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Contract title : Supply of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies p 1 /…

    Publication reference : EuropeAid/D/SUP/130202/JM Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Column 1-2 should be completed by the Contracting Authority

    Column 3-4 should be completed by the tenderer

    Column 5 is reserved for the evaluation committee

    Annex III - the Contractor's technical offer

    The tenderers are requested to complete the template on the next pages:

    ; Column 2 is completed by the Contracting Authority shows the required specifications (not to be modified by the tenderer),

    ; Column 3 is to be filled in by the tenderer and must detail what is offered (for example the words “compliant” or “yes” are not sufficient)

    ; Column 4 allows the tenderer to make comments on its proposed supply and to make eventual references to the documentation

    The eventual documentation supplied should clearly indicate (highlight, mark) the models offered and the options included, if any, so that the evaluators can see the exact configuration. Offers that do not permit to identify precisely the models and the specifications may be rejected by the evaluation committee.

    The offer must be clear enough to allow the evaluators to make an easy comparison between the requested specifications and the offered specifications.

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    LOT # 1

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Item Number Specifications Required Specifications Offered Notes, remarks, Evaluation

    ref to documentation Committee’s notes

    Specimen Stage: Minimum 164mm W x 218mm D stage 1 Digital Binocular surface. Two 80mm stage plates (frosted glass and reversible Stereomicroscope black/white plastic contrast plates), blue filter for transmitted

    light and locked on stage clips. Stand: Mounted on an all-

    metal heavy-duty post stand, microscope head extends to a

    minimum of 17" for higher objects. Tension adjustment

    eliminates focus “drift”. Objective Lenses: 1x - 4x.

    Eyepieces: 20x 45? inclined, with dual diopter adjustments,

    interpupillary adjustment from 55mm to 75mm.

    Illumination: Top light is minimum 12v 15 watt halogen, bi-

    pin with directional beam and rheostat control. Bottom light is 12V 10 watt halogen, bi-pin. Lights operate together or

    independently. Includes: Software, calibration slide, USB

    cable, vinyl dust cover and owner's manual.

    Microscope Power Supply: 110V, 50Hz

    Camera specifications: Minimum 1.9 mega pixel camera

    built into microscope. 1/2" Imaging Device. Minimum

    Illumination - 3 lux Connects to computer via USB 2.0 Port -

    self-powered through computer. Captures moving images at

    10-20 frames per second. Effective pixels minimum 1600 x

    1280. Images can be captured and saved e.g. .jpg, .bmp

    or .mig files

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    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

    Item Number Specifications Required Specifications Offered Notes, remarks, Evaluation

    ref to documentation Committee’s notes Compound microscope with digital camera: includes built-Compound in minimum 3.1 mega pixel digital camera and includes microscope with software. Microscope has an anti-fungus coating to protect it digital camera in humid conditions. Head: trinocular head with 3rd tube as built-in digital camera. Eyepieces: Widefield N-

    WF10x/20mm with diopter control on both eyepieces.

    Ergonomic viewing angle of minimum 30? incorporates interpupillary distance of 55-75mm.

    Nosepiece: Reversed quadruple nosepiece with positive click stops and rubber grip. Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x (spring),

    100x (spring, oil). Includes calibration slide

    Stage: Minimum 140mm x 135mm mechanical stage with vernier scale. Movement of 76x30mm range. Focusing:

    Tension adjustable coaxial coarse and fine with shuttle control on right side. Condenser: Rack and pinion mounted focusable N.A. 1.25

    Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and slot for phase slider or darkfield slider.

    Illumination: 6v/30w halogen illumination with stepless intensity control. Microscope Power Supply: 110v, 50Hz.

    Digital Specifications: Imaging Device: Minimum 2.9 mega

    pixels, 1/2" imaging device. Effective Pixels: Minimum

    2048 x 1536. Minimum Still Image Resolution: 2048 x

    1536 live image resolution. Minimum Frame Rate: 10

    frames per second @ 2048x1536, 40 frames per second @ binning. Maximum Data Transfer: 480MB/second through

    USB2 connection. Camera Power Supply: 5v self-power

    through USB connection.

    Minimum System Requirements: WINDOWS - XP or

    VISTA, P4, 1GHz, 256MB RAM, USB 2.0.

     Binocular head; Rotatable 360?; Fixed stage; Eyepiece, 10X; Stereomicroscope Objective: 2X and 4X; Total magnification: 20X and 40X

    Includes: Stand, head, eyepieces, objectives, dual illumiunation systems (Halogen and fluorescent lamp illumination), dust caps, dust cover and spare lamp

    Power Supply: 110v; 50 Hz

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    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Item Number Specifications Required Specifications Offered Notes, remarks, Evaluation

    ref to documentation Committee’s notes

    To be used with stereomicroscope Fibre Optic Light Fiber-optic illumination accessories for stereomicroscope; Source (Dual light Fiber-optic light source; With dual (bifurcated) light guide guide) Power Supply: 110v, 50 Hz

    Minimum 5.0 cu. ft. incubator with two shelves, Glass door Economy Lab Minimum chamber capacity: 5.0 cu. ft; Incubators with Incubator gravity flow convection Air changes/hour: 3; 110V 50Hz,

    260w, 2.2A

    Minimum Temp range: 30-75?C;

    Chrome-plated steel; Wire-frame; No-tip design; Minimum

    shelf supports; 16 L x 17 in. W

    Minimum 3.5 cu. Ft. Inner door: glass; Outer door: stainless Standard Lab steel; Chamber capacity: Minimum 3.5 cu. Ft.; 1 shelf; Incubator Interior, Minimum 17L x 17W x 19 in.H; Exterior, Minimum

    23L x 25W x 30 in.H; Power supply: 110V 50Hz; 260w, 2.2A

    Temp. Range: 30 to 75?C; Uniformity, ?0.7?C at 37?C;

    Resolution, 0.1?C; Control sensitivity, ?0.1?C

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    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Item Number Specifications Required Specifications Offered