Registered Settlement Planner Program

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Registered Settlement Planner Program ...

Registered Settlement Planner Program

    Program dates

    September, 2007 August, 2008 Overview

    The settlement planning program is a product of collaboration between the Registry of

    Settlement Planners Board (RSP Board) and Texas Tech University’s Personal Financial

    Planning Division. The coursework is rigorous and compares to graduate-level work. It is

    designed for people who have made a serious commitment to the field of comprehensive

    settlement planning. The program consists of three courses taken over a one-year period.

    Successful completion of the first two courses is required to meet the education requirement of

    the RSP designation. The third course is an optional case studies course designed to provide

    instruction on the creation of a comprehensive settlement plan that will meet the RSP Board’s

    rigorous standards.


    Current employment in settlement planning or a field closely associated with settlement planning.

    Non-degree Credit

    Although these classes do not carry academic credit, the course work can be rigorous and

    demanding in terms of time and content. When successfully completed, the student will have met

    the education requirement of the RSP certification. No partial credit can be received.

    Computer Requirements

    The online portion of the program will be delivered via WebCT. Minimum computer

    requirements for a successful experience are: Pentium II processor with at least 266 Megahertz

    (MHZ) or faster, 128 MB memory, 5-10 MB free disk space, internet access service, minimum

    internet connection speed of 56K per second. These are minimum requirements only. Faster

    computer and internet speeds are recommended. A reliable email address, word processing

    software, and spreadsheet software will be needed. Students accepted into the program will be

    provided with web access to coursework via the Registrar for Outreach at Texas Tech University,

    following completion of registration.


    Fall Semester Course 1: Financial Planning and Law for Settlement Planners

    This course explores the theoretical and practical environmental framework upon which

    settlement planning rests. In particular, the most relevant parts of the legal and financial

    planning environment to settlement planning will be discussed. Topics include:

    principles of financial planning, financial institutions, time value of money, trial

    procedure, property law, alternative dispute resolution, torts, wills & trusts, planning for

    incapacity, income and estate tax systems, investment principles, life insurance, annuities,

    and estate planning.

    Spring Semester Course 2: Settlement Planning Seminar

    This course explores the emerging profession of settlement planning, which is defined as

    personal financial planning for the recipient of a legal settlement. Topics include:

    forecasting needs, liquidity analysis, structured settlement annuities, rated-age annuities,

    controlling dissipation risk, taxation issues, planning for government entitlements,

    medical cost inflation, asset management issues, settlement preservation trusts, basics of

    litigation, estate planning, Monte Carlo analysis and qualified settlement funds.

    Summer Semester Course 3: Case Studies in Settlement Planning

    This course is designed to enable students to synthesize their understanding of settlement

    planning by producing written comprehensive settlement plans. Emphasis will be placed

    on integration of the knowledge for prior financial planning and settlement planning

    coursework into a format that documents financial, tax, special needs, government

    entitlement planning, estate planning, retirement benefits, dissipation risk, cash flow

    forecasting, and other relevant topics into an optimal settlement plan for a personal injury

    client. Emphasis will be placed on the needs of catastrophically injured persons.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    ? Demonstrate a mastery of the legal environment as it relates to planning for the needs of

    personal injury victims and their families.

    ? Demonstrate a mastery of the financial planning environment as it relates to planning for

    the needs of personal injury victims and their families.

    ? Demonstrate an understanding of the entire settlement planning process from defining the

    scope of the engagement to creating a settlement plan.

    ? Demonstrate an understanding of the role of dissipation risk in a settlement plan. ? Acquire knowledge of the ethical issues and practice standards faced by settlement


    ? Acquire the ability to practice in the area of settlement planning without supervision. ? Develop a thorough understanding of the tax issues faced in settlement planning. ? Prepare and present a written comprehensive settlement plan for a catastrophically

    injured client.


    ?Joseph Tombs, JD, MBA, CFP, ChFC, CLU, ARM ?Thomas Langdon, JD, LLM, MBA, CLU, ChFC, CFP ?David Cordell, PhD, CFA, CFP, CLU ?Vickie Hampton, PhD, CFP ?John Salter, PhD, CFP

Contact Person

    Joseph W. Tombs, Program Coordinator



    The cost of the program at Texas Tech University is $1,250 per course. This price does not

    include the cost of the required texts. Students will be responsible for making payment during

    the registration period for each course. Please note the registration and course dates below.

    Payment may be made by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.


    Refunds, less a $50 processing fee, will be granted for refund requests received before August 24,

    2007. Thereafter, no refunds will be granted.

    Course Course Dates Registration Period Financial Planning and Law August 27 - December 12, 2007 July 1, 2007 August 23, 2007 for Settlement Planners

    Seminar in Settlement January 9 May 6, 2008 July 1, 2007 January 8, 2008 Planning

    Case Studies in Settlement May 28 June 28, 2008 July 1, 2007 May 27, 2008 Planning

    Note: The first two courses are required to complete the education requirement for the RSP


    Registration and Payment Options

    ? To pay by check, money order, purchase order or credit card, download and print the

    form, and either:

    ? Mail the completed form and your payment to the following address: Attention:

    Registered Settlement Planning Program, Division of Outreach & Distance Education,

    Texas Tech University, Box 42191, Lubbock, TX 79409-2191.

    ? E-mail the completed form by scanning both pages. Attach the image file and send via e-

    mail, with the subject line “Registered Settlement Planning Program.”

    ? Fax the completed registration form to Outreach & Distance Education at (806) 742-7220

    (24 hours), Attn: Pat Wright.

    ? Call (806) 742-7200, ext. 270

    ? To register online, complete and submit the form below. You must pay by credit card

    (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

    ? Enrollment is limited to 40 participants on a first-come, first-enrolled basis.

Participant Information

    Prefix: Mr. Ms. Dr. Suffix (Jr., PhD., etc):

    *First Name:

    *Last Name:

    Title: Institution/Organization:



    *State: *Zip:


    Phone: Fax: E-mail Address: * = required fields

    ? = required fields

    Registration Fee

    A one time registration fee of $55 is required for the program. Please be sure to

    designate which session(s) you wish to register for.

     Financial Planning and Law for Settlement Planners

    Seminar in Settlement Planning

    Case Studies in Settlement Planning

Payment Information

*Credit Card

    Master Card Visa Card Discover Card

    American Express

    *Card Number: (No dashes. eg: 1234123412341234)

    *Expiration Date: (mm/yy)

    *Cardholder's Name: * = required fields

     More Information

    For more information, contact the TTU Division of Off -campus

    sites, Wanda Merchant at 830.990.2717, via e-mail. Submit

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