitment entrance examination (around

    February) fee of the master’s course (first term doctor course). //和文


    ? In China, the students are admitted to the Chinese universities either

    through a special selection examination (interview and documentation

    review) conducted by professors of Chinese universities in

    January-February or May after entrance, or through attending winter

    or summer seminar (intensive course) held by Okayama University in

    China in January-February or May before entrance, and passing a

    special selection examination (including document review and

    interview) conducted by professors of Okayama University as well as

    Chinese university.

    ? This program admits students in April and in October.

    4) Management of examination fee, admission fee and tuition fee ? Universities of both sides accept the students as regular students, and

    examination, admission as well as tuition fees are mutually exempted. ? The students bear the traveling fees and living expenses. ? Universities of both sides will make efforts to accommodate the


    students in student dormitories.

    5) Application of student visa for Chinese students

    ? Okayama University (International Center) provides the necessary

    documents (certificate of admission permission etc) and conducts

    procedures under the name of the university president for acquiring

    and extending the visas (2 years) of those students with a successful

    examination score.

    ? The university head office is responsible for various procedures and

    orientation through communication by e-mail etc. After completion of

    all the procedures, the student is assigned to each department (host


    2 Short-term study (credit transfer) system, non-degree student

     This is a short-term coursework-centered program (credit transfer) lasting 6 months to 1 year for postgraduate students (master’s) and

    undergraduate-masters joint course students in order to enter the Okayama University doctorate course.

Implementation Method

    (In the case of acceptance by Okayama University)

    1) Each research department (master’s course) of Okayama

    University sets up a coursework of 6 months to 1 year (10-20

    credits, it is possible to apply the existing curriculum to this course).

    The maximum number of students admitted for all faculties will be

    around 30 per year.

    2) Selection of the examinees is through interview by Okayama

    University professors during the winter and summer seminars for


    each graduate school held in January-February or May in China.

    3) Qualifications for acceptance

    The following students from Chinese universities are eligible:

    masters student, undergraduate-masters joint course student, or a

    student with equivalent ability at masters degree level, who has

    good academic score and desires to enter the Okayama University

    doctorate course; has been accepted by a professor (tentative); has

    attended the mandatory winter and summer seminars; and has a

    recommendation from one of the Chinese universities.

    4) Okayama University exempts the examination fee, admission fee

    and tuition fee of a non-degree student (special auditing student or

     special research student).

    (In the case of dispatch from Okayama University)

    1) The student will take either a special masters coursework or the

    existed course at one of the Chinese universities for 6 months to 1

    year (10-20 credits). The maximum number of students dispatched

    for all faculties will be around 30 per year.

    2) Dispatch students are selected in April-May of each year at each


    3) Qualifications for dispatch

    A student who is admitted to the program during the year with a

    dispatch program scheduled, who has a good academic score is

    eligible. Acceptance by a professor of a Chinese university is also


    4) The student status in the Chinese universities will be special

    auditing student, and the all education fees including examination,

    entrance as well as tuition fees are exempted.


(Application of student visa for Chinese students)

    1) The Okayama University International Center deals with

    necessary procedures of visa application for the students selected

    for admission.

    2) The University Head Office is responsible for various procedures

    involved in acceptance. After orientation, the student is assigned

    to each department (host professor).

    3) A Chinese foreign student may take entrance examination

    (doctorate course) in October or April, while he/she is in Japan

    (during the period of acceptance for short-term study).

    4) If, after completing the short-term study in Japan and returning to

    China, a student wishes to enter Okayama University Graduate

    School, the Okayama University International Center will contact

    the host professor and go through the procedures to apply a

    short-term visa (90 days) for taking the examination.

    3 Winter and summer seminar system (including overseas special selection examination)

    Several professors from various faculties are dispatched to China in January-February or May of every year (for about 1 week). With cooperation from the office head, explanation of the intensive course as well as the program, matching of host professors, and discussion for selection examination of the students are conducted (Okayama University students who wish to join the program may participate).

     This program is certainly used for matching and special selection examination of Chinese students for acceptance by Okayama University


through the double degree system and the short-term study (credit transfer)


4 Establishment of Okayama University Office in China

    ? Okayama University Changchun Office

    Located in North East Normal University (Changchun) (established in

    August 2007).

    Main counterparts: Jilin University (Social and Cultural Sciences),

    North East Normal University (Social and Cultural Sciences, Natural


    Office director: Appointment of a part-time or special professor

    (Director, Professor Ryuji Koga)

    ? Okayama University Shenyang Office

    Located in Dalian Medical University (established on August 2007).

    Main counterparts: China Medical University, Jilin University

    (Medical Sciences), Dalian Medical University, Harbin Medical

    University (Medical Care Sciences)

    Office director: Appointment of a part-time or special professor

    (Director, Professor Noriyuki Nagai)


Time schedule of university graduate who applies to enter the double degree system: from

    admission to university, award of masters degree (M/deg) to admission to doctorate (PhD)



    Postgraduate 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 master’s course

    Chinese university Sept Sept Sept July, Sept Sept 4-yr course graduate or admission admission admission admission admission 5-yr course graduate for medical sciences

     Oct April Sept Oct April Sept Oct April Sept Oct April Sept Oct Okayama U (Japan) entrance admission admission admission admission admission admission admission admission Graduate M deg exam

     JOINT PROGRAM Admit Chinese U Chinese U M deg student June: China thesis presented, degree awarded Arrive Japan Admit Okayama U 岡山大学入学 Aug-Sept: Okayama U thesis presented, degree awarded Okayama U doctorate course

    Doctorate course entrance exam, admission procedure Seminar Seminar Seminar st1 special selection 2nd special selection 3rd special selection entrance exam, intensive entrance exam, entrance exam, course, matching intensive course, intensive course, program, etc. matching program, matching program, etc. etc. Doctorate course entrance exam, admission procedure Okayama U doctorate course July: China thesis presented, degree awarded May: Chinese U special selection entrance exam Admit Chinese UAdmit Okayama U (doc review, interview) Arrive China Sept: Okayama U thesis presented, degree awarded Okayama U M/deg student (Admitted Oct) Admit Chinese U July: China thesis presented, degree awarded Admit Okayama Arrive China Okayama U M/deg U student (Admitted Oct) stnd (1 or 2)